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Holocaust Survivor to Speak at Cudahy High School

Cudahy High School, Susie Fono,

On Wednesday, March 30 - Susie Fono, a long time Milwaukee resident and Holocaust survivor, will speak to the Cudahy High School's Literacy in Action class and share the recounting of her personal wartime experiences in Hungary.

Susie Fono was only seven years old when the Nazis attacked and took over her homeland of Hungary. Despite the young age, Ms. Fono remembered the day when she was banned from performing in the Budapest ballet, when she was made to wear the yellow star, when her father was taken away to a labor camp, and when her grandparents were taken away never to be seen again.

At the time, Nazis imposed ethnic laws on the Jewish population.  An estimate of 1/3 of the victims murdered at Auschwitz were Hungarian.  437,402 Jews were deported in 151 trains during the four months of the occupation in Hungary in 1944, according to official German reports. During this time, 136 trains were sent to Auschwitz. 90% of the people on the trains were exterminated on arrival.

The Cudahy High School literacy class, taught by Sonja Rhode, has been reading excepts from the Freedom Writer's Diaries and about a girl who was disfigured because of land mines in the Afghan War. Fono's presentation to the students will tie directly into their study of tolerance.

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