Local Athlete Trains for Ironman Competition

Once again, there is lots of news to report this week.

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Running a Half-Marathon in Local County Parks

On Saturday, April 12, I ran in the Badgerland Striders South Shore Half-Marathon. My son, Chris, came home from college for the weekend and we ran together (at least for the first nine miles).

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Better Government Services ... Without Raising Property Taxes

I recently spoke with Joe Fahey. Joe is a Cudahy resident and statewide organizer with the "Institute for Wisconsin's Future" (IWF), a non-profit group that does state and local tax research. Joe asks the question, "How can we have safe streets, good schools, smooth roads, well-maintained parks and help for the elderly .... without raising property taxes?"

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Body Worlds Exhibit at Milwaukee Public Museum

I recently attended the "Body Worlds" exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum. When I first heard about this exhibit I thought it was strange, creepy and kind of offensive. The idea of using human bodies as works of art struck me as a little odd.

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Patrick Cudahy Park Friends to Meet March 17

Once again, there is lots of news to report this week. A lot of people are stepping up to the plate to clean and preserve our parks, while others are preparing for athletic events in our local Milwaukee County Parks.

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