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Turn Your Cell Phone into a Portable Scanner

This is such a useful web site -  So many times I have been at work doing the following simultaneously:

  • looking at a white board covered with notes or diagrams
  • attempting to quickly and neatly rewrite everything into my notebook
  • swearing

Qipit is a web site that allows you to take a digital picture of white board information, notes, letters, instructions, brochures, and anything similar and send it to the site, which then converts the image to a PDF. 

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Help One of Our Cudahy Schools Win $20,000!

Here's a chance for one of our Cudahy schools to win 20,000!  It just takes a couple minutes. and launched an America’s Favorite School contest to recognize and reward schools that go the extra mile to help our children succeed.  You can only enter once.  But at the end of this eight week contest (November 8), the school with the most votes wins $20,000. 

Cudahy High School - Vote

Cudahy Middle School School - Vote 

Lincoln - Vote

Park View - Vote

Kosciuszko - Vote

General Mitchell - Vote

J.E. Jones - Vote

Nativity of the Lord - Vote

St. Pauls - Vote

To find another school, go to this site:

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Ending the Wait of Customer Service Phone Calls

A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to change my ATT Wireless service plan.  So I called them after I got home from work.  As I waited and waited for an operator to answer the phone, the following things happened:

  • Our giant inflateable pumpkin collapsed in our front yard, causing my husband to run out the door.
  • My cell phone rang, causing me to stare at my ringing cell phone in frustration.
  • My kids suddenly saw each other - not as boys - but as superhero and villain - ready and willing to take each other down - causing my youngest son to grab a bungee chord, swing it over his head, and yell "Indiana Jones!"

So after 20 minutes of waiting and witnessing insanity unfold in my house, I had to grudgingly hang up the phone to deal with these issues.

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