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The Critical Thinker

My name is Kristan T. Harris. I have run for political office and have worked a political grass roots campaign for Ron Paul. I was nominated and elected to the GOP platform committee in 2012. I am a huge advocate for liberty and freedom.I am a libertarian at heart. I am also a news junkie and love a good mystery.

Police to Receive X-Ray Glasses, Identify Suspects Through Walls

x-ray, glasses, police, reveive, the, rundown, live, golden-i, goldeni, google glasses, Kopin Corporation


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United States Trained and Armed ISIS in Jordan to Fight Against Assad Last Year

john mccain, fox ISIS, untied state, trained, jordan, isis. equip, arm, train, Iraq


Special note: the above Fox News video, from 2013, references the existence of a US-led training program in Jordan aimed at strengthening the Syrian opposition (ISIS) against Assad, which we  equipped ISIS fighters with the tactics they are currently using against the US-trained Iraqi Army.

Mary Burke Has No Position on Controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership

mary, burke, wisconsin, governer, the, rundown, live, democrat, TPP, Trans-pacific, partnership, trans, pacific, kristan harris, ron, wyden, electronic frontier foundation, maria sutton


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Bill Cooper Predicted 9/11 in June of 2001, Killed Shortly After

bill cooper, william cooper, milton william cooper, hour oof the time, predicts, 9/11, 911 june, 2001, kristan, harris

List of Military Equipment Used by Local Police from the 1033 Program

1033 program, military equipmen, wisconsin, stingray, mrap, bearcat,


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