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Pride In Our Schools

Welcome to the Cudahy School District blog. Read positive  stories about the students and staff in the Cudahy School District. Stay on top of events and activities in the Cudahy schools. Learn about current school-related information.

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Character Education Assembly for Famililes

Character Education, community, Lincoln

Hand shakes and words were once stronger than a contract.  However, today many claim to be trustworthy and too often, it's all talk and no action.

Come to an exciting character education assembly at Lincoln school on December 3.  This assembly is a 40-minute multi-media experience, where the goal is to teach students to:

  • be honest with themselves
  • be responsible for their own actions
  • be straightforward and honest with those around them in a positive, respectful manner
  • become a person everyone can trust

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PTA Movie Night at Lincoln School

Kung Fu Panda, Lincoln, PTA Movie Night

On Tuesday, November 25, Lincoln School held a free showing of Kung Fu Panda sponsored by the PTA. Kids, parents, and teachers had a great time watching this movie with their pillows, blankets, and free popcorn!  After the movie, there were several free raffles.  It was a great night!


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Final Count for the J.E. Jones Read to Feed Program

J.E. Jones, Read to Feed


J.E. Jones just participated in a program with Time Warner Cable called Read to Feed.

For every book read, Time Warner Cable will donate one can of food to an area food pantry. The school just tallied up the number of books. The students read read 440 books! Great job!

November Renaissance Students of the Month

Cudahy High School, Renaissance Students

Every month, the Renaissance Program at the Cudahy High School recognizes one student from each grade as the student of the month. The November Renaissance Students of the Month winners are:

Senior:  Kamille Bustos
Junior:  Lynn Sobota
Sophomore:  Zach Plachinski
Freshman:  Kyle Leannah

Winter Concert for Elementary School Orchestras

band and orchestra, Concerts

On Tuesday, December 22 at 7 p.m. in the Cudahy High School Auditorium, the Elementary School Orchestras will perform a Winter Concert.  The concert involves the 4th-6th grade orchestra students from the whole district, with a combined piece at the end where over 100 students will play on stage at once.

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Cudahy High School Orchestra and Jazz Band Performance

band and orchestra, Cudahy High School

Come see the Cudahy High School Orchestra and Cudahy High School Jazz Band on Wednesday, December 10 at 7 p.m.

The Symphony Orchestra, which combines the string, woodwind, brass, and percussion students, will perform three exciting pieces, including our traditional piece, Christmas Festival by Leroy Anderson.  This piece has been played at our Winter Concert for over 15 years in a row.

When: December 10 at 7 P.M.
Where: Cudahy High School Auditorium

Cudahy Music Students to Perform at St. Lukes Hospital

community, Cudahy High School, St. Lukes Hospital

On Thursday, December 11, students from Cudahy Middle School and Cudahy High School will perform for a Holiday Concert at St. Luke's Hospital in Cudahy.  The program will feature holiday music from the Cudahy Middle School Pops Strings and the Cudahy High School Pops Strings, Chamber Choir, and Jazz Band.  The program is at 6:30 pm and free and open to everyone.

Swim Team Breaks Twenty-One Year School Record

Cudahy High School, Swimming

Record Broken!

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Dec. 13 - Breakfast with Santa at Kosciuszko



Come to the Pancake Breakfast and Santa’s Holiday Gift Shop at Kosciuszko School!

Family Picture Portraits!  Cookie Decorating!  Pictures with Santa!

Where: Kosciuszko School
When: Saturday, December 13, 2008
Time: 8:30-11:30 A.M.
Cost per breakfast: $4.00 per person or $12.00 per Family - Children under 3 are free
     Holiday Gift Shop: Most items priced from $.25 up to $10.00
     Family Picture Portraits: 5x7 - $7:00 8x10 - $10:00 Photos will be taken between 8:30-11:30

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Cudahy High School Students Participate in Creative Writing Festival

Cudahy High School


On Wednesday, November 19, a group of Cudahy High School writers traveled to UW-Whitewater to participate in the Creative Writing Festival.

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Food Raised for Project Concern

J.E. Jones, Project Concern

J.E. Jones just ended the Project Concern Food Drive, which ran from November 10 to November 21. The school raised 426 items of non-perishable food that will go to the local food pantry.

Project Concern is a non-profit organization serving low income residents of Cudahy and St. Francis.

Three Cudahy Band Members Chosen for UW-M Honors Band

band and orchestra, Cudahy High School

Three members of the Cudahy High School band have been chosen to participate in the 42nd annual University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UW-M) Honors Band.

Stephanie Ruditys (clarinet)
Joe Caruso (alto saxophone)
Andre Reyes (trombone)

These students were selected through a nomination process and will be auditioning for placement in several bands. In addition, these students will be involved in ensemble rehearsals, master classes, and performances by UW-M music groups.


