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Family-Friendly New Year's Eve at Mitchell Park Domes

The Garlic Mustard Pickers will be performing at two locations on New Year's Eve!
First, celebrate Ireland's New Year! (When it's 6 pm in Milwaukee it's 12 midnight in Dublin.) The location is O'Lydia's Pub at 338 S. 1st St in Milwaukee (roughly a half-mile north of the Allen Bradley plant). The band will perform from 5-6:30 pm.
O'Lydia's has a fine menu of Irish-style pub food including a broad line of sandwhiches and a great Shepherd's Pie. This pub was built by "Old-Man Pabst" in the late 1800's and has an interesting history (see link below).

At 6:31 pm the band packs up and makes a quick drive 2.5 miles to the west. After a check on the hammered dulcimer (which can require up to 120 separate tuning peg adjustments), the band starts their second gig at the Mitchell Park Domes!

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J/S Article Promotes Drug Abuse to Relieve Anxiety, Discomfort

According to an article in the Dec. 13 Journal Sentinel cue section it is ok to start taking mind-altering drugs again. ( "Turn On, Tune In and Get Better?", by Melissa Healy of the Los Angeles Times.) I have never used these drugs (and never will) but I felt compelled to set the record straight. These drugs are extremely dangerous and have no medical value. Rather than offering legitimacy to their use, the Journal Sentinel should be warning the public about how dangerous these drugs are.

The tone of this article suggests that hallucinogens are not realy that dangerous and can have real benefits. The author states, "... magic mushrooms, LSD, ecstasy and ketamine are being studied for legitimate therapeutic uses. Scientists believe these agents have the potential to help patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, drug or alcohol addiction, unremitting pain or depression and the existential anxiety of terminal illness. ... these drugs may help the psychologically wounded tune in to their darkest feelings and memories and turn therapy sessions into heightened opportunites to learn and heal."

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