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New Kid's View

Family lured Jerrianne and her husband to South Milwaukee in 2002 from Southern California where she worked as, first, a journalist, then, as a court information officer. She now stays busy with media-relations consulting, playing with her three grandchildren (part of the lure), writing, discovering her new environs, and hoping her garden will produce before the first fall frost.

Bridge to Regression

Hoan Bridge, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, Gov. Jim Doyle, I-794


That's the only word for it.

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Park Protectors

Grant Park, vandalism, Don Lawson, Summer Sizzle, Friends of Grant Park

The following is from South Milwaukee neighbor Don Lawson who works tirelessly and with great commitment for the well being of Grant Park, which I'm pleased to be able to post for him:

Over the past 12 months, some woods in Grant Park have suffered serious
vandalism.  A total of 6 trees were cut down, the latest being a 70 foot
pine.  The local Park Watch group decided to post a reward for information
that would lead the the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.  Friends
of Grant Park changed the focus of the "Summer Sizzle" picnic, making it the
fundraising event to raise money for the reward.

The picnic took place on July 29th.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  We
had a great turn-out, and exceeded our goal of $500 for the "reward" fund.

As part of publicizing the picnic, we realized that both Friends of Grant
Park (FoGP) and the Park Watch (PW) program could benefit from more
visibility in the community.   Both groups have their schedules posted on a
new website, sponsored by Friends of Grant Park.

The web address is:

Save Our Hoan Bridge Town Hall

Wisconsin Secretary of Transportation Frank Busalacchi, Hoan Bridge, Milwaukee County Supervisor Pat Jursik, South Milwaukee Mayor Tom Zepecki, Wisconsin State Senator Jeff Plale, Wisconsin Assemblyman Mark Honadel, Port of Milwaukee

Pretty impressive. A hundred -- maybe as many as 150 -- folks showed up at South Milwaukee City Hall tonight to learn, listen and speak about the back-door effort stemming from some black hole to tear down the Hoan Bridge that spans -- high enough for ocean-going ships to clear -- the Port of Milwaukee.

Unlike some of the recent boistrous great TV theater shoutdown heathcare and energy legislation public forums, no evidence that any of the South Milwaukee town hall attendees had been bused in by United Health Group or American Petrolium Institute. They really were all neighbors -- even Wisconsin Senator Jeff Plale and Assemblyman Mark Honadel.

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Neighborhood picnic rocked!

Neighborhood picnic, Grant Park, Hoan Bridge, Cudahy town hall.

Our annual neighborhood picnic yesterday was just the best ever! Folks from up and down the street and a few most welcome folks from streets a little further away brought tables to our little area of the park behind the houses on our street (because the couple of picnic tables the parks department used to provide haven't been around for the past couple of years), chairs and dishes to pass.
And OMG what delicious food those dishes contained! Erin's fabulous Mexican cornbread, Ron's unsurpassable baked beans, Karen's unbeatable dolmas and baklava and sooo much more. As usual, we exclaimed over how varied the array of food was -- a pretty even balance of snacky stuff, salads, entrees and desserts -- with no duplications.
The kids played and played and made new friends on the playground equipment.
The best part was visiting with everyone as some of us -- thanks to busy schedules and winter hibernations -- don't get to see each much during the year. Everyone caught up with everyone else's doings and raved over how much the kids have grown.
We took the opportunity this year to talk about last Wednesday's "Save the Hoan Bridge" Town Hall meeting and sign a petition that Milwaukee County Supervisor Pat Jursik who represents the South Shore is circulating. A couple of folks asked for petitions to take to work to get more signatures there. (Jursik is holding another town hall on Thursday (Aug. 27) at 6:30 p.m. at Cudahy Library.)
We missed those who couldn't make the picnic this year and hope to see them next year, 'cuz we're sure to get together again then.
Our neighborhood picnic followed Thursday's music in the park -- Grant Park, that is -- with the Garlic Mustard Pickers providing great Celtic tunes and folks from all over South Milwaukee (and even a few from Cudahy) bringing picnics and lawn chairs. Food could also be bought there and someone had a popcorn machine going in the shelter. Again, the kids played, rolled down the grassy slope and captured insects and worms in bug catchers.
And the folks in L.A. ask if we miss living there. Pshaw!

More speak against possibly demolishing the Hoan Bridge

Hoan Bridge, Cudahy, Pat Jursik

In addition to folding chairs, paper plates and a dish to pass, I took along a petition to the Parkway Drive/Hemlock Court neighborhood picnic last weekend for folks to sign if they oppose any attempt to get rid of the Hoan Memorial Bridge. Turns out one petition wasn't enough. Everyone there thought the idea of tearing down the bridge is a dumb one.

One neighbor said she would take a petition to work to see if her co-workers would want to sign it. Turns out, they not only signed it, they all said they would collect signatures too.

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