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Pride In Our Schools

Welcome to the Cudahy School District blog. Read positive  stories about the students and staff in the Cudahy School District. Stay on top of events and activities in the Cudahy schools. Learn about current school-related information.

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Kosciuszko Elementary 3rd Quarter Honor Roll

Kosciuszko, Honor Roll

Congratulations to the 3rd quarter honor roll students of Kosciuszko Elementary School.


Katherine Agnihotri
Elijah Campbell
Amanda Casper
Zachary Dean
Isabella Johannsen
Marcus Griese
Conner Lister
Andrew Pisarek

Brandon Ramirez
Andrew Sandoval
Rodolfo Serna
Summer Strom
Benjie Wagner
Michael Zaborski
Anam Zeb


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Lincoln Elementary 3rd Quarter Honor Roll

Lincoln, Honor Roll

Congratulations to the 3nd quarter honor roll students of Lincoln Elementary School.


Bailey, Felina    
Henes, Mary    
Jacobs, Chris
Jaquez, Adrian    
Kellenberger, Juliana
Knitter, Aubrey    
Lelewicz, Mariah
Lopez, Sofia    
Marquez, Angelina
Martin, Ricardo
Mercado, Lizbeth

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J.E. Jones Elementary 3rd Quarter Honor Roll

J.E. Jones, Honor Roll

Congratulations to the 3rd quarter honor roll students of J.E. Jones Elementary School.


Anna Braden       
Caela Carter       
Cassie Mussatti       
Daniel Hahn       
Emma Zei       
Gabrielle Schmidt       
Hannah Ellwitz

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General Mitchell Elementary 3rd Quarter Honor Roll

General Mitchell, Honor Roll

Congratulations to the 3rd quarter honor roll students of General Mitchell Elementary School.


Steven Borck   
Annie Pearl Bustos   
Alexander Chariton   
Damian Darby   
Andrew Fossell   
Jessica Fossell   
Kayla Gross   
Miah Iwanowski   

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Park View Elementary 3rd Quarter Honor Roll

Park View, Honor Roll

Congratulations to the 3rd quarter honor roll students of Park View Elementary School.


Angelica Abu-Salim
Alexis Anderson
Blake Atwater
Timmy Bukowski
Dawn DeLonay
Guadalupe Gomez-Torres
Tareq Kalbouneh 

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It's Teacher Appreciation Week

It's teacher appreciation week.  Make sure to tell our teachers how great they are and thank them for helping our kids learn, grow, and succeed!  A teacher's role in the development of their students is one of the most influential roles in a child’s life.  That’s why it is so important to recognize these teachers for their hard work and dedication - not just this week - but all year long.

We would thank you from the bottom of our heart, but for you our hearts have no bottom.  ~Author Unknown

Art Splash This Thursday

Art Splash, Cudahy High School

On May 6, Cudahy High School will host the 29th Annual Art Show - Art Splash!  At this show, you and your family will enjoy:

*  exhibits from the talented young artists in our district
*  coloring and face painting for children
*  live music
*  artists in action in the studio
*  one of a kind furniture auction

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Congratulations to Cudahy High School Boys Varsity Track Team

Cudahy High School, Track

Congratulations to the Boys Varsity Track team who finished fourth out of 13 teams in the Woodland Conference Relays.

The distance relay team of Junior Zach Plachinski, Freshmen Michael Tiskus, and Seniors Alec Holguin and C.J. Danecki finished 2nd in the distance medley and 1st in the 4 mile relay.  The team was anchored by Holguin who passed front-running Pewaukee near the finish with a mile time of 4 minutes and 38 seconds. Other medal winners were Ryan Citro, Eric Kaplanek, and Joe Buichl in the 330 Meter Hurdles relay and Mark Emark, Jake Gerasch, and Josh Harrold in the Shotput relay.

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Cudahy Teacher Honored with Teacher of the Year Award

Awards, Cudahy Middle School,

The Council for Exceptional Children honored Cudahy teacher Lori Lancaster with the Norma Grunderman Award for Teacher of the Year. This award is given out annually to recognize educators for the outstanding work they do with special needs students. Lancaster teaches at the Cudahy Middle School but does work district-wide.

