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Festa Italiana Run to Fund Spinal Cord Injury Research

What a busy summer it has been so far! In June I attended the excellent Civil War Reenactment in Warnimont Park. I always attend this event and enjoy it. I had my palm read by a trained fortune teller and she was surprisingly accurate. She predicted that I had a head or brain injury. Amazingly, I injured my head in a bicycle accident many years ago, and even more amazing, I had cut the top of my head while working in my wood shop a few days earlier. I am completely puzzled as to how she was able to make this discovery simply by reading the lines in my palm. I was wearing a hat at the time which would have prevented her from seeing the top of my head. Maybe it was just a lucky guess.

In other news, I did the "Ride with Pat" ride in Sheridan and Grant Parks. This ride was organized by our County Supervisor Pat Jursik. About 30 people participated in this ride. It was perfect weather (we were able to sneak the ride in between thunderstorms). 

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Sweet Apple-Wood Festival on Aug. 1, 2, 3

July has been an exciting month and there is even more fun planned for August.

Don't forget to mark your calendar for the Cudahy Lions Sweet Apple-Wood Festival on Aug. 1st, 2nd and 3rd. This event is always fun and I enjoy it every year. There is great food and entertainment and a great way to get out and meet some of your neighbors. I will be attending this event in addition to working as a volunteer. This event is held in Patrick Cudahy Park. What a great use of one of our beautiful, priceless County Parks!

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