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Pride In Our Schools

Welcome to the Cudahy School District blog. Read positive  stories about the students and staff in the Cudahy School District. Stay on top of events and activities in the Cudahy schools. Learn about current school-related information.

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College Projects at Kosciuszko


Kosciuszko's 6th grade teacher Mr. Biro has his 6th grade students doing fun college projects!

Each student first chooses their profession. The student then researches, through available literature and the Internet, the best college, the various methods and available resources to pay for their chosen college, and the outlook of their profession.

This project not only gives the kids the opportunity to learn about a career, it also introduces them to the available tools (for example, scholarships and grants) so they can reach their goals. The students, at the end of this project, present their findings through a PowerPoint presentation.

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Second Grade Space Creatures

Kosciuszko, solar system, space creatures

While studying the solar system, second grade students at Kosciuszko school particated in a home/school project where they made space creatures!

Using objects like boxes, plates, carboard tubes, play dough, garbage bags, and milk jugs, students created the creatures and then wrote about them. The projects turned out wonderful!  The writing part of this project consisted of six sentences: the creature's name, the creature's home planet, three sentences about the creature, and a conclusion sentence.

The students gave a presentation of their project and were graded on creativity, the writing, the oral presentation, and being on time. All three second grade rooms at Kosciuszko participated in the project (Ms. Fox, Mrs. Lew, and Mrs. Dollhopf).

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Dinosaurs at Kosciuszko


The second grade classes at Kosciuszko school are just finishing a unit on fossils.

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Jump Rope for Heart at J.E. Jones

Fundraisers, J.E. Jones, Jump Rope for Heart

J.E. Jones School is currently doing the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser (sponsored by the American Heart Association).

With this program, children jump rope as they raise funds to support lifesaving heart and stroke research.  The children are asked to get sponsors to help raise money for this cause.  Students can then earn thank you gifts, depending on the amount of money they raise.  This program teaches both physical fitness and the value of community service to students and their families.

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Radio Station to Record Pledge of Allegiance at Kosciuszko

Kosciuszko, radio station

On Wednesday, February 13, WMIL FM 106.1 will be at Kosciuszko school to record the students doing the Pledge of Allegiance to play on their radio station morning show!

Each class has five minutes to record, with one student to introduce the class.  The students will receive flyers telling them the date and time of the recording. Children are played each morning on 106.1 at 6:35 A.M.

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Two Leg Tuesdays/Two Wheel Tuesdays

Lincoln, Two Leg/Wheel Tuesdays

With the help of gym teacher Ryan Menken, students at Lincoln Elementary School participate in an afterschool program called Two Leg/Wheel Tuesdays.

Two Leg Tuesdays
Two Leg Tuesdays is a walking program where students receive a token for every 1 mile (or 30 minutes) they walk. Walking is done in the school hallways (during inclement weather) or to area parks.

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¿Hablas español?


¿Hablas español?

Ms. Schwarz, the speech pathologist at Kosciuszko Elementary, is starting an after school Spanish club in April.  This is a one month mini-course for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. Ms. Schwarz is in need of volunteers. You do not need to be fluent in Spanish! 

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Art of Telling Stories

General Mitchell

In January, General Mitchell School welcomed performer David Landau. David Landau is a story teller and musician who completely delighted both the children and the staff at the school!

This wonderful program was sponsored by the PTO.


Pennies for Patients

Fundraisers, Lincoln


Lincoln School just kicked off the Pennies for Patients fundraiser!

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Time Travel to the Colonial Times


The fifth graders at Kosciuszko School traveled back in time to the Revolutionary War and Colonial times!

Each student received a passport to fill out while going through their time travel. The student spent 10 minutes at each of six stations.

First station: Students listened to colonial music.
Second station: Students looked and analyzed colonial pictures.
Third station: Students played colonial games.
Fourth station: Students ate foods from colonial times.
Fifth station: Students did colonial writing.
Sixth station: Students designed the interior of a colonial home. Students enjoyed their time travels.