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April Renaissance Students of the Month Winners

Every month, the Renaissance Program at the Cudahy High School recognizes one student from each grade as the student of the month. The April Renaissance Students of the Month winners are:

Senior:  Amy Weber
Junior:  George Fonseca
Sophomore:  Margaret Duris
Freshman:  Nour Kalbouneh

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June 5 - Jazz Cafe

Cudahy High School, Band and Orchestra, Jazz Cafe


On Saturday, June 5, Cudahy High School will host the Jazz Cafe.

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Teachers Receive Scholarship for Geocaching Club

Awards, Kosciuszko, Lincoln, J.E. Jones, Park View, Cudahy High School, Cudahy Middle School, General Mitchell

Congratulations go out to three Cudahy School District teachers who, for their efforts in putting together a proposal to start a Geochaching club, will be presented with a scholarship of $500 to purchase GPS devices.

These teachers are: Anna Adl (Kosciuszko school), Christine Janusiak (Kosciuszko school), and Missy Janusiak (District-wide).

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2010 National Junior Honor Society Inductees

Cudahy Middle School, National Junior Honor Society

Congatulations to the newest members of Cudahy Middle School's National Junior Honor Society.

2010 National Junior Honor Society Inductees 

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Lincoln Elementary Talent Show



Lincoln Elementary proudly presents the 2010 Talent Show.  Over 25 acts will be showcasing their many talents that will make for one amazing show!

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2010 Cudahy High School Prom Court

Cudahy High School, Prom

The prom for Cudahy High School was held at the Harley Davidson Museum on Saturday, May 8.

Prom Count -  Travis Swirth, Audrey Graham, Vince Rolbiecki, Jennifer Fakler, Kyle Buckner, Kayla Routt, King Alex Bosetti, Queen, Jessica Bremer, Maricruz Sanchez, Mitchell Stahl, Allison Riley, Duncan Kostowicz

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Kozy Carnival Tomorrow!



On Thurday, May 20, from 4 to 7 p.m.  -  Kosciuszko school will be holding a Kozy Carnival! 

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Cudahy High School Concert Tonight - Mr. Tresp's Last Concert

Cudahy High School, Band and Orchestra, Cudahy Middle School, Lincoln, Park View, General Mitchell, Kosciuszko

The Cudahy High School has an orchestra concert tonight.  This is also Mr. Tresp's last concert.  Make sure to stop by and show your support for our great orchestra and for our teacher who has been with the district for 30 years. 

Mr. Tresp, we will miss you.

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Math Counts Competition Results

Competition, General Mitchell, J.E. Jones, Kosciuszko, Lincoln, Math Counts, Park View

Here are the winners of the District Math Counts competition that was held May 18th at JE Jones:

5th Grade 1st Place Darren Jozefiak, Mitchell
6th Grade 1st Place Sam Sagan, Lincoln

Students got to this point by winning class and school competitions over the last month. Congratulations to everyone who took part!

Cudahy H.S. Theater Dept. 2010 Award Winners

Beauty and the Beast, Competition, Cudahy High School

Congratulations to the winners and nominees of the 2010 Cudahy High School Theater Department awards. The department held their awards banquet on Tuesday, May 19. The winning students have asterisks after their names.

Best Actor
John Remsza-Grandpa
Duncan Kostowicz- The Beast***
David Wortz-Gaston

Best Actress
Angie Kacner-Penelope***
Lauren Marvell-Alice
Clara Forrest-Belle

Best Supporting Actor
Trevor Frahman-Tony
David Wortz- Boris
Kyle Buchner- Mr Kirby
Erik Gonzalez-Lefou
CJ Guerrero- Lefou
Jon Kutka- Lumiere
Dominic Pritzl- Cogsworth***

Best Supporting Actress
Becky Fansler-Essie
Shayon Williams-Ms Potts
Kaytlyn Schwartz- Wardrobe***
Sarah Kepper- Babette

Childrens Theatre Award
Christie Slusar***
Kaytlyn Schwartz***
Becky Fansler
Nick Thein
Teddy Wolter

