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Why Not

I am a husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend. I believe in sharing my talents and experiences by giving back to the community by giving my time to coaching, church and especially to the disability community. I truly believe that all men and women are created equally.

Educating the Politians

Our elected officials will see all citizens as valued individuals. Policy-makers need to understand the issues facing their constituents. 

We need our elected officials to regain the trust of the people. For too long now, many politicians have put their own best interests before the best interest of the people they were elected to represent. These elected officials must remember that it is the citizens who pay taxes which in turn are used to pay their salaries.

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Happy Easter

I hope that everyone has a Blessed and Happy Easter

Kohl's Site

Over the weekend, I heard a rumor from a couple of different people that there is interest in the old Kohl's site again. The consensus was that the City was interested in purchasing the land at the discounted rate. My question is, if the City is interested in purchasing the land, who is going to be responsible for the clean up?  There is a strong thought that the land that once was home to a gas station still has a tank underground.  If in fact that there is a gas tank underground and the City is in fact going to do the clean up of the land, are they going to do a complete job and remove the gas tank? 

If the City does buy the land and does a proper clean up, what is the cost? Numbers mentioned were between $3.5 to $4 million dollars.  If the City does cover all of these costs, what is the City going to sell the property for? As was pointed out at the Neighborhood Watch meeting last week with most of the candidates present, we can not sell property for $1, like the IcePort property.  Anybody interested in the property must show that they are commited to the project by investing a significant amount of money.  I am all for helping  somebody committed to a project, but without  a strong commitment from the purchaser, I would have a difficult time time just giving away any property.

Election Day

Tuesday is Election Day.  All of the candidates have made all of their pitches as to why they are the best candidate for the job.  By now, most people would have made up their mind as to who to vote for.

While I did not advance from the primary, which was my own fault for not dedicating myself more to the going door to door,  I still worked 45-50 hours per week at my regular job  to ensure that my family was taken care of.  In talking to many of the residents of Cudahy, they believed in my message, but I did  not do enough to get my message out earlier. If there is a next time, I will have learned from this experience.

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Back to some of the responsablities of the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities

Youth with disabilities will go from high school to fulfilling, adult lives in the community. They will live and work where they choose and participate in activities of their choice.   Youth with disabilities will make and express informed choices about their futures and they will develop the skills they need to meet their goals.

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Transition 2

I can only speak for our experiences of transition. As I have thought back, they have been, for the most part, positive experiences. Our transition was from the Birth to 3 Program at Curative and into the Cudahy School System. I feel that we have been able to work well with the school district in obtaining what is best for my son Tyler. Both Jim Heiden and Dennis Banach, as well as the rest of the IEP team, have always seemed to have Tyler’s best interest in mind. The transition is an ongoing process

While we ask for much more then we expect to get, there are open minds when it comes to Tyler’s education. There have been years when it looked like we really did not get anything; I think that we begin to build for the future in those years. It took a couple of years to get Music Therapy, but then the district hired a certified music therapist. We have asked for adaptive art, it took a year or so to get that implemented, but we now have it and it seems to be working well.

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2010 National Night Out Guest Blog

I was asked to post this by Officer Robert Jachowicz

Good morning,
My name is Officer Robert Jachowicz with the Cudahy Police Department.   I am excited and energized to announce I will be the “Point Man” for the coordination of the 2010 National Night Out for the City of Cudahy.   This year’s event will be held on Thursday, August 5th. 
I am looking for help in the coordination of this Community Event.   I would like to hold an organizational meeting for those interested in making the 2010 National Night Out for the City of Cudahy a great success!    This meeting would be held on Monday, April 26th in the evening.
Please send me an E-Mail with any questions you may have about this event and your interest in attending the organizational meeting.
Thank you for your interest in the 2010 National Night Out for the City of Cudahy.
Officer Robert Jachowicz
Cudahy Police Department
5050 S. Lake Dr.
Cudahy, WI. 53110
Phone number 1-(414) 769-2260 X-630
E-Mail Address


This past weekend was met with the same issue at 2 different venues.

We attended our first Brewer game of the season on Friday night.  We had an enjoyable experience until we decided that it was time to go.  I took one of my sons to the rest room, my wife an 2 other kids waitied outside.  My wife noticed a young man who appeared to have had a few too many, he was talking with a couple of girls and he was dropping F bombs left and right.  An Event Services gentleman asked the young man to watch his language.  The young did stop for a minute or so, but as soon as the Event Services turned around , the young man went back to dropping F bombs.  The Event Services turned around again to talk to the young man, this time with a Miller Park employee. I came out of the rest room and we left before seeing the outcome.

