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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Doing Right By Whom?

Cudahy, Taxes, Alderperson

While being an elected person, an alderman in this case, you have to constantly remind yourself “Who do you work for” - The taxpayers, the residents, and NOT the City.  I don’t work for the Mayor, the DPW or any of the City workers.


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Oath of Office

Cudahy, Alderman, Alderperson

I, (state your name), having been elected to the office of City of Cudahy (elected position), in and for the City of Cudahy, in said County, do solemnly swear that I will support the constitution of the United States, the constitution of the State of Wisconsin, and the Codes of the City of Cudahy and will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of (elected position) to the best of my ability.


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Cudahy District 3 Constituents’ Thoughts

Cudahy, Cudahy District 3, Alderman

Some Cudahy District 3 Constituents’ Thoughts on “Doing Right By Whom?


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Milwaukee Area K-Marts Closing

K-Mart, retail, Retail

One of my manager friends contacted me to know that the Hales Corners and 27th Street Greenfield K-Marts are closing.


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From the Cudahy Health Department

Cudahy, Health, Safety, Weather

Life Threatening Cold Air to Grip Wisconsin 1/4/14 to 1/7/14-


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Updated - Cudahy Recycling Pickup 1 Day Later


Recycling in the City of Cudahy will be one day behind during the week of January 6th.  Due to the inclement weather, as of now, recycling will be collected one day than your normal pick up date.  If this changes, we will let our residents know immediately.


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MJS Talking About K-Marts Closing

K-Mart, MJS, retail, Retail

Sears Holdings Corp. to close 3 more Kmart stores in Wisconsin, eliminate over 300 jobs


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Political Grandstanding

Paul Ryan, PUP, Public Sector Unions, Liberals

A Racine teacher who was given a congressional award refuses to accept it from US Rep. Paul Ryan because he doesn't like Ryan's politics.


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Cudahy Common Council Meeting 01.07.14

Cudahy, Common Council, Video

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Marijuana Overdoses Kills 37 - Wait I Keep Hearing This Cannot Happen

Drugs, Health, Marijuana

Many people who think it should be legalized in Wisconsin have told me this is impossible to do!


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Overdosing on Marijuana

Detractors, Drugs, Marijuana


The Art of War - To defeat your enemy you must pretend inferiority and encourage your enemy's arrogance

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Legalizing Pot - Drug Lords Will Find New Avenues

Drugs, Crime, Mexican, Marijuana

Legalizing Pot Makes Mexican Cartels Even More Dangerous


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Buying Pot With Food Stamps?

Drugs, Marijuana

Colorado Republicans Trying To Make It Harder To Buy Pot With Food Stamps


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A Word From Cudahy Alderman Justin Moralez

Alderman, Justin Moralez, Randy Hollenbeck

Thanks to Ald. Hollenbeck, you should now be able to view all the excitement of Cudahy Common Council meetings from here on out.  Watch for these to be integrated into the city's website and overall quality to improve as we move forward.  A more transparent Government is something we can all get behind...

Smoking Pot Has No Lasting Effects Right?

Drugs, Marijuana

Daily pot tied to age of first psychotic episode


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An Email From a Pot Smoker

Drugs, Email, Marijuana

This is the email I received today untouched.


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Helping Write a Bill Happens Even If We Don't Like It!


Powerful public sector union SEIU helps Wisconsin county lawmaker write wage hike bill


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Obama and Hillary Clinton Played Politics Over the Iraqi Troop Surge

Hillary Clinton, Obama, Military, Iraq

Hillary Clinton and Obama admitted they opposed Iraq troop surge only to look good politically, claims former defense secretary Robert Gates in damning new book


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Felons Register as What?

Nearly Three-fourths of Felons Register as Democrats


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Never Going to Make Them Happy - The Haters, the Distractors, and the Detractors

Detractors, Facebook

WARNING: There is sarcasm and subtly implied criticism ahead.  If you cannot handle that, this probably is not the post for you.


