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Pride In Our Schools

Welcome to the Cudahy School District blog. Read positive  stories about the students and staff in the Cudahy School District. Stay on top of events and activities in the Cudahy schools. Learn about current school-related information.

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Students vs. Staff Basketball Game

Park View

On April 24, Park View school held its annual Park View Students vs. Staff basketball game and it was a huge success. The teachers got off to a fast start, but the 6th graders came back in the second half to force overtime. The overtime ended in a 44 to 44 tie; therefore, the teachers decided to call the game due to exhaustion. 

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National Junior Honor Society Induction

Cudahy Middle School

On Tuesday, May 6, 7th grade students at Cudahy Middle School will be inducted into the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS).

The NJHS is a renown middle-school organization. Selection is based on five criteria: citizenship, service, leadership, scholarship and character. Members must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher and they must also perform service to the community or to their school. 

Congratulations to all students selected for this prestigious organization this year.

Third Grade Feast


The third graders at Kosciuszko School learned about the large wave of immigration from Europe at the beginning of the twentieth century.  In addition to learning about where they came from and why, the students learned about the importance of immigrants and the cultural diversity they bring to our country.

As a culminating activity, the students brought in a dish that represented their own family's cultural background.  Dishes from Germany, Mexico, Peru, England, Poland, Ireland, and Czechoslovakia were present for the students to sample.

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Comedy Sportz at the Cudahy Middle School

Cudahy Middle School

On Wednesday, May 7, Cudahy Middle School is having an interactive performance by Comedy Sportz as a reward for students who met their goal in Accelerated Reader. Last semester, students who met their goal were invited for an evening of roller skating at Rollaero.

The Accelerated Reader (AR) program helps students increase reading fluency and promotes a love of reading. Students choose a book with a matching AR quiz. After students read the book thoroughly, they take a quiz on the computer that asks the student questions about the book.

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Freshman Orientation at the Cudahy High School

Cudahy High School

Incoming 9th grade students are invited to attend the Freshman Orientation on Wednesday, May 7 in the Cudahy Auditorium.

This orientation provides not only an introduction to a new school but it also provides the opportunity for families to ask questions and to meet the high school staff. We hope to see you there.

Hobby Day at JE Jones

J.E. Jones

On Friday, April 25, JE Jones celebrated Hobby Day. For this event, staff members shared hobbies, such as pom pons, checkers, chess, water skiing, wrestling, karate, gardening, and bowling.

Students picked the activities they were most interested in and then they spent time with the teacher learning about the activities.  During the break session, students got to relax, talk, and eat popcorn. This event was a lot of fun and a great success!


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Cudahy High School Prom 2008

Cudahy High School, Prom


This year, the 2008 Cudahy High School Prom will be held on Saturday, May 10 at Serb Hall. There will also be a post prom celebration at Cudahy High School field house.

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7th Grade Orientation at Cudahy Middle School

Cudahy Middle School

The Cudahy Middle School will be hosting a morning orientation for incoming seventh grade students on Wednesday, May 14th at 9:00 a.m.  All the sixth grade students and teachers will be provided information and a tour of the school. 

The students assisting in the tour of Cudahy Middle School are the recently inducted members of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). This is their first volunteer and leadership assignment.

Tri-M Music Honor Society Induction

Cudahy High School


On May 6, students at the Cudahy High School were inducted into the Tri-M Music Honors Society.  The Tri-M Music Honor Society, once named the "Modern Music Masters," is the international honor society for music students in senior high school.  It is a program of the Music Educators National Conference, and association of nearly 70,000 music education professionals nationwide who realize the importance of motivating students and recognizing music achievements.

The Cudahy chapter serves the school and community by helping soloists and ensembles perform at school events, giving solo and ensemble performances at local community organizations, and providing ushers and assistance for local music events. Every winter the society goes "Caroling for Cans" to collect food for Project Concern.

To be inducted into the Tri-M Music Honor Society, students must meet GPA requirements, show leadership inside and outside of school, be accomplished and dedicated to making music, and have the recommendation of their music teacher. This year, we have a large group of 21 new students to add to our 48 member group.