Dirty Hands Award
CJ Guerrero
Trevor Frahman
Tyler Steeno
Erin D.
Ken Ewert***

Theatre Tech Award
Megan Fansler
Cassie Keith
Joey Buichl
Jake Fricke***
Becky Fansler

Dick Haske Theatre Award
Jake Fricke
Becky Fansler***
Tyler Steeno
CJ Guerrero

Senior Theatre Award
Megan Fansler***
Cassie Keith***
Angie Kacner ***
Josh Remsza
Kaytlyn Schwartz
David Wortz
Jackie Pugh
Christie Slus

Congratulations to the Cudahy Boys Varsity Track Team

Cudahy High School, Track

Congratulations to the Boys Varsity Track team who finished 4th at the Woodland Conference Outdoor Meet.

Individual medal winners included Alec Holguin, Zach Plachinski, Mark Emard, and C.J. Danecki.  The two mile relay team of Plachinski, Michael Tiskus, Holguin, and Danecki finished 1st with a time of 8 minutes and 14 seconds just five seconds away from a school record!  Great job!

Cudahy High School Scholars Honored

Cudahy High School Awards

On Sunday, April 25, eight members of this year’s graduating class were honored by the Woodland Conference principals for their outstanding academic achievements throughout their days as a high school student. This recognition banquet has been held for the past nine years, and this year’s celebration was held at the Silver Spring Country Club in Menomonee Falls.

The eight students from Cudahy High School that were honored include Carly Ademi, Rachel Bzdawka, Andrew Grochowski, Cassie Keith, Derek Klimaszewski, Zachary Petersen, Paola Rota, and Stephanie Ruditys. Sincerest congratulations and thanks go out to these students for all of their diligent work!

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National English Honor Society Inductees

Cudahy Hight School

Congratulations to the following students accepted into the National English Honor Society for Cudahy High School:  Brittany Komorowski, Matt Gorski, Jeffrey Hauenstein, Jenna Hansen, Angela Chavarin, Sam Johnson, Emily Junger, Simone Peterson, Brittni Vermiglio, Katie Lutomski and Erynn Kelly.

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2010 Brady Scholarship Winners

Cudahy High School, Awards

At Cudahy High School, Cassie Keith and Zachary Petersen were recently recognized as Brady Scholarship winners.  Each year the Brady Corporation recognizes a male and female senior who are in the top ten percent of their graduating class, have participated in at least one sport, and have been active in at least one other school or community activity. Congratulations!


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Cudahy High School Band Banquet Awards

Cudahy High School, Band and Orchestra

On May 25, Cudahy High School held their annual Band Banquet.  Congratulations to the following award winners:

Senior Awards

John Philip Sousa Band Award - Megan Fansler
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award - Rachel Bzdawka
Harold Lorenz Memorial Scholarship - Stephanie Ruditys

Underclass Awards

Most Improved - Brittany Santiago
Woody Herman Jazz Award - Emily Junger
Patrick Gilmore Band Award - Sarah Kepper

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Cudahy High School Choir Banquet Awards

Cudahy High School, Awards, Choir

On May 26, Cudahy High School held its annual Choir Banquet.  Congratulations to the following award winners:

National School Choral Award - David Wortz
Fred Waring Directors Award - Kaytlyn Schwartz

Distinguished guests included Superintendant Jim Heiden, Principal Christopher Haeger, and Cudahy Middle School choir director Renee Braun. Students also received their participation pins, and recognition for Solo Ensemble and Music Letters and Chevrons. 

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Third Grade Creatures



Third Grade students at Kosciuszko school created Geometric Creatures using various plane and solid figures.

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2010 Senior Recognition Night

Cudahy High School, Awards, Senior Recognition

On June 2, Cudahy High School will be having its Senior Recognition Program.

The Senior Recognition Program focuses on the academic success and accomplishments of the students at Cudahy High School. Specifically, this event acknowledges the students who receive academic recognition, departmental recognition, and scholarship recognition. Congratulations to all the amazing students honored at this event.

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