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Pride In Our Schools

Welcome to the Cudahy School District blog. Read positive  stories about the students and staff in the Cudahy School District. Stay on top of events and activities in the Cudahy schools. Learn about current school-related information.

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Wisconsin All-State Scholars Program Nominees

Cudahy High School

This year - the nominees for the Wisconsin All-State Scholars Program at Cudahy High School are Colleen Woyach and Caley Milton!

The Wisconsin All-State Scholars Program is a recognition program sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the Wisconsin State Journal, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, and the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators' Foundation for Educational Administration.

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Noodles and Oodles of Fun - Spaghetti Dinner and Fundraiser at Park View

Spaghetti Dinner - Games - Raffle Prizes - Bingo


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Battle of the Badges at Cudahy High School

Battle of the Badges


On Saturday, April 5, the Cudahy Police Department will play the Cudahy Fire Department in the Battle of the Badges basketball game!   Schools, families, Cudahy residents, everyone are invited to attend!

All proceeds for this event benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Wisconsin.

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High School Musical - Bye Bye Birdie

Cudahy High School

Come see the Cudahy High School's musical Bye Bye Birdie.  Bye Bye Birdie is a wonderful satire musical about a rock singer, a TV show, and a publicity stunt gone awry.

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Earth Day Bags

community, Kosciuszko


At Kosciuszko School, all the students plan to decorate Earth Day bags for the Pick N' Save on Packard Ave.  Earth Day bags are regular brown Pick N' Save bags, which the students decorate with Earth friendly messages and illustrations. The bags will then be distributed at Pick N' Save on Earth Day - April 22.  These bags will serve as a reminder to the public to take care of our environment.

Letters and Drawings for Soldiers


At Kosciuszko school, students from all grades are creating letters and colorful drawings to support soldiers stationed in war zones around the world. These wonderful projects will be finished and sent to the soldiers at the end of April.  

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Cudahy High School

On April 30, Cudahy High School students will be inducted into the National Honor Society.  Started in 1921, the National Honor Society organization recognizes high school students who show achievement in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The National Honor Society is a renown organization that asks students to contribute toward activities both in the community and at the school. Congratulations to all those students who were selected for this prestigious organization this year.

When: April 30 at 6:30 PM
Where: Cudahy High School auditorium

Arbor Day/Earth Day Celebration

Arbor Day, community, Lincoln

An Arbor Day/Earth Day city-wide cleanup and tree planting ceremony will occor on Saturday, April 26, 2008. The ceremony starts at 12:00 PM at Lincoln School. The city-wide cleanup takes place prior to the ceremony.

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Space Movies


As part of their science unit on space, third grade students at Kosciuszko School worked in groups to create short documentaries about one of three topics: solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, or phases of the moon. Student groups needed to write the movie and then determine the best way to film it using digital camcorders.  Once filmed, the students edited the scenes of their movies together using a computer.

In the process, students were able to better conceptualize these solar phenomena, enhance their critical thinking skills, learn how to work well in groups, and increase their comfort with technology all while having fun.

Young Composers

General Mitchell, Park View


Second grade students at Park View School created original compositions and performed them in a recital on March 19. For their songs, the students used quarter notes, half notes, eighth notes, and quarter rests. Then they performed the songs with percussion instruments, such as triangles, jingle bells, maracas, tambourines, guiros, and tick-tocks.

On March 20, the third grade students at General Mitchell School also created their own unique compositions using quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes, quarter rests, and the melody notes, "do", "re", and "mi". Songs were performed on alto, soprano, and bass xylophones.

Our young composers from both schools charmed and entertained parents, family, friends, and staff. No two songs were identical and both recitals were a great success!

Brady Scholarship Winners

Cudahy High School

At Cudahy High School, Caley Milton and Timothy Kim were recently recognized as Brady Scholarship winners. This scholarship is awarded to students who are in the top ten percent of their graduating class, have participated in at least one sport, and have been active in at least one other school or community activity. Both Caley and Tim will receive recognition this weekend. Congratulations!


2008 State Honors Band

Cudahy High School

Andre Reyes, a junior at Cudahy High School, auditioned and has been selected to play trombone in the nationally recognized 2008 WSMA State Honors Band. The ensemble will perform on October 30 at the State Music Educators Convention in Madison. Congratulations Andre!

Art Splash!

Art Splash, Cudahy High School

On May 8, Cudahy High School will host the 27th Annual Art Show - Art Splash!  At this show, you and your family will enjoy:

*  exhibits from the talented young artists in our district
*  coloring and face painting for children
*  live music
*  artists in action in the studio
*  one of a kind furniture auction

Come to celebrate the great talent we have growing in our community!

