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Ms. Elaine Kneeous

Jennifer is a one in a million stay-at-home mom. (More like one OF a million stay at home moms!) She graduated from a liberal arts college but there is nothing liberal OR artsy about her. She is married to Kevin Fischer of This Just In, and together they have a beautiful young daughter Kyla Audrey. In no particular order she loves dogs, wine, a good bargain, her family, pizza, and entertaining. Follow her blog of all things miscellaneous including but not limited to cooking and baking, entertaining and party planning, being a mommy, and homekeeping.

Culinary yes-yes #55

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"Relevant and optimistic"

I am a staunch supporter of Governor Walker and his family. I love catching up on the worthwhile efforts of Tonette on Facebook. And I’m always interested in how Governor Walker frames issues.

On CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday, Walker had a great message:

“I talk about the difference between Republicans in Washington and Republicans in the states. And one of the key differences is we talk about things that are relevant and optimistic. We talk about fixing schools, balancing budgets, getting the economy going again. We don't talk about sequesters and fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings.”

In case you missed it, here’s the entire interview…

OK, fellow shop till you droppers, you're gonna love this

The head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos wants to revolutionize shopping. Bezos was interviewed on CBS’ 60 MINUTES Sunday.

It’s a fascinating piece, but the really cool stuff that has the Internet all abuzz today is about 11:00 in.

NewsBusted - 12/03/13

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Hey, Jennifer! Aren't you baking any more?

Yes, I am most definitely baking again this year.  As with my other Christmas preparations, I’m just running a bit late.  The first installment of the Twelve Cookies of Christmas will be posted later this evening.  So please stay tuned, and get that oven pre-heated!

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My husband isn't the only one who gets e-mails: For wine lovers