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Cudahy High School Orchestra Spring Concert

Cudahy High School

On May 14, Cudahy High School will have its Orchestra Spring Concert.  The free admission selections include music from Pirates of the Carribbean, Mozart's Symphony No. 25, and Russian Easter Overture by Rimsky-Korsakov.  We hope to see you there!

Date:  May 14, 2008
Time:  7 p.m.
Where: Cudahy High School auditorium

Three Year Art Docent Progam



At Lincoln school, the fifth graders recently completed a three year long Art Docent Program.  Starting in third grade and ending with a graduation in fifth grade, this program consisted of 11 art museum visits over the course of the three years.

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May 18 Band Concert

Cudahy High School


The Cudahy High School band is having a concert.

Date:  May 18, 2008
Time:  7 p.m.
Where: Cudahy High School auditorium

Math Counts District Competition

General Mitchell, J.E. Jones, Lincoln, Math Counts, Park View

On April 28, Lincoln school hosted the Math Counts competition.  Math Counts is a district wide math contest for 5th and 6th graders.

For each school, students are given a math test. The top six students from each grade level then compete at the school level, with the competition held in front of their peers. The winners then proceed to the district level.

Questions for this competition are posted on an overhead and contestants are given about 1.5 minutes to answer. The student with the most correct answers wins the competition.  Also, the top four students from each school compete in a written math team competition.  The teams work together to solve the problems and turn in one sheet of answers. The team with the highest score wins.

Here are the winners:

5th Grade
Klea Rota (Parkview)

6th Grade
Sean Stillmank (JE Jones)

5th Grade Team
Tim Faes, Nate Marquete, Kiana Ross, Klea Rota (Parkview)

6th Grade Teams (tie)
Logan Balow, Mark Bitzan, Alexis Knight, Amber Schmidt (General Mitchell)
Logan Hennlich, Myah Juarez, Kristina Kappus, Sean Stillmank (JE Jones)

May 21 Choir Concert

Cudahy High School

The Cudahy High School choir is having a concert.

Date:  May 21, 2008
Time:  7 p.m.
Where: Cudahy High School auditorium

Study Island


At Lincoln school, the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders are currently using the interactive web site At, students log in from any computer connected to the Internet and practice math and reading skills.  At Study Island, students get the opportunity to play educational games or work on math and reading.

Renaissance Assembly to Celebrate Student Success

Cudahy High School

On May 29, Cudahy High School will hold its annual Renaissance assembly.  The Renaissance assembly celebrates the successes students achieve in the classroom this school year. To receive an invitation to the assembly, a student must accomplish one of the following:  

1) Earn either honors or high honors for each of the first three quarters of the school year,
2) Achieve perfect attendance for each of the first three quarters, or
3) Be chosen as the Renaissance student of the month for any month of this school year.

This year, there are 260 students who will receive an invitation. At the assembly, the Renaissance Committee is joined by many of Renaissance's sponsors from the Cudahy community and students receive gifts, medals, certificates, plaques and other prizes.

Together, we celebrate with and recognize the accomplishments of our students. 

2008 Principal for a Day


After winning the raffle to be Principal for a Day, Andy Peronto of Kosciuszko School learns what it takes to be a principal while Mr. Katte fills in for him and is reminded what it's like to be a student.


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2008 Valedictorian and Salutatorian

awards, Cudahy High School, Salutatorian, Valedictorian

Cudahy High School is proud to announce the valedictorian and salutatorian for the 2008 graduating class:

Valedictorian - Colleen Woyach
Salutatorian - Amber Wesela

Congratulations Colleen and Amber for this tremendous accomplishment!


Geometric Creatures


To compliment their chapter on geometry, students at Kosciuszko School were asked to build a “Geometric Creature.”  The creature could take any form, but was required to have five plane figures, three solid figures, and two moving parts. This year’s creatures were fantastic!


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Garden Club at Park View School

Park View


At Park View School, students participate in a garden club. Every year in the Spring, students in the club contribute to a beautiful flower garden and they take care of the grounds in the front of the school.

With the help of several teachers and a volunteer parent, the students test soil. They learn the difference between annuals and perennials. They pull weeds. They learn about different plants. They replace wood chips and they water the gardens throughout the summer.

The Garden Club is an after school program and has been a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

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