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2013 Cudahy Review and 2014 Cudahy Plans

Cudahy, Development, John Hohenfeldt, Mayor

By Cudahy Mayor John R. Hohenfeldt


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Obama Thinks You Don't Deserve To Be Free or Have Rights

Obama, Freedom

Obama To Americans: You Don't Deserve To Be Free


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K-Marts Closing Timelines

K-Mart, retail

2002 K-Mart closed Grafton, Beloit, Fond du Lac, Madison, Hudson, Marshfield, Monona and Wausau.


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Obamacare and Unemployment Aid

ObamaCare, Unemployment

How Obamacare helped kill unemployment aid


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J.C. Penney Is Closing 33 Stores



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Let's Step Through the Premise and Logic

Drugs, Logic, Marijuana

Okay, first let’s review which brought the statements below.


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Our State Representative

Christine Sinicki, Scott Walker, Zachary Wisniewski

Democrat Representative Christine Sinicki’s public comment at  Gov Walker's State of the State speech.  Classy!!!!!  So Professional!!!!


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Special Common Council Meeting 01.21.14

Common Council, Cudahy, Video

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Great Super Bowl Snack Treat

Food, Recipe

Ranch Chex Snack Mix


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Zachary Wisniewski and His Blogging Blue Feeling the Liberal Love!

Liberals, Zachary Wisniewski

So one of Conservative friends calls me up and starts asking me questions about Zach.  I thought the questions were odd given this friend lives in Kenosha.


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Marijuana Pet Poisoning on the Rise

Marijuana, pets

This is your dog on drugs: Marijuana poisoning on the rise in pets


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Today My Son Ryan Dean Would Have Been 9 Years Old


Years ago I thought with each passing year it would get easier, but it doesn’t!


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An Update On My Hand

Randy Hollenbeck, Life

So last Monday I was supposed to have the two pins taken out of my finger.  The doctor took the x-rays, looked at them and said, “Today is the day!  They are coming out!”


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Shhhh...I Will Let You In on a Secret


So you may have noticed over the years and a good example was just the other day with my post titled “Never Going to Make Them Happy - The Haters, the Distractors, and the Detractors” that when I directly point out the Haters, Distractors and Detractors in how they act especially in the comments section they are silent with only silence and desolation surrounded.


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Why is this cold snap being called the Arctic Blast or Polar Plunge, but not Polar Vortex?

Global Warming, Weather, Climate Change, Science

Why is this cold snap being called the Arctic Blast or Polar Plunge, but not Polar Vortex?


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Cudahy Road Salt Situation

Cudahy, DPW, Roads

TO:                 Common Council, Board of Public Works

FROM:           Mary Jo Lange, Director of Public Works

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8 Reasons Great Leaders Let People Fail

Culture, Jobs, Motivation

I received this the first day I started at my current employment.


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Guacamole For Super Bowl

Recipe, Food



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Obamacare is a Tax!

ObamaCare, Taxes, Supreme Court

Here it is!  Right here in the United States Code, Title 42, Chapter 157, subchapter VI, paragraph 18115:


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Democratic Governor Candidate Mary Burke's Diss of President Obama Makes National News.

Mary Burke, Obama, Scott Walker

Obama meets with Walker; Democratic candidate absent


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Awesome Sloppy Joes Bar-B-Ques

Food, Recipe



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More Chris Sinicki News...

Christine Sinicki

Rep. Sinicki Collected Per Diem Payments on Suspended License


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A Word From Cudahy Mayor Hohenfeldt About City Road Salt

Cudahy, John Hohenfeldt, DPW

This communication is to update residents regarding the amount of road salt the City of Cudahy currently has available, as misinformation is spreading throughout our community.  Contrary to what you have heard, the City of Cudahy is NOT out of salt.  However, the pile is dwindling as it is for other county and local agencies.  As a matter of fact, due to proper calibration of equipment and other techniques used by the men and women of our Department of Public Works, we are in better shape than most communities.

The city contracts in May of each year for our salt purchases.  This purchase is based on budget and past consumption over a 10-year period as well as looking at projections for the upcoming winter.  The city contracts for around 2,000 tons of salt per winter season.  The City has a storage facility which handles about 500 tons.  During a typical winter, the City utilizes around 1,500 to 1,600 tons of salt.  We take delivery of our remaining salt supply by April 15th to avoid a hefty monthly storage fee.

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Bacon Roll-Ups

Food, Recipe



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