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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Equal Is Equal?

Culture, Same-Sex Marriage

Polygamous Montana trio applies for wedding license

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And So It Begins - Robot Kills Human


Robot kills man at Volkswagen plant in Germany

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Update on Summerfest Bottle Cap Rules

Summerfest, Summer

I still have NOT received any emails back from Summerfest (not that I think I will), however another visit to Summerfest still yielded “No you cannot keep your bottle cap” but since it was not going over so well with the “It is to prove you didn’t sneak it in” now they are saying “it is for your own safety”.

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Cudahy Coffee Shop In the Works On Packard Ave

CDA, Cudahy, Development

Judith Ebert of Cudahy would like to purchase and develop CDA-owned property at 4849 South Packard Avenue to put a Coffee Shop and put in an Interest to purchase with the CDA.

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Summerfest Bottle Cap Removal Rule

Summerfest, Summer

So this year when I went to Summerfest and bought some bottled waters there, the sales person told me, “Hey you need to open those waters now cause I need the bottle caps!”

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