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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

About the Red vs. Blue States


Solved: Why Poor States Are Red and Rich States Are Blue

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Most Racially Tolerant

America, Racism

In a Breakdown of Which Countries Are the Most Racially Tolerant, the U.S. Gets a Surprising Ranking

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How Much Do Americans Approve of the Democratic Party?

America, Democrats, Ideology

Only 36 percent of Americans approve of the Democratic Party — the lowest number on record

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Heroin in the US

Heroin, Drugs, America

'We're all paying:' Heroin spreads misery in US

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America's Heroin Problem

America, Drugs, Heroin

From Yahoo News

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Americans and Science

America, Science

1 in 4 Americans Don't Know Earth Orbits the Sun. Yes, Really.

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About Minimum Wage - ONLY 1.6% of Workers Make the Minimum Wage

Wages, America

Report: Only 1.6% of American Workers Make the Minimum Wage

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Native Americans Migrated From Europe

America, Europe, Generations, Life, Culture, Political Correctness

Americas' Natives Have European Roots

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The Naked Communist - Info from a Reader

America, Communism, Liberals

I received this note and info from a reader.  Thanks a bunch!!!!

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12 Years Today

9/11, America

It has been 12 years since the 9-11-01 attacks. 

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Oh Look Now the PC Brigade Tells Us the Peanuts Gang is Racist

Culture, America, Racism, Thanksgiving, Political Correctness

Thanksgiving, America and Charlie Brown attacked as ‘racist’

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Maybe America Isn't Ready if President Obama Isn't Either

America, Obama, Same-Sex Marriage

Obama to MTV: 'Will Not Fight for Gay Marriage' in Second Term

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Beware of What You Wished For - You Got It Now!

2012 Election, America

Well America, you got what you wanted!  We will see what the next 4 years has to offer and it will be too late for any I told you so!

Are YOU, are WE, Better Off Today! Part 4

2012 Election, America, Democrats, Election, Ideology, Economy, Jobs, Liberals, Obama, ObamaCare, Taxes


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President Obama Supporters it is Time to Face Reality - Obama's Presidency is a Failure!

2012 Election, America, Debt, Democrats, Liberals, Marxism, Mitt Romney, ObamaCare, Paul Ryan, Republicans, Taxes, Obama

President Obama has been a failure!  Face it that is the truth and no matter how much spin or wishful thinking isn’t going to change that harsh reality of things.  Well for those of us that live in the real world that is.

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Are YOU, are WE, Better Off Today! Part 3

2012 Election, America, Debt, Democrats, Economy, Jobs, Liberals, National Politics, Obama, Osama bin Laden

Are YOU, are WE, Better Off Today!  Part 1

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Ad Produced by Veterans

2012 Election, America, Political Ad, Veterans, Osama bin Laden, Military

Ad Produced by Veterans

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Manufacturing under Obama

2012 Election, America, Democrats, Liberals, Mitt Romney, Obama, Paul Ryan, Political Ad

Failing American Workers

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Are YOU, are WE, Better Off Today! Part 1

2012 Election, America, Debt, Democrats, Economy, Jobs, Liberals, MSNBC, National Politics, Obama, Taxes

Are you better off now than 4 years ago?  Yes or No

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9/11, America

Remember 9-11-2001

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New Reader Comments on the Sarah Palin, Advocacy, Quotes, and Narratives

America, Conservatives, Democrats, Email, Guest Blog, Liberals, Palin, Republicans, Sarah Palin, Kevin Fech, Obama, 2008 Election

Guest Blog - Gary P Jackson

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Sarah Palin, Advocacy, Quotes, and Narratives

2012 Election, America, Conservatives, Liberals, Obama, Sarah Palin, school, Teachers

Advocate - to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument, a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc. , a person who pleads for or in behalf of another; intercessor,  a person who pleads the cause of another in a court of law.

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Groups to Protest at Democratic Convention in NC

2012 Election, America, Democrats, DNC, Liberals, Protest

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High Featured Dems Support Paul Ryan's Budget

Paul Ryan, Bill Clinton, Economy, Budget, America, Democrats, Obama

Bill Clinton Says He Likes Paul Ryan's Budget When He Thinks He's in Private.

