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Pride In Our Schools

Welcome to the Cudahy School District blog. Read positive  stories about the students and staff in the Cudahy School District. Stay on top of events and activities in the Cudahy schools. Learn about current school-related information.

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Grocery Shopping with a Cause - Market Day


Crab cakes. Mozzarella sticks. Italian style meatballs. Fruit snacks. Egg rolls. Cheese cake. Goldfish Grahams. French toast sticks. The list goes on.

These are some of the things you can get from Market Day. A percentage of everything you order on this web site can go toward one of the following Cudahy schools: J.E. Jones, Kosciuszko, and General Mitchell. You choose the school.

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General Mitchell Students Finalists in the Time Warner Hang Tough Contest

General Mitchell, Hang Tough

Every year, Time Warner invites students, through their schools, to write scripts that discourage drug abuse and violence - to "hang tough against drugs and violence".  This year, of the 600 scripts received, 20 finalists were chosen and asked to turn their scripts into 30-second public service announcements.

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Herb Kohl Fellowship Teacher of the Year Nominee

General Mitchell, Herb Kohl Fellowship Award

Teacher of the Year awards recognize the work of outstanding educators and help ensure that strong, capable, caring teachers are educating tomorrow’s leaders.” - Sen. Herb Kohl

This year, General Mitchell's 6th grade teacher Dina Mendola has been nominated for the Herb Kohl Fellowship Teacher of the Year Award! 

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Mad Science Club

J.E. Jones

Magic muck.

Can a lemon blow up a balloon?

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Cudahy Football Coaching Clinic

On January 19, the Cudahy High School is hosting the 33rd Annual Cudahy Football Coaching Clinic. This clinic features Wisconsin Badger's offensive line coach Bob Palcic plus five other coaches.

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400 Students Receive Renaissance Rewards

Renaissance Students

The Renaissance Program at Cudahy High School rewards for excellence in academics and attendance.  To receive a Renaissance award, a student needs to achieve a grade point average of 3.0 or higher or attain a perfect attendance for the quarter.

In the first quarter, 400 students received Renaissance rewards.

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Air Force Musical Quartet Will Perform for Students

band and orchestra, Cudahy High School


On January 31, a musical quartet from the United States Air Force will perform music for the students at the Cudahy High School. After the performance, the quartet plans to share their expertise with the students in a workshop.

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Blood Drive at the Cudahy High School - A Great Turnout

Cudahy High School

On January 7, 2008, the Student Council at the Cudahy High School held a blood drive with the help of the Blood Center.

The turnout was amazing. 112 people signed up to donate blood, which was a record for the school!

Foosball or Ping Pong Tables

Cudahy Middle School

The Cudahy Middle School is looking for donations of gently used foosball or ping pong tables. Your donations would offer recreation for students during the winter months during lunch time. If you are interested, contact Mr. Carolan at 294-2832.

School Play, February 7-9 - See How They Run

Cudahy High School, See How They Run

Come see the Cudahy High School's school play See How They Run.  This very funny, action-filled play takes place in three acts and is set in a British parsonage during World War II.

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Mock Trials at Cudahy High School

Cudahy High School, Mock Trials

Mock trials, a judge, a jury, some fun, and a lot of learning. 

This is what happens in Kevin Jones' Business Law class at the Cudahy High School.  The semester-long class gives students first-hand knowledge of law and what happens in a courtroom.  The students perform all the roles in a courtroom: judges, attorneys, witnesses, jury, bailiff, and court reporters.  Each student does research prior to the trial.  After the trial concludes and the verdict is announced, the class evaluates what was done well and what could have been done better.  The students seem to enjoy this class - some even dressing for the part (suits and briefcases)!

"It's a fun, hands-on way for students to learn about our judicial system," Kevin Jones said.  "This includes the sequence of a trial, the differences between a criminal and civil trial, and the various roles of those involved in many trials."

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