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Why Not

I am a husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend. I believe in sharing my talents and experiences by giving back to the community by giving my time to coaching, church and especially to the disability community. I truly believe that all men and women are created equally.

An Autistic Mind

 There are many times when I sit and wonder what is going on in Tyler's mind.  I get the feeling that he is more frustrated then I am when it comes to expressing himself.  I can sense that frustration and wish there was something that I could do about it.

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Cudahy Open House

From the City of Cudahy Website:

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State Capitol

For those who are looking for a quick and inexpensive day trip, why not consider a drive to our Stae Capitol in Madison.

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Freedom of Speech?

Where is the line drawn when it comes to Freedom of Speech?

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Public Input Thoughts

On Wednesday, I helped to facilitate Public Input in relation to the next State Plan for BPDD.  Here are some of the thoughts that came out of that meeting. As we travel the State, I am sure that we will find new issues for people that are not an issue in the Milwaukee area.

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