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Volcanoes at General Mitchell

General Mitchell, volcanoes

Dogzilla is a book by Dav Pilkey about a monstrous dog who rises from a volcano to terrorize a city of mice.


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Holocaust Survivor to Speak at Cudahy High School

Cudahy High School, Holocaust Survivor

Henry Golde, a Holocaust survivor, will speak to students at the Cudahy High School on Wednesday, February 20.

Golde currently lives in the Appleton area of Wisconsin and has been giving public talks about the Holocaust and his experiences for about 15 years.

Spring Sports Meeting

Cudahy High School


The Spring Sports Meeting for the parents of Cudahy High School students is being held in the high school auditorium at 7:00 P.M. on February 27.  This meeting gives parents the opportunity to meet the high school coaches and to ask questions.

Sock Hop at Lincoln

Lincoln, Sock Hop

On Friday, February 15, Lincoln School held a sock hop!  Students, parents, and staff showed up for a fun night of 50s music, dancing, hula-hoops, poodle skirts, and blue suede shoes.

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Wilderness Classroom Presentation at General Mitchell

General Mitchell, Wilderness Classroom

On March 4th, Dave Freeman of the Wilderness Classroom is coming to do a presentation of stories, videos, sounds, and photos of the Amazon Rainforest. After the presentation, the teachers will be trained on how to track Freeman's work on the Internet.


Parent/Teacher Conferences at the Cudahy Middle School

Cudahy Middle School, parent/teacher conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences for the Cudahy Middle School are being held on March 4.

Parent/Teacher Conferences 
Date: March 4
Time: 4:00 - 8:00 P.M.
Where: Cudahy Middle School

Business Team at Cudahy High School - An Outstanding Finish

Business Team, Cudahy High School, Junior Achievement

At the Cudahy High School, the business team made up of seniors Jon Fernandez, Jackie Wagner, and Shawn O'Shea finished in the top 10 out of 32 Milwaukee area high school teams in the Junior Achievement Business Simulation Competition at the corporate headquarters of Briggs & Stratton.  

In addition to their top 10 finish, the team took second place out of the 32 teams in the marketing campaign challenge. For this challenge, they had to come up with a product name, slogan, and logo for a hypothetical product.  

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Cudahy Pom Pons Make it to State Competition

Cudahy High School, Pom Pons

On January 26, the Cudahy High School Pom Pon Team placed second in Division 2 at the WACPC Southern Regional Competition. The Cudahy team beat 13 other teams in Division 2. Their second place finish advanced the team to the State Pom and Dance Finals on February 2.

This is the second year in a row the team has qualified for the State Pom and Dance Finals.
The Head Coach is Allison Stray. The assistant coach is Lauren Bobrowicz.

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WSMA Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival

Cudahy High School, WSMA Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival

On March 15, the Cudahy High School will host the WSMA Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival. This festival provides the opportunity for students to perform music independently (as opposed to larger concert bands). Students can perform solos, duets, trios, or in small ensembles.

The performances are critiqued by music judges and can qualify students to perform at the State Level Solo and Ensemble Festival.

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Cudahy High School Music Trip to New York

Cudahy High School, New York City

On March 19, the music department at the Cudahy High School will visit New York City.

New York Philharmonic. Broadway. Guggenheim Museum. Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. These are just some of the places the students plan to visit.

The focus of the trip is music and the arts - where the students will visit museums, see Broadway shows, and experience a world renown orchestra. The students also have the opportunity to meet cast members of the Broadway plays Phantom of the Opera and Spamalot before they see the shows.

What an amazing trip!

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Pom Pon Team Attend the Badgerette Spirit Invitational

Cudahy High School, Pom Pons

The Cudahy High School Pom Pon Team attended the Badgerette Spirit Invitational at Germantown High School on February 19.  The team placed 4th overall in the pom division.  The seniors placed 1st with their Senior Farewell routine.  The following team members earned individual honors:
Nicole Szemborski - 1st place Senior performer
Julie Gestwicki - 2nd place Junior performer
Rachel Bzdawka - 2nd place Sophomore performer

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