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Pride In Our Schools

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February Courtesy Awards at Kosciuszko School



At Kosciuszko School, for the February Courtesy Assembly, each teacher chose two students who consistently showed outstanding courtesy. These students are:

Student Courteous Words
Austin Kuzmiuk Nice to all students
Jayson Fuentes Nice to all students
Taylor Phila Koune Always does her best
Eliza Goodman Always does her best
Keira Herbert Always says thank you when given something
Jaycob Brown Always uses manners when speaking to others
Amanda Beckman Always says please and thank you
Diego Zamarron Always wants to help others in the class.
Faith Kern Allowing friends to go in front of her in line.
Simon Garcia Always thinks of others and includes everyone.
Alyse Daebel Always uses polite words
Amirah Zeb Always uses her manners
Jose Jimenez Always uses common courtesies
Tori Gorski Always nice to others and courteous
Jayda Tomlinson Always use their manners
Mackenzie Steele Always use their manners
Javier Zamarron Says thank you and asks permission
Jordan Langer Always helpful and uses polite words
Mateo Fraire Always uses his manners
Larissa Avila Always kind to others.
Jake Blochowicz Always uses polite words
Marcus Wick Always uses polite words
Mickey Medved Always very polite and respectful
Jackie Nah Always uses courteous words
Anam Zeb Always courteous and uses please and thank you all the time.
Allison Piotrowski Always kind to others and uses please and thank you all the time.
Summer Strom Always polite and use proper manners
Conner Lister Always polite and use proper manners
Michael Hierl Always polite and say please and thank you
Tatiana Mosconi. Always polite and say please and thank you
Sabel Studzinski Always says please and thank you
Zoe Betancourt Always says please
Anna Jung Always polite and a good friend
Alicia Stone Always helpful and thinks of others
Teresa Sukkert Always willing to help others and teacher
Kyle Martell-Grimslid Always polite, waits his turn, speaks respectfully
Mike Finnegan Always polite and willing to help others
Jessica LeBeau Always polite and willing to help others
Zachary Garside Always says Thank you for extra help
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