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General Mitchell 1st Quarter Honor Roll

General Mitchell, Honor Roll

Congratulations to the 1st quarter honor roll students for General Mitchell

Knight, Kayley             Pruszka, James        Thein, Ashley
Olson, Sydney             Russell, Nicholas       Tisch, Katelyn
Peronto, Spencer         Schmidt, Kayla        Tomko, Robert 
Pradarelli, Matthew       Steffen, Callie          Vaughn, McKenzie

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J.E. Jones 1st Quarter Honor Roll

Honor Roll, J.E. Jones

Congratulations to the honor roll students for J.E. Jones

Brooks, Renee       Jozefczyk, Adam     Povolo, Dawson
DeLange, Alexis     Lopez, Mark            Secker, Isabelle
Gyland, Dominick    McGeary, Caitlyn     Sweeney, Eric
Holtz, Alexander     Peschong, Emily     Windschanz, Jared
Jeschke, Joseph     Piparo, Nicholas       Windsor, Cori

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Park View 1st Quarter Honor Roll

Honor Roll, Park View

 Congratulations to the 1st quarter honor roll students for Park View

Badji, D'Astou             Magestro, Carmen         Petrusczak, Adrian
Esquivel, Antonio         Mitchell, Courtney          Piotrowski, Nathan
Gaba, Keida                Moore, Chloe                Sponholz, Cassandra
Gaida, Savannah          Nguyen-Mai, Ngoc        Ziolkowski, Jack
Lybeshari, Andia  

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Kosciuszko 1st Quarter Honor Roll

Honor Roll, Kosciuszko

Congratulations to the 1st quarter honor roll students for Kosciuszko

Bentancourt, Zoe           Liegler, Vincent         Steele, Nicholas
Dean, Chloe                  Liskowitz, Daizy          Studzinski, Sabel
DeLao, Maria                 Lister, Cody               Torres, Idaliz
Herbert, Michael            Mikula, Anna              Toth, Eric
Hierl, Michael                Murphy, Rusty            Villa, Christopher
Krznarich, Savanah         Moore, Nicole             Zielinski, Bethany
Kern, Peyton                 Schmitz, India

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Lincoln Elementary 1st Quarter Honor Roll

Honor Roll, Lincoln

Congratulations to the 1st quarter honor roll students for Lincoln Elementary


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Cudahy Middle School 1st Quarter Honor Roll

Cudahy Middle School, Honor Roll

Congratulations to the 1st quarter honor roll students of Cudahy Middle School


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Cudahy High School 1st Quarter Honor Roll

Cudahy High School, Honor Roll

Congratulations to the 1st quarter honor roll students of Cudahy High School


Ademaj, Amarildo
Ademi, Jerod
Bretthauer, Troy
Brooks, Heather
Bustos, Kamille
Bzdawka, Scott
Casey, Emily
Casper, Nicholas
Comp, Elizabeth
Condroski, Brandon
Damitz, Alisa
De Rosia, Jayme
Demos, Luke
Dimo, Ani
Dombrowski, Blase
Dounar, Danielle
Egli, John
Gavin, Kelly
Gawrych, Jayme
Gerek, Ryan
Gestwicki, Julie
Heian, Rebecca
Hintze, Laura

Homa, Samantha
Inman, Lindsay
Janik, Amanda
Kasper, Kristin
Keijonen, Heidi
Kramer, Joshua
Larson, Abigail
Lewis, Audrey
Ligocki, Gerald
Mans, Cassandra
Martin, Lauren
Martinez, Todd
Mercado, Manuel
Mosur, Christina
Mosur, Melissa
Mulock, Gino
Nemeth, Jessica
Nowak, Amanda
O'Neil, Justin
Parker, Morgan
Peplinski, Jamie
Peterson, Kirstie

Picard, Joshua
Plumb, Sara
Rejniak, Alex
Ridgway, Marlene
Sanchez, Abraham
Savagian, Katie
Savoy, Amanda
Schmidt, Ryan
Schultz, Matthew
Spaho, Egli
Stevens-Khan, Stephanie
Swirth, Donnavon
Tadych, Anthony
Thor, Johnny
Tratnik, Nathan
Trudeau, James
Vallejo, Ricardo
Weber, Devon
Wilke, Ethan
Xion, Ka
Yang, Peng
Zhang, Simin


Ademi, Carly
Berg, Amanda
Bergold, Dylan
Berka, Dallas
Borici, Erjola
Bornhofer, Kiri
Brand, Shannon
Bzdawka, Rachel
Ciesielski, Carrie
Cingatura, Jennifer
Dyszelski, Erin
Engan, Kyle
Ernst, Emily
Fansler, Megan
Goss, Rebecca
Grochowski, Andrew
Grzesk, Eric

