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The Stop Drinking So Much Milwaukee Campaign

I was recently talking to my niece - a college student at UWM. 

She told me a troubling story about a recent night out she had with some new friends she met at school.  The group of friends, including my niece, made plans to go to an East Side club on a Friday night.  They agreed to meet in a designated spot near UWM and then carpool to the club in the area.

At the club, they all had fun.

They danced.  They drank.  They met up with more friends.  They danced more.  It was a great night ... up until it was time to leave.  When the club closed, the driver in the group drove everyone to their cars and then went home. 

My niece, still tipsy, stood and waved goodbye as her friends left her standing next to her car - alone.

No one asked her if she was sober enough to drive. 

No one seemed concerned about their own or her condition. 

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iSchool Initiative

Here is a great video.  Could this be the high schools in our future?   I believe it could be.

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Kids - July 3 - Bring Your Bikes to South Shore Cyclery for Free Decorations

This is very cool.  On July 3 from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, the South Shore Cyclery will provide free July 4th decorations to any kids who bring their bike(s) into the shop.  The South Shore Cyclery is on 4758 South Packard Ave.

What is the 4th of July without decorated bikes for the kids?

Also, below is a list of events for Cudahy's 4th of July Celebration.  It will be a lot of fun.  I will be there - attempting to keep up with Lincoln school kids in the parade - and hoping that I can make it to the fireworks without first taking a nap in Sheridan Park. 

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