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Pride In Our Schools

Welcome to the Cudahy School District blog. Read positive  stories about the students and staff in the Cudahy School District. Stay on top of events and activities in the Cudahy schools. Learn about current school-related information.

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Cudahy High School Winter Guard and Drumline Perform at Cedarburg and Greendale

Cudahy High School, Band and Orchestra

On January 30, the Cudahy High School Winter Guard performed their winter show called Deception in competition this weekend at Cedarburg High School and Greendale High School.  This was the first competition for the group this season.  Cudahy High School took 4th place at Cedarburg and 3rd place at Greendale. The Guard's next competition is on Saturday Feb. 12 at Lincoln-Way North High School in Frankfort, IL.

The Cudahy High School Winter Drumline  performed their winter show called The Heist in exhibition this weekend at Cedarburg and Greendale High School. Their next performance is Sunday, Feb. 27 at Batavia High School in Batavia, IL.

Cudahy Band Booster's 2nd Annual Comedy Show on February 5

Cudahy High School, Band and Orchestra

2nd Annual


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2011 Cudahy High School Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Cudahy High School

Cudahy High School is proud to announce the valedictorians and salutatorian for the 2011 graduating class:

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Cudahy High School Proudly Presents It's Murder in the Wings

Cudahy High School, It's Murder in the Wings

Cudahy High School proudly presents It's Murder in the Wings.  This play was written by Pat Cook, published by Dramatic Publishing Company, and directed by Lynn Filak and Al Liegler.

Murder in the Wings takes place in a modern office building designed by John Witt and Andrea Damitz-Liegler.  Mr. Moon, the Wing's company's president, has convinced a celebrated author Lionel Upshaw (Matt Kepper) to contract with Wings to publish his newest murder mystery.  Unfortunately, Mr. Moon is found dead by his four office workers (Lauran Marvell, Crystal Jones, Alex Romfoe, and Teddy Wolters) before the deal is done. 

Can they hide Mr. Moon's body on the food cart (delivered by Samantha Prieser) for the book signing party?  Will they find the murderer and get the bank officer (Allie Pritzl) to loan them $50,000 they so desperately need?  Or will the press corp  (Duncan Kostowicz, Becky Fansler, Cassy Kuschewski) who appear on the scene to cover the book signing expose the hidden murder of Mr. Moon?

If you love a good mystery filled with humor, join the police (Nicole Massie and Trevor Frahman) and try to find the murderer in It's Murder in the Wings. Other cast members include C.J. Guerrero and student director Emily Marvell.

The show runs February 17, 18,and 19th at 7:00 PM in Cudahy High School's auditorium. Tickets are $5.00 at the door.

2011 Cudahy High School 2nd Quarter Honor Roll

Cudahy High School, Honor Rolls

Congratulations to the 2nd quarter honor roll students of Cudahy High School


Berte, Tenin
Bremer, Jessica
Bretthauer, Troy
Brister, Terra
Bzdawka, Scott
Casper, Julie
Clemins, Andrea
Dombrowski, Diana
Gerek, Alyssa
Graham, Audrey
Grittani, Nicoletta
Helstowski, Andrew
Jackson, Alexandra
Johnson, Andrew
Jozefczyk, Shawn
Junger, Emily
Kepper, Sarah

Kostowicz, Duncan
Kote, Raisa
Kramer, Joshua
Lamster, Michael
Maher, Cristian
Malak, Michael
Malicki, William
Marinko, Robert
Martinez, Bryan
Matraku, Kristina
Miller, Brieanna
Mollberg, Brianna
Nasi, Vitoria
O'Neil, Nicole
Orlando, Alicia
Ostrowski, Brandon
Piotrowski, Cheyenne