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Cudahy Parks

As the weather begins to get warmer I have begun to think about all of the parks in the City of Cudahy.  During the last election, a lot of people mentioned that the parks are one of the great assets for the City.  I could not agree more.  I have spent a lot of time the last 3 or 4 years in the parks with my family, through baseball, softball and general recreation.

My thoughts on the parks are probably not the direction most people would take.  I am concerned as to who will be responsible for the general upkeep of the parks.  It wasn't until the last 5 or 6 years did I realize that each of the parks in Cudahy are Milwaukee County parks, not City parks.  With the continued cutbacks on the park system, how are we going to maintain the park system?

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Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Please plan on attending the First Annual Lincoln PTA Wine Tasting event this Friday, April 16 at           City Lounge. The event runs from 6:00 until 8:00. The cost is $10 and you can pay at the door. There are a limited number of commemorative wine glasses available. These glasses go to the first 100 people who have paid. To date, we have over 75 prepaid guests.

We will be sampling 6 different wines. 

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The last 24 hours has brought out some of the best in people and why I believe that Cudahy is very close to turning things around and becoming that community where everybody takes pride in telling people where they are from.  We do not need a tragic event to bring the citizens together.  We just need people to believe that all things together make this a community.  All things added together make the whole.  No effort is too small.  It probably takes more small efforts to make something successful then a larger one. 

Friday night, the Lincoln PTA hosted their first Wine Tasting event at City Lounge.  A thank you needs to go out to Joe and all of his employees for making this run smoothly. Anybody that has ever worked on putting together an event like this knows that something always comes up.  No matter what we needed, City Lounge was there to help us out.  This is a Cudahy business, giving back to the community.

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Pet Peeves

Something that has always been a pet peeve of mine, but now that I drive to Mwenomonee Falls every day and the weather is getting warmer, I see it more often.

Why do smokers think it is OK to roll down their windows and flick their butts out the window?


I was recently asked if I could change anything about being a father, would I do it. I am sure the person was asking if I could change my son’s diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism, would I. I was able to quickly and confidently answer No I would not change a thing.

Tyler is my oldest son. He is one of my three kids; Madisyn and Spencer are the other two. Tyler is not my son with Down syndrome and autism, he is my son.   Tyler is treated just like the other two kids. He has begun doing some chores, like taking the garbage out. Tyler has games he likes to play. Tyler laughs, cries and plays just like everybody else. Tyler also gets punished like the other two kids. I do not cut him slack, he knows when he wants slack he goes to see his mom.

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Parenting - The Mother

I was recently asked about my wife’s participation in the parenting process. I have asked her to write a guest blog, but I have decided to put my two cents in first since this is my blog.

Angie is a great mother and wife. She is the one who finds the necessary resources for our son Tyler. Through our involvement with the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin (DSAW)   Angie has been able to be on top of the educational things that Tyler requires. Angie was able to get Tyler in the Birth to 3 Program at Curative in Cudahy. Angie was prepared for the transition from Birth to 3 to early education at JE Jones. Angie was prepared for the IEP (Individual Education Program) process each year. For those who want more information on IEP’s please see:

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American Students

While finishing up helping my son on part of a school project the other night, I sat down and watched a few minutes of American Idol, Idol Gives Back (I am not a regular viewer of the show), a statement was made about American Students falling behind other industrialized nations when it comes to math and science. This reminded me that I have been hearing this same statement for many years now.

When are we going to begin to catch up?  Enough is enough already.

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Beauty and The Beast

Our family attended a weekend performance of Beauty and the Beast put on by Cudahy High School.  The entire family enjoyed the performance.  Great job by all who put in the time and the effort to make this a great production.  We look forward to the next production

National Night Out

Last night we had our first organizational meeting for Cudahy's National Night Out.

This years event is going to be held on Thursday August 5.

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Supervisor Jursik and the Parks

I had an enjoyable meeting with Supervisor Jursik in regards to concerns about the parks in Cudahy.  I have shared this information with Mayor Day.

Here are her responses to some of my questions.

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While watching some NHL Playoff hockey, especially Blackhawks games, a team I grew up listening to on the radio, remonded me of what I consider the greatest act of sportsmanship and tradition.

At the conclusion of each series, both teams line up and shake hands, much like our kids do after the baseball and softball games.  I consider hockey to be one of the most physically demanding sports, The phyisicality of this sport leads to many violent collisions. 

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