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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

MJS Editorial Not Fair & Balanced

Culture, Franklin, Guest Blog, MJS

This is from one of my Conservative friends Kevin Fischer of the Franklin Now blog “This Just In ...

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This is pretty sad, how Cudahy is seen Even as a Joke!

Culture, Cudahy

This is pretty sad, how Cudahy is seen even as a Barbie Doll! 

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Biased blogs an Oxymoron?

Culture, Blogging

If you look on Cudahy Now, you will notice that of all the bloggers on it, I am the only one on the right and the only conservative.  If you want a blog signup, caution they do require you to use your real name and a photo of you.

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Under God!

National, Culture

Court upholds 'under God' in Pledge of Allegiance

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Graffiti and Broken Handrail on the bridge over by Delaware and Edgerton

Cudahy, Culture, Local Government, MMSD

When working with multiple entities like the City, County, and MMSD, it is so easy to pass the buck, but in the end someone has to step up and do something.

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Question for Anyone On Campaigning


This is a ‘What If” hypothetical!

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League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Unbiased, Really?

Debates, Culture, Wisconsin, RTA

League of Women Voters of Wisconsin and the Sierra Club: Public support for RTA

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Engaging the Renters & Young Voters in Cudahy Part 2

Cudahy, Culture, Election, school

Part 2 - The Young Voters in High School not able to vote yet.

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Reader Has More on Drug Testing Elected Officials and Politicians

Cudahy, Culture, Wisconsin, Local Government, Drugs

Randy you struck a nerve with question whether drug testing is in the City Employee Manual.  It isn’t in there and it should be!  I hope the Personnel Committee finds the strength to add it.  I came across this online petition to get the U.S. Congress on a federal level to do just what you think Cudahy should do.  We would be light years ahead if we did.  Just think if there were some positive test results.  Well here is the web site.

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Chicago Firm Has Textbook Sales Job Available Anyone Know Someone to fill it?

Culture, Jobs

Educational K-12 Textbook Publishing Sales Representative Wanted

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South Shore, Wisconsin?

Cudahy, Culture, Economy, Milwaukee County, South Milwaukee, St. Francis

How would you feel if, Cudahy, South Milwaukee, and St. Francis merged into South Shore, Wisconsin?

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Facebook, Culture

Back in November, I did a blog post on the word Befriend and facebook where it was totally being misused as a negative.

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Thoughts on Today's Elections and Today's Society

Election, Culture

In today’s political arena and the harsh reality of today, Mickey Mouse and Santa Clause would not win an election.

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Sometimes we all need a reminder!


Statue of Liberty National Monument - Emma Lazarus’ Famous Poem

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Pennsylvania Firefighter Ignores Sticker Ban

Firefighter, Culture, National

This might sound familiar as something like this happen in Franklin last year with a Police Officer having a flag sticker.  He took it down without a problem, but I still don’t think that was right!

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Deceptive or Clever Marketing - Prestone 50/50 Ready-to-use Antifreeze

Culture, Money, Retail

For those of you who might not know what the product is here is a little bio on it and Prestone’s Extended Life Antifreeze

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Greatest Villain in American History

Culture, Obama

This was a conversation with a liberal (Labor Party) friend of mine.  He states the items in red and my answers are in blue.

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Saving Money & Studies

Leadership, Culture

Why is it that liberals cry that we need studies to see if there is a cheaper way of doing things (like they want the Hoan Bridge gone and made street level), but we cannot do a study to make public jobs private (like privatizing the parks jobs or the people cleaning public buildings)? 

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While at the mall a few weeks ago, I overheard some younger people talking about being befriended.  It was totally being misused as a negative.  One would have thought with the use of facebook that the word “Befriend” would be used more often and the use of it would educate people in the use allowing them to become custom to using it.

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Birmingham Alabama Mayor Accused of Taking Bribes

Culture, National

This story just amazes me and saddens me at the same time.  Just how easy it is to become seduced by "the honey of power" and corrupt with money!  Look how harsh critics were with Mayor Langford.

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Chicago loses vote to host 2016 Games

Culture, KRM, Sports, World, Chicago

Olympic officials eliminated Chicago in the first round of voting from its bid to host the 2016 Summer Games, a surprise failure for President Obama who put his capital behind an enormous campaign.

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Say What?


Bank Refuses to Cash Check For Armless Man Without a Thumbprint

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Light and Shadows - Going Down A Similar Road

Religion, Science, Culture

Mars Orbiter Finds Jesus?

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Another One For X-Files Fans

Culture, Fun, Science

Scientific Analysis of 'Alien Baby' Released

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The Right Putting Foot In Mouth

Republicans, Culture

Republican Congresswoman: GOP is Looking for 'Great White Hope'

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Doggone - Irish Word for Disappointment

Culture, Fun

My family and I went to opening day of Irishfest.  We had free tickets from a promotion from State Fair, where if you went to State Fair, you received a free ticket to IrishFest for opening day.  It started on Thursday August 13, 2009 at 5:00pm.  We promptly arrived at five and walked to the gate. 

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God's Gift?

Culture, Religion, World

This is a wish that I would love to come true.  But every wish has consequences.

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Unacceptable Behavior, Unacceptable Job Ethics

Culture, National Politics

In this MSNBC article titled “Where’s my governor?  Most aren’t hard to find” it sheds light that as public servants, a Governor’s whereabouts should be known.  I think this is a great lesson for all public servants.  The people should always know where and what they are doing.

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One Trillion

Info, Culture, Math

Have you look at what one trillion looks like?

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Afraid For The Future

Culture, school

I picked up lunch at Culver’s this last week.  I went inside as the drive thru was very busy. 