Plachinski, Zachary
Posda, Ryan
Rejniak, Benjamin
Rothbauer, Dylan
Sanchez, Maricruz
Schultz, Allison
Smith, Nicolas
Stermolli, Mehmet
Strickland, Krystal
Tuchel, Alyssa
Twilley, Ednesha
Vela, Oscar
Wahl, Jeremy
Wesela, Courtney
Xiong, Thong
Yang, Daniel
Yang, Kabaobai

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2011 Cudahy Middle School 2nd Quarter Honor Roll

Cudahy Middle School, Honor Rolls

Congratulations to the 2nd quarter honor roll students of Cudahy Middle School


Emily Bahling    
Amadeusz Bartosz    
Samantha Brzezinski    
Juna Cela    
Kirsten Dake    
Kaylee Day    
Xiomara Diaz    
Samantha Gorski    
Cassandra Grams    
Christian Grobarchik    
Sawyer Hartline    
Annamarie Jones    
Alan Jurena

Lauren Ligocki   
Matalin Maher   
Maygen Marcell   
Kyle Martell-Grimslid   
Riley McDonough   
Guadalupe Mercado   
Jacob Milosavljevic   
Maria Munoz Sanchez   
Nicholas Nowak   
Matthew Pisarek   
Sierra Popp   
Alex Powless

Anita Quesada    
Brandon Ray    
Angel Rodriguez    
Annalise Ross    
Samuel Sagan    
Cristian Sanchez    
Mariah Skenandore    
Alexander Thiede    
Alexander Valine    
Abdu-Rahman Wardeh    
Londyn Wettengel    
Samuel Wojs    

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2011 Park View 2nd Quarter Honor Rolls

Park View, Honor Rolls

Congratulations to the 2nd quarter honor roll students of Park View Elementary School.


Coffman, Nathaniel
Eichstaedt, Austin
Esquivel, Alicia
Grams, Melissa Jo
Hejdak, Isaiah
Ikonomi, Adelio
Lawrence, Ashley
Martinez, Wesley
Momberg, Abby
Moreno, Briana

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2011 General Mitchell 2nd Quarter Honor Rolls

General Mitchell, Honor Rolls

Congratulations to the 2nd quarter honor roll students of General Mitchell School


Callies, Jacob
Fleenor, Kaylee
Goetzke, Haley
Gostomski, Dylan
Grisham-Roberts, Hunter
Heath, Mason
Hunter, Joshua
Kopp, Britney
Krajewski, Amanda
Krajewski, Samantha
Linday, Randi
Metz, Devan

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2011 Lincoln Elementary 2nd Quarter Honor Roll

Lincoln, Honor Roll

Congratulations to the 2nd quarter honor roll students of Lincoln Elementary School.


Acherman, Madeline
Becker, Alyssa
Daub, Troy
Eckert, Gwenivere
Gildemeister, Jordan
Guzman, Esmeralda
Hersant, Steven
Hurani, Adam

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2011 J.E. Jones 2nd Quarter Honor Roll

J.E. Jones, Honor Roll

Congratulations to the 2nd quarter honor roll students of J.E. Jones Elementary School.

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2011 Kosciuszko 2nd Quarter Honor Roll

Kosciuszko, Honor Roll

Congratulations to the 2nd quarter honor roll students of Kosciuszko Elementary School.

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For Immediate Release

Date: February 17, 2011

To: CNI –
From: Jim Heiden, Cudahy Superintendent of Schools

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Congratulations Cudahy Cheerleaders!

Cudahy High School

On February 26, the Cudahy High School Cheerleaders took 3rd place at WACPC State High School Cheer Championships in Green Bay and 1st place at Madison State.  Congratulations!  We're all proud of you!

Cudahy Ranks First in Regional for WIAA Basketball Tournament

Cudahy High School, Basketball

The seedings have been released for the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association girls basketball tournament on March 25. The Cudahy High School girls basketball team is ranked first in it's regional, and will take on the winner of the Greenfield vs. Greendale game once the regular season has finished.

Follow the link to take a look at the Division 2 bracket.

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