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Cudahy Facebook Pages and Groups

If you use Facebook, a great way to keep up with current news in Cudahy is to "Like" Facebook pages and to join Facebook groups.  This is also a great way to support local businesses and community organizations.  

Here is my list of all of the Cudahy Facebook pages and groups that I know of.  If I missed any, please let me know or add a comment. I alway love to hear about new local Facebook pages.  

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Cudahy School Board Forum Video Recording

 Here is a video of the Cudahy School Board Forum that was held on 2/11/14.

Before you watch the videos below, keep the following things in mind:
  • The person videotaping the event is an amateur (ME). 
  • The video was recorded by my new very cool camera, which specializes in taking pictures not recording videos. 
  • The video recording feature of my camera turns off every 16 minutes! This is why there are six parts.
  • If you listen closely, you will hear me whisper and mumble.
  • Most important, the content of the recordings are very informative.  Even if you choose not to watch all six parts of the video (about 90 minutes), it is still very informative.
As I've said in previous blog posts, it is all too easy to either not vote (especially in primary elections) or to vote based off of a neighbor's suggestion, a sign we see on a street corner, or on a familiar sounding name. 
If we want our city to keep moving forward, it is essential that our community makes an informed vote.  Our primary election for school board is on Tuesday, February 18.  

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