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Game of Life

Game of Life, General Mitchell

Sixth graders at General Mitchell School are taking part in the Game of Life project. For the Game of Life project, students become pseudo adults. They research employment opportunities and formally apply for jobs by filling out applications and writing cover letters. In this process, students also experience job interviews with local community business members. Once jobs are obtained, students learn about the real estate and transportation markets, which require them to budget for housing and transportation costs.

The students ultimately learn to live within a budget, maintain bank accounts, and plan fiscally for the future.

Students randomly select a "life" that represents various socio-economic backgrounds and family compositions; for example: married with three kids, divorced without any kids, single parent with disabled child, or just out of college. Students also randomly select incident cards that reflect the ups and downs of real life financial experiences encountered as adults.

Several Internet web quests are required throughout the project. Some of these quests include the research of jobs (along with base salaries and educational requirements), mortgages, taxes, rent of properties within a given location, and bluebook values.

This wonderful project is a yearly project and its benefits will hopefully stay with the students throughout their lives.  

Wisconsin All-State Scholar

Cudahy High School

Colleen Woyach was chosen as a Wisconsin All-State Scholar. The Wisconsin All-State Scholars Program is a recognition program sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the Wisconsin State Journal, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, and the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators' Foundation for Educational Administration.

Over one hundred students traditionally receive this scholarship. The recipients are chosen based on their overall grade point averages and ACT/SAT test score.

Colleen also received a Music Department Scholarship fom UW-Madison. Congratulations!

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Science Fair at Lincoln School


On April 3, Lincoln School held its annual science fair. The fair had a great turnout with over 40 students who participated in the fair and 80 visitors who enjoyed the fair.  Although there were many great projects, four students earned Excellence awards. These awards are given out at the end of the school year program at Lincoln.

Stuck for a Buck


At Kosciuszko School, each student who donated money to the Pennies for Patients fundraiser were given a piece of duct tape. The students then used the tape to tape their principal Mr. Katte to the wall. This event was a great success and helped raise $1,027.09 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

To see more pictures, go to Kosciuszko's photo album.

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Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Program

J.E. Jones

As part of their Earth day contribution, JE Jones School is participating in the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program.  For two weeks, the school is collecting nicely used athletic shoes.  The shoes are then donated to Nike.   Nike then recycles/grinds up the shoes to make playground and track surfaces for communities.


Cudahy High School Boys Tennis - May Home Games

Cudahy High School, tennis

Boys Tennis Home Games for May
Cudahy High School

May 1 - 4:00 - Cudahy High School vs. New Berlin Eisenhower


Cudahy High School Girls Soccer - May Home Games

Cudahy High School, soccer

Girls Soccer Home Games for May
Cudahy Soccer Field

May 3 - 9:00 AM - Girls Varsity Soccer - Cudahy Classic

May 8 - 4:30 - Cudahy High School vs. Thomas Moore

May 15 - 4:30 - Cudahy High School vs. Whitnall

May 20 - 4:30 - Cudahy High School vs. New Berlin West


Cudahy High School Girls Softball - May Home Games

Cudahy High School, softball

Girls Softball Home Games for May
Community Stadium (4950 S Lake Dr.)

May 1 - 4:00 - Cudahy High School vs. Greendale High School

May 5 - 4:00 - Cudahy High School vs. Pewaukee

May 6 - 4:00 - Cudahy High School vs. Thomas Moore

May 14 - 4:00 - Cudahy High School vs. New Berlin Eisenhower

Cudahy Middle and High School Track/Field - May Home Games

Cudahy High School, track

High School Field House

May 1 - 3:45 - Boys/Girls Cudahy Middle School vs. South Milwaukee Middle School

May 8 - 3:45 - Boys/Girls Cudahy Middle School vs. Whitnall Middle School

Mike McGowan Assembly at JE Jones

J.E. Jones

On April 24, Mike McGowan - an outstanding presenter with an extensive background in education and youth service spoke to the students at JE Jones.

In Novemember, Mike McGowan spoke about The Keys to Your Success. This time, he talked to the students about friendship and life. McGowan is known nationwide for his informative, humorous presentations and gives students strategies to help them navigate their developmental years. This presentation was a great success with both the students and staff at JE Jones.

2008 WSMA State Solo and Ensemble Festival

band and orchestra, Cudahy High School, WSMA

On Saturday, May 3, music students from the Cudahy High School will attend the WSMA State Solo and Ensemble Festival at UW-Parkside. This festival not only provides the opportunity for students to perform music independently but it also gives recognition to the outstanding soloists throughout the state.

For a list of the Cudahy students who are performing, see the WSMA Cudahy Festival Schedule.  The festival is an all day event.


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