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New Kid's View

Family lured Jerrianne and her husband to South Milwaukee in 2002 from Southern California where she worked as, first, a journalist, then, as a court information officer. She now stays busy with media-relations consulting, playing with her three grandchildren (part of the lure), writing, discovering her new environs, and hoping her garden will produce before the first fall frost.

A term limits question

term limits, Feingold, spending, deficit, government

A friend sent me an email the other day advocating term limits for Congressional representatives. This is my reply.

Term limits might be a good idea in some circumstances, particularly in gerrymandered districts that are manipulated to ensure the safety of the incumbent for as long as that person chooses to remain in office, regardless of how self-serving/unaccountable to constituents/ineffective s/he might be.

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The People's Loss

Russell Feingold, tea partiers, cut spending

Dear Sen. Feingold,

You conceded defeat last night, but it is the people of Wisconsin—and the country—who lost.

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South Milwaukee Author Wins Gold!

Janet Halfmann, Fur and Feathers, Gold award

Congratulations to our neighbor (and my friend) Janet Halfmann! I've read this wonderful book and can attest that the Moonbeam award judges used excellent judgment!

Fur and Feathers Wins Gold

by Sylvan Dell Publishing on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at 11:49am

On October 13, the Moonbeam Awards for Children’s Books announced that “Fur and Feathers”, written by Janet Halfmann and illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein, won a Gold Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for best preschool picture book.

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Onward to 2011


Great season, Rockets!

Walmart is coming to town?

Walmart, Twitter

People who know me well and have heard me rail against Walmart over the years probably wonder when I’m going to start a rant against the possibility of a store in South Milwaukee

It’s true, I do have a number of criticisms about Walmart, such as:  

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