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Questions Liberals Didn't or Wouldn't Answer

2012 Election, America, Culture, Economy, Ideology, Mitt Romney, Liberals, MSM, MSNBC, National Politics, Obama, Photo ID, Private Sector, Public Sector Unions, Republicans, Taxes, Voter ID

Liberal friends and readers, as you read these questions think about the ones you did answer and the ones you didn’t.  I have asked these questions to most of you and at least one of you haven’t or won’t answer them.  Remember the non-answer answers don’t count and the yes or no questions are just that!

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2016 Obama's America

Movie, Obama, 2012 Election, Liberals, America

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More Money Doesn't Mean Better Schools

Money, school, School Board, Taxes, Students, Education, America

Scranton Democrat Mayor Chris Doherty - Public Workers Now Paid Minimum Wage

America, Culture, Taxes, Public Sector Unions

All employees Friday in the city of Scranton, Pa., have been paid much smaller than usual to the state´s minimum wage, $7.25 an hour.

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Affordable Health Care - Obamacare

America, Court, Debunked, GAO, Health, Money, ObamaCare, Supreme Court, Taxes

So, first I have to say my disappointment with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare.  With Chief Roberts changing his vote and changing the wording to saying it is a “TAX” brings in a new era of taxation and activism.

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Happy 2012 Independence Day!!!!

Cudahy, July 4th, Holiday, Parade, America, Family

This is the day of our Nation’s birth.  We are 236 years old today.

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This Memorial Day

Holiday, Military, soldiers, America, Thank You

We all need to take a moment and pause for all the brave men and women that have sacrificed for our freedom.  We owe them more than we could ever know.

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President Barack Hussein Obama of the Last Four Years - "I'm Not Gonna Make Any Excuses"

2012 Election, Economy, Obama, Oil, Jobs, America, Liberals, National Politics, Taxes

Religious affiliation in the U.S

America, Info, Religion

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Change and Adjustments

America, Conservatives, Cudahy, Democrats, Liberals, Obama, Republicans, Scott Walker, TEA party

Fellow blogger and friend Kevin Fech asked the question, “If the Packers Can Make Adjustments, Why Can't Government?

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Wanting and Wishing

America, Conservatives, MSM

I knew someone who once said they were a conservative.  They constantly would tell me that all they care about is the truth and being fair.

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Need a Firsthand Perspective That Democrats Are Socialist or a Communist?

Democrats, Liberals, Obama, America, Communism, Socialism


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We Do Need To Make an Adjustment Called a Change of Presidency

America, Obama, Debt

Obama Isn't Working: Labor

2012 Election, America, Liberals, Obama

50% Of People Think Obama Doesn't Deserve a Second Term.

2012 Election, America, Obama, Ideology, Poll

Does Obama deserve second term? One year out, half say no.

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Honoring Veterans Today

Holiday, Military, Thank You, America

Find it in your heart to pause and thank all the Veterans that have served America.

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Obama's Christmas Tree Tax!

America, Obama, Taxes

Yes, he calls it a Christmas Tree!

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Sure Sounds Like A Shift To the Left - Not!

America, Culture, Ideology

Fewer Americans describe themselves as Democrats

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OWS - If You Thought Acorn Was Gone Think Again!

America, OWS, Protest, ACORN

From Fox News

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OWS NYC Not 99% and It Doesn't Surprise Me

OWS, Protest, America

From AP:

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Such Nice People That They Want To Kill Sarah Palin

America, Liberals, Sarah Palin

Orlando Jones slammed for tweets calling on liberals to 'kill Sarah Palin'

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OWS Pics2

America, Liberals, Protest, OWS

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Understanding or Mixing it up?

America, Culture, Ronald Reagan, Retail Marketing Analysis, Lara Fritts, Wisconsin

Let’s take the term/phrase "Cherry Picking" or some use the older phrase of "Taking the pick of the Litter”.  It is a fallacy!

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Quote of the Week!

