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Cudahy High School Proudly Presents It's Murder in the Wings

Cudahy High School, It's Murder in the Wings

Cudahy High School proudly presents It's Murder in the Wings.  This play was written by Pat Cook, published by Dramatic Publishing Company, and directed by Lynn Filak and Al Liegler.

Murder in the Wings takes place in a modern office building designed by John Witt and Andrea Damitz-Liegler.  Mr. Moon, the Wing's company's president, has convinced a celebrated author Lionel Upshaw (Matt Kepper) to contract with Wings to publish his newest murder mystery.  Unfortunately, Mr. Moon is found dead by his four office workers (Lauran Marvell, Crystal Jones, Alex Romfoe, and Teddy Wolters) before the deal is done. 

Can they hide Mr. Moon's body on the food cart (delivered by Samantha Prieser) for the book signing party?  Will they find the murderer and get the bank officer (Allie Pritzl) to loan them $50,000 they so desperately need?  Or will the press corp  (Duncan Kostowicz, Becky Fansler, Cassy Kuschewski) who appear on the scene to cover the book signing expose the hidden murder of Mr. Moon?

If you love a good mystery filled with humor, join the police (Nicole Massie and Trevor Frahman) and try to find the murderer in It's Murder in the Wings. Other cast members include C.J. Guerrero and student director Emily Marvell.

The show runs February 17, 18,and 19th at 7:00 PM in Cudahy High School's auditorium. Tickets are $5.00 at the door.

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