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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Cudahy Input Needed: Community Health Assessment

Cudahy, Health

From the Desk of Cudahy Health Officer Katie Gajeski, MS

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Your Lungs On Marijuana

Drugs, Health, Marijuana


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5 Things Nurses Want You To Know

Health, Medical

5 Things Nurses Want You To Know But Can’t Ever Tell You

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President Obama Losing Faith in Obamacare?

Obama, ObamaCare, Health

Even Obama seems to be losing faith in Obamacare

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Marijuana Overdoses Kills 37 - Wait I Keep Hearing This Cannot Happen

Drugs, Health, Marijuana

Many people who think it should be legalized in Wisconsin have told me this is impossible to do!

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From the Cudahy Health Department

Cudahy, Health, Safety, Weather

Life Threatening Cold Air to Grip Wisconsin 1/4/14 to 1/7/14-

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Raw Meat Sandwiches

Christmas, Food, Health

In my family, every Christmas until about 10 years ago we would have raw ground beef with onions, salt and pepper server on a cracker.  And it was good.  I don’t remember anyone getting sick over the years, however as the grandparents passed away, my family kind of just stopped doing it.

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Your Prescriptions on Obamacare

ObamaCare, Drugs, Health

No, You Can't Keep Your Drugs Either Under Obamacare

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The Cudahy Health Department Needs Your Input

Health, Info

Our hometown hospital, Aurora St. Luke’s South Shore, needs your input to help determine where they will prioritize their community outreach efforts. 

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Lower 2013 Health Costs?

Health, ObamaCare

Recession, Not Obamacare, To Thank for Lower 2013 Health Costs

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Cure for Down syndrome?

Down syndrome, Health, Life

From NBC News:

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Heat Advisory and Cooling Sites in Cudahy

Cudahy, Health, Heat

From Cudahy Health Department -

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Hot and Humid Days Ahead

Cudahy, Cudahy District 3, Health, Weather, Heat

With the hot and humid days ahead, even in Cudahy with the “closer by the lake” we may not feel any relief.

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And Fluoride Made Fox News's Front Webpage Today!

Fluoride, Health, Water

Fluoride: Necessary or too much of a good thing?

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Let's Talk Fluoride

Health, Water, Fluoride

So instead of rehashing some old 1950’s or 1960’s info, what info is more current and relative?

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All About My Current Opponent!

Health, Medical, Flu

For the last three weeks I have been battling what some days feels like the flu and other days a chest cold.

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Affordable Health Care - Obamacare

America, Court, Debunked, GAO, Health, Money, ObamaCare, Supreme Court, Taxes

So, first I have to say my disappointment with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare.  With Chief Roberts changing his vote and changing the wording to saying it is a “TAX” brings in a new era of taxation and activism.

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CBO on ObamaCare

CBO, Obama, ObamaCare, Health, Medical, Taxes

CBO: ObamaCare-Like Programs Don’t Save Money or Reduce Costs

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BadgerCare By the Numbers

Health, Wisconsin

Here’s a chart/wrap-up on the Overall Wisconsin Medicaid Enrollment – By Category – as of December 2010 in Wisconsin.

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Democrats State Senator's Alternate Budget Fix Worse for BadgerCare

Health, Wisconsin, Democrats

Senate Dems offer alternate budget fix

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Drinking Water: Chromium VI and Too Much Fluoride?


Water Safe Despite Chromium VI Tests

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Losing Your Health Insurance Because of Facebook?

Facebook, Health

Canadian Woman Loses Health Insurance Over "Happy" Facebook Photos

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Health Care/Insurance Info Part 1


Since this is a hot button issue, here is some Health Care/Insurance info:

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Bed Bugs!!!!

Cudahy, Health, Pests, Wisconsin, National

Blood-sucking bedbugs are multiplying, showing up across the nation

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Here Comes Big Brother


Body fat Index regulation included in stimulus bill

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Navy subs to ban smoking

Smoking, Health, Military

No butts about it: Navy subs to ban smoking

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Looking for a Good Pediatric Dentist?

Health, Kids

Dr. Steven Robert Chybowski, DDS - Pediatric Dentist

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Marijuana and Schizophrenia

Drugs, Health, Marijuana

A Complex Link Between Marijuana and Schizophrenia

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Small Businesses and Health Care Coverage

Health, Businesses, Economy

Small firms cancel coverage, dump employees on government plans (as predicted)

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No Permit, No Kids Limeade Stand in Oregon

Culture, Health, Kids, Food

Health inspector shuts down 7-year-old's summer lemonade stand

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2009 Wisconsin Stadium Health Inspection Summaries

Food, Health

The following list is culled from inspection reports for MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL venues in the United States and Canada operating in 2009.  Results based on most recent routine inspections or equivalent of a full inspection.  The score is based on the percentage of vendors in violation of health requirements.

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Red Eyes after Swimming & Urinating in the Swimming Pool

Health, Safety, Swimming

Tinkling in the pool causes disgust and discomfort

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AIDS vaccine protects people, shocks researchers or Not!


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An experimental AIDS vaccine made from two failed products has protected people for the first time, reducing the rate of infection by about 30 percent, researchers said on Thursday.

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Urgent Care Clinics On South Side


Aurora Health Center

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Seagulls Behind the Pewaukee Beach Closures?

Health, Safety, Pewaukee

Are gulls beach party-poopers?

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Affordable Health Insurance - Not with Obama Care

Health, Jay Weber

From WISN 1130 Jay Weber’s Podcast

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Some Hope for Autism

Autism, Health, Kids

Nasal Spray With Hormone Gives Hope in Treating Autism

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Sunscreens Might Accelerate Skin Cancer

Kids, Health, Adults

Many Sunscreens May Be Accelerating Cancer

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New Swine Flu Info and Updates

Flu, Health

H1N1 flu undergoing genetic changes in swine

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Today's Autism Information - Genetic Mutations

Autism, Health

Autism Linked to Dozens of Genetic Mutations

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MJS's Milwaukee Food Health Inspections Database

Food, Health, Milwaukee, Safety

A peek into the latest health inspections at Milwaukee food establishments.  You can check out them all by browsing our searchable database.

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Could Cancer Vaccination Have Killed British Teenager?

Health, Kids, Safety, Vaccine

An apparently routine vaccination appears to have had tragic consequences for one 14-year-old girl from Coventry.  Shortly after being injected, she became an unwell and died shortly after arriving at the University Hospital on Monday afternoon.

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