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Running Club to Host Half-Marathon in Local Parks

The Badgerland Striders will once again be hosting the annual South Shore Half-Marathon on Saturday, April 12th. This race starts in South Shore Park in Bay View. Starting out in South Shore Park, runners run south through Bay View Park, past the condos in St. Francis, then through Sheridan, Warnimont and Grant Parks. At the mid-way point in Grant Park, the course reverses direction and the runners follow the same path north to the finish line at the South Shore Park pavilion.

The entire course makes use of the Oak Leaf Trail. I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to participate in these events and for our beautiful Park System. The Oak Leaf Trail is priceless and this race could not be held without it. (Well, I guess it could, but it wouldn't be the same). The Oak Leaf Trail allows this race to be run with minimal interaction with traffic. It is a wonderful experience to run this course, which is almost entirely within Milwaukee County Parks and has spectacular views of Lake Michigan.

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Patrick Cudahy Park Friends to Meet March 17

Once again, there is lots of news to report this week. A lot of people are stepping up to the plate to clean and preserve our parks, while others are preparing for athletic events in our local Milwaukee County Parks.

First, the Patrick Cudahy Park Friends will be meeting on Monday, March 17th, at 6:30 pm at the Cudahy Family Library. The public is invited to attend! Why not mark your calendar for this night. Invite your neighbors, friends, co-workers or classmates. This would also be a great opportunity for National Honor Society Students, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or any other groups who need to log service hours for their respective organizations. For Boy Scouts, this could satisfy a requirement for "Citizenship in the Community" merit badge and also could provide an opportunity for service hours. The group is meeting to gather ideas for future activities and will feature a guest speaker. For more info, contact TIna Dondajeski at (414) 881-8494.

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Body Worlds Exhibit at Milwaukee Public Museum

I recently attended the "Body Worlds" exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum. When I first heard about this exhibit I thought it was strange, creepy and kind of offensive. The idea of using human bodies as works of art struck me as a little odd.

 After seeing it, however, I was deeply moved by this amazing and striking exhibit. In my mind it was more educational than artistic. Although some people could view these displays as works of art I saw it more as an educational exhibit based on the scientific study of anatomy.

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Better Government Services ... Without Raising Property Taxes

I recently spoke with Joe Fahey. Joe is a Cudahy resident and statewide organizer with the "Institute for Wisconsin's Future" (IWF), a non-profit group that does state and local tax research. Joe asks the question, "How can we have safe streets, good schools, smooth roads, well-maintained parks and help for the elderly .... without raising property taxes?"

The answer, according to Joe, is to make corporations pay their fair share of tax. Communities all over the state are coming together to work for a tax system that is fair and adequate. Joe will be a guest speaker at the Cudahy Family Library on Wednesday, April 16th, from 6 to 7:30 pm. The public is invited to attend this meeting and presentation.

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