Liberals, Religion, America

Actress and social activist Susan Sarandon was reported to have called Pope Benedict a Nazi during a public discussion at a film festival in New York

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A Few Words from U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan

America, Conservatives, Economy, Republicans

Obama's economic experiment has failed – time to get back to what works

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Thinking About 9/11 Ten Years Later


I still remember what I was doing on that Tuesday, I was driving over the Hoan bridge when the tower went down.  It is an event I will never forget!

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Thank You Liberals Obama, Pelosi & Company on the Left

America, Democrats, Economy, Liberals, National Politics, Obama

S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating

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So Are the Unionistas Going To Protest?

Post Office, Protest, Public Sector Unions, America

So are we going to see nationally the Unionistas protesting? 

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Where Do You Fit In?

America, Religion

30 Percent of Americans Believe the Bible Is Literally True

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Whose Fault Is This?

America, Culture

Poll: 42 Percent of Americans Don’t Know When the US Declared Its Independence

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Observing Memorial Day

America, Holiday, soldiers

Today is a day to honor our falling soldiers who have died in our wars protecting America and keeping America free.  Take the time to fly an American flag in front of your home, to attend a Memorial Day observance (please see below), and call or visit a veteran you may know.

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Is This Really What America Has Become?

America, Jobs

From The Wall Street Journal

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Days NOT Weeks

America, Obama, World

Obama: U.S. Involvement in Libya Action Would Last 'Days, Not Weeks'

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I Am Not the Only One Who Thinks U.S. Is Going Wrong Way

America, Ideology

Americans see U.S. on wrong track: Reuters/Ipsos poll

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Guest Blog by Scott S. - The Bigger Questions to Ask

Obama, World, America, al-Qaida, Osama bin Laden

Bigger questions to ask on Osama and Obama:

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Look Who's Taking Away Collective Bargaining Privileges Now

America, Union


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The Rich & Taxes

Taxes, America

Do rich people really pay no taxes on their investment returns?

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Are You, Are We, And Is America Better Off Since Obama?

Liberals, America, Economy, Obama, Ronald Reagan, Ideology

Obama a Quantifiable Disaster by Gary Bauer

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Walker, Budget Repair & Public Sector Unions

America, Union, Wisconsin, Scott Walker

From the Chicago Tribune

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Republicans and Conservatives Take Notice Of The Rules!

America, Conservatives, Liberals, Ideology

Back in 1927, an American socialist, Norman Thomas, six-time candidate for President on the Socialist Party ticket, said that the American people would never vote for socialism but he said under the name of liberalism the American people would adopt every fragment of the socialist program!

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Again the Nation Isn't Moving Left

America, Ideology

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Detroit's Population Lowest Since 1910


“Eleven years ago, the city of Detroit lifted the residency requirement for police officers and today, 53 percent of officers live outside of the city.  If we want the tax base of Milwaukee to resemble the tax base of Detroit, this is the way to go." — Tom Barrett

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Top 20 Richest Americans & Which Political Party They Donated To!

America, Money

Rank Name Net Worth Age Residence Source

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Things Getting Out of Hand in America About Unions With Unions!

America, Union

Mayor slams union over St. Patrick's day photo

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The Country Is Really Turning Towards The Public Workers and Higher Taxes, Really?

Liberals, America, Ideology

Miami-Dade Voters Overwhelmingly Choose to Remove Mayor

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Do You Know What Is Going On In Maryland?

America, Union

So Maryland’s Democrat Governor Martin O'Malley wants the public sector union workers to pay more of their own pension and they said “NO” and protested!

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Two Movies You Should Netflix

Movie, school, America, Education

Both done by known liberals.

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Does the Rest of America Really Understand What's Going On in Wisconsin?


Think Wisconsin is alone in the Public Sector Battle?

America, Democrats, Wisconsin, Scott Walker, Protest, Public Sector Unions, PUP

Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Wisconsin please click on links and understand what is happening here isn’t new or just in Wisconsin.  I have highlighted a few things.

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Lefty Arizona Sheriff Dupnik Knew About Jared Loughner's Mental Instability Before Shooting

Crime, America, Guns, Liberals

Sheriff Dupnik Misfires

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Don't Think Some Libs Want To Transform America To Socialism

America, Liberals

Jay Weber

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