Henke, David
Hernandez, Alexander
Jacobs, Stephanie
Karr, Alexander
Keith, Cassie
Klimaszewski, Derek
Kostowicz, Chandler
Kramer, Jessica
Krueger, Jessica
Lidwin, Marie
Lopez, Griselda
Lowe, Jennifer
Lucas, Matthew
Marinko, Robert
Masalewicz, Stephen
Meyer, Ryan
Pecard, David

Perkins, Chantelle
Petersen, Zachary
Piotrowski, Andrea
Puczylowski, Derek
Radosta, Jacqueline
Rivera, Alexis
Rota, Paola
Ruditys, Stephanie
Sanchez, Luis
Schram, Rachel
Schuster, Nicole
Schwartz, Kaytlyn
Sobotta, Lynn
Spikberg, Alyssa
Wagner, William
Weber, Amy
Zielinski, Benjamin


Berte, Tenin
Bosetti, Amy
Bremer, Jessica
Brister, Terra
Casper, Julie
Chavarin, Jessica
Clemins, Andrea
Connors, Alexa
Dembowski, Nicholas
Dombrowski, Diana
Ferrusquia, Pedro

Gerek, Alyssa
Gowin, Matthew
Graham, Audrey
Jackson, Alexandra
Jozefczyk, Shawn
Junger, Emily
Kepper, Sarah
Kote, Raisa
Maher, Cristian
Miller, Brieanna
Musbach, Jenna

Peter, Nathaniel
Piggott, Melissa
Plachinski, Zachary
Ramirez, Marcelino
Rejniak, Benjamin
Schultz, Allison
Stahl, Mitchell
Stermolli, Mehmet
Strickland, Krystal
Thein, Nicholas


Barzyk, Cadirena
Bigger, Heather
Bornhofer, Erica
Buichl, Joseph
Butzlaff, Zachary
Campbell, Emily
Coyhis, Alexandria
De La O, Jessica
Duris, Margaret
Ewert, Kenneth
Fansler, Rebecca
Gorski, Matthew
Gradinjan, Taylor
Haak, Rebecca
Hansen, Jenna
Hauenstein, Jeffrey
Hennlich, Nathan
Hoffman, Kelly
Honey, Ladonna
Immel, Katherine
Jagler, Jenna

Johnson, Samuel
Komorowski, Brittany
Krajewski, Alyssa
Krogman, Lyndsey
Lachenschmidt, Michael
Latus, Dionicia
Lisowski, Ashley
Littmann, Jacob
Marquette, Ellen
Marsolek, Brian
Marvell, Lauren
Maurer, Erin
Meyer, Sean
Miner, Gillian
Ortiz, Savannah
Papala, Michelle
Pendzich, Cody
Petersen, Simone
Marie Piparo, Toni
Plachinski, Ashley

Popp, Janel
Remsza, Anthony
Rodriguez, Wilson
Russell, Shavonne
Schaeffer, Johnny
Seefeld, Emily
Shimeta, Steven
Sigetich, Ashley
Slock, Heather
Smith, Shelby
Sobotta, Amanda
Stillmank, Katarina
Stillmank, Marie
Swan, Amanda
Tarman, Matthew
Thiede, Roxanne
Velazquez, Neysha
Vermiglio, Brittni
Villa, Lisset
Williamson, Scott


Balow, Kayla
Berte, Assibi
Braunsdorf, Jonathan
Brister, Nickolette
Burgmaier, Hayden
Crivello, Irene
Dalton, Daphne
Franco, Alissa
Freund, Matthew
Grochowski, Danielle
Janik, Wiebke
Jenkins, Ryan
Keller, Joshua
Kluczykowski, Brittany
Lemke, Amanda
Lococo, Nicole

Lucht, Aaron
Lundh, Kamaja
Madunic, Alexander
Martinez, Nastasia
Marvell, Samuel
Moody, Katie
Nieves, Cristella
Ohlendorf, Ryan
Oleszak, Jake
Paliwoda, Wayne
Pamperin, Benjamin
Polfer, Samantha
Puetz, Chelsea
Raygoza, Alma
Reyes, Andre
Rios, Sandra
Rivera, Consuelo
Rivera, Ramon
Ruiz, Jesse
Savage, Larry
Schmidt, Samuel
Skoluda, Brittney
Stiff, Cassandra
Vytlacil, Amanda
Welk, Stephanie
Windt, Jeremey
Wojczynski, Tracy
Yang, Jerry
Yang, Mary
Zepnick, Brittnay
Zukowski, Tony

