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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

A One Year Review

Cudahy, Development, Common Council

Let’s take a look back at the last year of things happening in Cudahy.  Remember all of this is a team effort and this isn’t a complete list, just some of the things happening in Cudahy.

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Wispolitics' Press Release on Cudahy Alderman Justin Moralez's Announcement

2014 Election, Assembly District 20, Cudahy, Christine Sinicki, Justin Moralez

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You Can Opt-out of Common Core?

Common Core, school, Students, Teachers

13-year-old sent to principal’s office after informing students of Common Core opt-out rights

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Cudahy Ald. Justin Moralez's Wisconsin Assembly Candidacy Announcement

2014 Election, Cudahy, Assembly District 20, Justin Moralez

In case you were not able to be there in person here is Cudahy Alderman Justin Moralez candidacy announcement for running for Wisconsin Assembly District 20 Representative

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Cudahy Alderman Justin Moralez Is Running For Wisconsin Assembly District 20

2014 Election, Assembly District 20, Christine Sinicki, Justin Moralez

Yes Cudahy Alderman Justin Moralez is running as a Moderate Republican and I think he has a great chance in this district as it is more Democrat than Republican, however it isn’t a Liberal area since it is more fiscally conservative so he has more than a fair chance to beat Liberal Democrat Christine Sinicki.

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