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From Jeans to Camo Greens

Former Cudahy Student turned American Soldier. Just here to share my experiences.

Just The Beginning

Military, Wisconsin, Cudahy, Army

When you graduate from high school, your first thought is "Thank god I'm done with that place." But as you're hugging your friends and getting congratulated by family, you don't realize that this is the start of a completely new page in your life, becoming a stranger to the new places you'll go. Everyone goes a different way, whether it be college, a job or my choice, the military.

Since I was a little kid, I've always wanted to join the military. Being a "military brat" with both parents in the Navy, and my dad later being in the Army National Guard, it was a very obvious choice for me.

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Hurry Up And Wait

Military, Wisconsin, Cudahy, Army, MEPS

 When it comes to being in the Army, you are no longer on your own time. It's the Army's time now and you have to be there when they say...even if they are going to make another hour or two.

My recruiter warned me the day I went to MEPS would be in the top three longest days of my life, the other two being the day I have my first child and my first day of Basic training. And he definitely wasn't joking.

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