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General Mitchell Students Studying with Scientists in Antarctica

General Mitchell, Antarctica

On Sunday evening, Dr. Peter Flaig and Dr. Steve Hasiotis contacted the Matt Geiger, Principal of General Mitchell Elementary school, to create a unique connection.   The connection is to have grade school students learn about Antarctica, science and animal life utilizing a grant from the National Science Foundation.  

Over the next couple months, Antarctica’s summer months, Antarctica is open for scientist from around the world to study its unique environment.  Dr. Steven T. Hasiotis from the University of Kansas will lead a team including Dr. Peter Flaig from the University of Texas- Austin, “looking for fossils in rocks that range in age from 400 million years to 200 million years old.” Their goal “is to collect and describe as many new fossils from these rocks as possible. These fossils will tell us about life and the environment on Antarctica before it was covered in ice”  

During the trip, they have agreed to document and answer questions from two grades at General Mitchell Elementary school in Cudahy, WI.   The two classes will look at pictures sent to them by Dr. Peter Flaig on a web blog that Peter will update on a regular basis.  They will also communicate using email to explain their activities and what the children are seeing on the pictures.   Matt Geiger, the principal observes that, “The children are very excited.  They are learning a lot about science, the world, and safety in a way that is personal, technologically advanced and interactive.” 

This experience fits right in with the schools commitment to creating an environment where children are made aware of college, career and life opportunities.


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