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Why Not

I am a husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend. I believe in sharing my talents and experiences by giving back to the community by giving my time to coaching, church and especially to the disability community. I truly believe that all men and women are created equally.

Happy New Year

The Fech family would like to wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous 2011.

Community Supports

As I posted last week, my family and I helped serve dinner at Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church.  In talking with Bev Tryba, from Nativity of The Lord and GIFTS, she said that Mayor Day had been in contact with her on a couple of occasions.  Per Bev they needed to come up with a date to sit down.

This morning, I sent Mayor Day an email asking for an update from him on this issue.  I was answered promptly that he was going to be in contact with Bev this week to try and set up a meeting to come to a solution.  Per Mayor Day, Supervisor Jursik wants to be involved as well, she has some people from County Services to be a part of the talks.

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Being the parent of a son with autism, we are inundated with information.  It is our responsibilty as parents to make the final decision as to what is right for our son.  On more than one occasion, we have had to decide on immunization for him.  Fortunately for us, we never belived that immunizations caused autism.  We do believe in spreading out immunizations as opposed to giving more than one per day.

For those who are not sure what I am talking about, British doctors have proven that a study linking some immunizations to autism was a fraud.

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Cudahy Municipal Court


January 11, 2011

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Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day

As I was reading various Dr Martin Luther King speechs, it is amazing that most, if not all are still relevant today. I will never know the struggles of African Americans during the Civil Rights movement other than what I have read and stories my dad has shared with me of his spring training days during a brief stint in the minor leagues. and busing from Florida to Iowa.

Being an advocate for my son, for those new readers he has a duel diagnosis of Down syndrome and Autsim and is non-verbal, I can see Dr King speaking out against  discrimination against those with disabilities.  Hearing stories from self advocates and their struggles, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.  While there is no violance againt those with disabilities that I am aware of, there are many roads that are still closed. 

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Future Dreams Partner

One of my early blogs talked about a dream that my wife and I have for individuals with developmental disabilities.  We look to highlight their abilities, not their disabilities.

This dream included having all doctor, dentist and therapy offices in one location.  We wanted to teach the arts, theater, ballet, music (from classical to rap and everything in between).  We wanted to have room for life skills classes (finance, computers, cooking).  We wanted to have a banquet facility to teach everything about the food industry, from cooking to prep work, From dish washing to serving the tables.  50% of the work force would have a disability.

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Lose the Training Wheels is coming to Cudahy

I am excited to annouce that Lose the Training Wheels (  is coming to Cudahy High School June 27-July 1. The camp is co-spnsored by The Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin ( and the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin (  The camp is designed to teach kids with a disability to ride a bike from training wheels to 2 wheels in 1 weeks time.  The camp has an 80% success rate, I know it works because my son Tyler has successfully gone through the camp.

I want to to thank Superintendent Jim Heiden and Jim Papala from the administration office.  I need to especially thank Principal Chris Haeger and Athletic Director Wayne Meyer for working with us when we needed to look for an alternate date.  Finally a big thank you to the entire School Board for giving their unanimous support for the camp.

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Last week, I attended my bi-monthly meeting for the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (  I was especially looking forward to this meeting for two reasons.

First, it was my first opportunity to meet our new Executive Director, Beth Swedeen.  While I was the Chair of the search committee, I was not part of the interview team.  I was part of the team that rated exams which in turn led to the opportunity for candidates to obtain interviews.

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Cudahy School Board

Although I filed the papers earlier this month, I would like to formally announce that I am running for the Cudahy School Board.

As I wrote earlier this week, I believe in diversity.  When I looked at the our current School Board, I noticed that none of the current members have kids currently in the Cudahy schools.  Next year, I will have 2 kids in the Middle School and 1 still at Lincoln. I believe that all of the Board members have done a good job of supporting the students, I just feel that maybe adding a parent could add a different perspective in these challenging times for education.

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Cudahy St Francis Little Baseball Association Sign ups

Open to boys ages 5-12 and girls ages 5-14 (Note: girls that played last season in the league as a 14 year old are grandfathered and can play in the 2011 season as a 15 year old).

There are no residency requirements.

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Cudahy Middle School

As I mentioned this week, I want to keep people informed as to what is going on in the School District.

There is a lot of talk about 6th graders moving to the Middle School.  At last weeks School Board meeting, the topic was on the agenda.  A presentation was made showing the pros and the cons of the plan.  The Board was very adamant that they will not move forward until every detail has been worked out. Nor will they rush to any decision.  The Board did say that more information would be needed before a decision can be made.  I believe that an update will be happening at a March meeting.

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Court Backlog Update

For those who could not attend this months Neighborhood Crime Watch meeting, Judge Dobogai presented the following report. Judge Dobogai did say that through tax intercepts, over $14,000 has come in over the last couple of weeks.

John E Dobogai III

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