Abbrederis, Tyler
Adyniec, Kathleen
Alexander, Katarina
Best, Suzanne
Bolender, Samual
Bruening, Sarah
Burmester, Nicholas
Crissey, Curtis
Gerasch, Jacob
Grubich, Julia
Gull, Cassidy
Halimi, Roberta
Hanson, Ashley
Hellmich, James
Hennlich, Taylor
Holguin, Alec
Hull, Mariah
Jagler, Joseph
Juarez, Mercedes
Junakin, Derric
Kacner, Angela
Kaplanek, Eric
Kelm, Daniel
Kelm, Kayla
Kitchens, Amber
Kober, Brian
Kujawa, Caitlin
Kutella, Justin
Kutka, Jonathan
Labensky, Kyle
Mahsem, Benjamin
Maroney, Patrick
Musbach, Nicholas
Olmedo, Rosalinda
Paszkiewicz, Samantha
Patterson, Laneikwa
Perez, Jose
Phillippi, Brandon
Pizzo, Alexandria
Pugh, Jacqueline
Remsza, Joshua
Rodriguez, Genaro
Sapnu, Elaine
Shuler, Rebecca
Slusar, Christie
Stec, Lauren
Stojsavljevic, Una
Trudeau, David
Uecke, Jeremy
Van Dusen, Tyler
Wortz, David
Xiong, Neng
Zankl, Ryan
Zarek, Kristopher


Alford, Nicole
Bustos, Ken
Campbell, Jacob
Daebel, Amanda
Dang, Kurt
Fakler, Jennifer
Forrest, Carrie
Forrest, Clara
Gibbs, Sarah
Gonzalez-Cibrian, Eriberto
Harrold, Joshua
Helstowski, Andrew
Hoyt, William
Lamster, Michael
Lutomski, Katie
Malak, Michael
Malovec, Jenna
Martinez, Irene
Matraku, Kristina
Michalski, Austin
Mollberg, Brianna
Montkahaus, Lori
Orlando, Alicia
Piekarski, Alexander
Piotrowski, Cheyenne
Posda, Ryan
Riley, Allison
Robinson, Rebecca
Rothbauer, Dylan
Routt, Kayla
Sachdeva, Priyanka
Sanchez, Maricruz
Scheel, Ryan
Schilcher, Jenelle
Smith, Nicholas
Sobczak, Joshua
Studzinski, Alexander
Studzinski, Jordan
Swirth, Travis
Treland, Cody
Weinberger, Tia
Wesela, Cortney
Xiong, Thong


Casey, Ryan
Cesar, Michelle
Chavarin, Angela
Delgado, Rebecca
Essers, Samantha
Fricke, Jacob
Gavin, Cody
Hoeft, Samantha
Johannes, Mazzy
Johnson, Robert
Jorgenson, Haley
Kiemele, Carlie

Kubczak, Emma
Lewandowski, Sarah
Miller, Jessica
Montes, Israel
Morgan, Teontae
Nelson, Marissa
Neuman, Jasmine
Parks, Deseray
Popowski, Jacob
Radonski, Bobbi
Richter, Daniel
Roberts, Desiree

Rogers, Joseph
Royek, Karlee
Schultz, Thomas
Schwartz, Sabrina
Sotelo, Margarita
Tahiraj, Ina
Tycz, Dillon
Weber, Jared
Wolski, Frank
Wolter, Teddy
Woodard, Ciara
Yang, Jim 

J.E. Jones Raffle/Silent Auction a Great Success

community, Fundraisers, J.E. Jones

On December 12, the J.E. Jones raffle/silent auction was a wonderful success!  The school plans to use the money earned from this event for a SMART Board and guided reading books.

We'd like to thank all volunteers and community members for both attending this event and for making it an outstanding evening!

Food Drive at Kosciuszko School

community, Kosciuszko, Project Concern

Kosciuszko school just finished their 2008 Annual Food Drive for Project Concern.

The food drive lasted for seven days.  On the first day, the school held a kick-off assembly where they learned about citizenship.  Students were asked to bring in non-perishable food items.  When they came to the assembly, they filled their classroom box and received a citizenship sticker. 

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Cudahy High School Pom Pons Winter Clinic (Recreation Department)

Pom Pons, Recreation Department


January 15 & 16, 2009 for Girls Grades 1—8 

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Dragon Wrestling Club (Recreation Deptartment)

Recreation Department, Wresting

Boys and Girls
Kindergarten—12th grade


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Bowling Camp (Recreation Department)

Bowling, Recreation Department


Ages K-5—gr. 8

Come learn the popular and fun sport of bowling and improve your game! AMF South Park Lanes teaches youth a game they can enjoy for life!  Everyone will be coached on the lanes, while bowling 2 games, having fun and making new friends!

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