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Heroin Takes Another Life In Cudahy

Cudahy, Drugs, Culture, Heroin

In a city were heroin drug overdoses are happening, we need to put more money and resources to the police and NOT flowerpots!  Businesses and residents are not going to want to relocate to Cudahy with a drug problem that we, as a city, have.

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WWII Nose Art and Plane Painting

Blogging, Culture, History, World

If you ever get the chance to visit Washington D.C and Smithsonian Museum of National Air and Space Museum, you will find Martin B-26 Marauder called “Flak Bait”.


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Good Friday Wishes

Culture, Holiday

I wish everyone a safe Good Friday and Passover!


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Fundraisers for Make-A-Wish Foundation

Cudahy, Culture, Fun, Fundraisers, Info, Kids, Law, Police, South Milwaukee, Battle of the Badges, Badge Ball

When - Saturday April 11th from 10am - 2pm

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This Post Will Offend Someone Part II

Blogging, Culture

I knew you would not fall for that one twice.


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This Post Will Offend Someone Part I

Blogging, Culture


Today's Humor

Blogging, Cudahy, Culture, Fun, Leadership, Mayor

This post is based on an email I received from an individual upset over my post “The Next Cudahy Mayor


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Gas Station Pet Peeves or Wishes

Culture, Gas, Oil, Rant Rave

I wish…


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The tearing down of masculinity in the U.S.


While listening to Vicki McKenna’s show a few weeks ago, she talked about “The tearing down of masculinity in the U.S.” and she had callers calling in talking about how commercials poke fun of men. 


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Logical Fallacies Part IV

Culture, Debates

Argument to the person

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CNN Falls For Palin Hoax

Culture, Election, National, Palin

While I may have been duped when a Cudahy police officer emailed me a fake email chain hoax that did show was false.  I posted info on the blog stating it was a fake.  It is just too bad CNN doesn’t know about or many other checkers.


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Logical Fallacies Part II

Culture, Debates, Info

Hasty generalization

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Pearls Of Wisdom - Parenting

Culture, Generations, Info, Kids, Leadership, Life, Parenting, Tips

Parenting from a new father’s perspective.  First I would like to share my thoughts on Fatherhood.


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Milwaukee’s Food Stamp Fraud

Culture, Info, Milwaukee

While I didn’t have any flood damage from the once in 500 years rain that some are calling the storm in June, I do feel bad for those that truly did have problems. 


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More Bad News for Jesse Jackson

Culture, National Politics

Reverend Jesse Jackson not only scolded Obama off the air, he uttered the very bad word not at Obama.  Rev. Jackson used an emotionally charged racial slur during a break in a TV interview in which he criticized presidential candidate Barack Obama, Fox News confirmed Wednesday.


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How We & History Can Be Wrong

Culture, Life

One of my Professors in college told me “The victor writes the history!”  One of his most famous discussions was “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” and how we in fact don’t know if Paul Revere was the one to warn the colonists at the time in question.  He could live with the fact we don’t know exactly which leg of the ride the quote came from (multiple riders on the route), but the fact that the quote of "The British are coming!" is wrong. 


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Logical Fallacies Part I

Culture, Debates, Info

Begging the question

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Candanian Court overrules father's grounding

Culture, Kids, Leadership, World

Quebec: A judge has ruled that a 12-year-old girl who was grounded and not permitted to go on a school trip because she broke her father's rules for using the internet may indeed go on the trip.


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Constitution, Culture

It is sad that blogging around the area has become so personal attacking.  Instead of standing on issues, some people take to personal attacks on many sides and fronts.  Just look around at many of the blogs and you will see what I mean.  This is not limited to just the “now” blogs. 

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Life's Lessons

Culture, Life

First some info on the Webkinz so readers are up to speed courtesy of Wikipedia.


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Recognizing and Avoiding Logical Fallacies

Culture, Debates, Education, Leadership, Life, Policy, Rant Rave, Vote

Day 20 – Still No real response from the Mayor – Inability to make decisions based on anything other than his own self-interest


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Standards, Morals, Ethics

Culture, Leadership, Life

Day 19 – Still No real response from the Mayor – We expect more & got less


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What happen to the Democrats?

Culture, History, Leadership, Life, National, National Politics, Policy, Vote

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Truth a Perspective?

Culture, Leadership, Life, Policy, Rant Rave

Day 10 – Thursday May 15th 2008 - Still No real response from the Mayor – His public forum response said nothing


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April Top 10

Computer, Constitution, Cudahy, Culture, Economy, Education, Health, History, Internet, Kids, KRM, Leadership, Life, Master Plan, Mayor, Meeting, Metra, Milwaukee Wave, retail, Safety, school, Talk Back, Taxes, TIF, Top 10 Review, Vote, Wal-Mart, Wave, Wisconsin


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To Copy or Not To Copy

Culture, Education, Life

Plagiarism – Most people do it every day without even knowing about it.  You hear something on the news or in talking and now you accept it and state it.


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Internet Child Predator Stereotype Changing Study Shows

Crime, Culture, Health, Internet, Kids, Police, Safety, Talk Back

The typical online child sex predator is not a person posing on a social-networking site as a teenager, claims a new study, but rather an adult who identifies him- or herself as such and plainly states a desire for a sexual encounter with a minor.

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Guest Piece Written By Scott J. Is our culture dead?

Culture, Education, Religion

Randy was gracious enough to allow me to write a guest blog on his page


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Common Sense Policy?

Culture, Life, National Politics, Policy, Wisconsin

While bopping around on the other My Community Now cities sites.  I came across this link and story on Franklins’:


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March Top 10

Constitution, Crime, Cudahy, Culture, Death Penalty, Milwaukee Wave, Policy, retail, school, Top 10 Review, Wal-Mart, Wave, Wisconsin


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