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My name is Kristan T. Harris. I have run for political office and have worked a political grass roots campaign for Ron Paul. I was nominated and elected to the GOP platform committee in 2012. I am a huge advocate for liberty and freedom.I am a libertarian at heart. I am also a news junkie and love a good mystery.

Dianne Feinstein: “I Carried a Concealed Weapon” But She Wants Your Guns......Makes You Go Hmmmm

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      Despite the rhetoric by the media the left does not seem to be practicing what they preach. Michael Moore is preaching gun confiscation while having 5 hired armed guards. Obama has armed guards in the school for his children. Do not let the media lie to you. Republicans, as a sign of weakness are caving into the democrats on gun control. In my opinion this is treason to talk about destruction of our constitution. If you think about it, almost every amendment of the constitution is under attack today. Just look what they say vs. what they do and you can draw your own conclusion.  They want to take your guns but its ok for them to have it. You don’t need a semi auto's for hunting but we can pay taxpayer money on and "We need these 2700 mobile tanks for directing traffic for homeland security". Made in Wisconsin? Something stinks here in America. I don’t know if we are being taken over or we have forgotten what it means to be free. Here is an interesting article with References by Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.


     Despite calling in the same year for an outright ban on all firearms, Senator Dianne Feinstein, who is set to introduce legislation that would gut the second amendment, said in 1995 that she carried a concealed gun in order to protect herself against terrorists.

  Speaking at a US Senate hearing on terrorism one week after the Oklahoma City Bombing, Feinstein spoke about how she responded to an attempt by terrorists from the New World Liberation Army to bomb her home.

“I know the sense of helplessness that people feel. I know the urge to arm yourself because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. I walked to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon and I made the determination if somebody was going to try and take me out, I was going to take them with me,” said Feinstein.

The hypocrisy of Feinstein choosing to arm herself in self-defense while in the very same year calling for an “outright ban” on all guns is another reminder of rampant hypocrisy on behalf of would-be gun grabbers that has prevailed in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Feinstein is behind a bill set to be introduced shortly that will outlaw guns with magazines over 10 rounds, require a national fingerprint database of all gun owners and ban nearly all handguns.

Michael Moore immediately went public to exploit the Newtown shooting in calling for draconian gun control legislation, yet his own bodyguard was arrested for carrying an unlicensed weapon at in New York’s JFK airport back in 2005.

President Obama also seized upon the tragedy to push his agenda to disarm Americans, conveniently leaving out the fact that the school which his daughters attend in Washington D.C. has no less than 11 armed security guards on duty at all times.

During an ABC Nightline interview which was broadcast on December 26 yet was recorded before the Sandy Hook shooting, Obama said one of the benefits of his re-election was the ability “to have men with guns around at all times,” in order to protect his daughters.

Other prominent gun control advocates such as Mayor Michael Bloomberg have also aggressively pushed to disarm Americans while themselves employing armed bodyguards at all times.

In addition, an emotionally manipulative video in which a plethora of celebrities demanded the American people get behind gun control was filmed and released just days after the massacre. However, as this shrewd rebuttal highlights, most of the actors featured in the campaign have themselves used guns in their movie roles on numerous occasions.

The media has also been complicit in completely ignoring recent shootings which were brought to an end solely due to law-abiding citizens exercising their second amendment rights, including an incident just two days after the Connecticut massacre during which a gunman entered a theater in San Antonio after killing his ex-girlfriend but was shot dead by an off duty policewoman.

In addition, this month’s mall shooting in Oregon was brought to an end when 22-year-old Nick Meli, who has a concealed carry permit, pulled a gun on the killer, prompting masked shooter Jacob Tyler Roberts to use his final bullet on himself.

In both cases, the media virtually ignored the fact that potential massacres were stopped by responsible Americans using firearms.

The National Safety Council notes that guns are used some 2.5 million times a year in self defense against criminals, meaning that firearms are utilized to protect innocent lives in 80 times more cases than they are used to end lives.




Obama Signs Bill Giving Him Armed Protection For Life As Gun Ban Executive Order Looms....

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While  launching an effort to disarm the American people President Obama has made sure he had his guns for the rest of his life. Does anyone else see the rhetoric vs action diconnect here? Despite launching a gun control agenda that threatens to disarm the American people, President Obama has signed a bill that will give him armed Secret Service protection for the rest of his life.

Vice President Joe Biden said on Wednesday the White House is determined to act quickly to curb gun violence and will explore all avenues - including executive orders that would not require approval by Congress - to try to prevent incidents like last month's massacre at a Connecticut school Reuters Reports.

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U.N. Agenda 21. What You & Your Local Politicians Need To Know. ( Part 1 of 5) Why Should I Care?

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So first I would like to explain to you how real Agend 21 is. I was nominated and elected to the Republican Platform Committee and states all over the country are writing platforms against it. At first it looks in the words of late author Douglas Adams "Mostly Harmless" . Looking to conserve power, add  bike lanes and a sensible green agenda. But let me tell you what the real agenda is. Its called Communitarianism. This is a direct attack on individual rights and liberties. As many may know i stopped seeing red and blue politics but now look at all politics as Tyranny Vs. Freedom. There are good people of all walks of life. I have done research and read books on the subject and I encourage you to buy and read " Behind The Green Mask: U. N. Agenda 21" by Liberal author Rosa Koire.

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Gun Ban Update: Wal-Mart Forbids New Ammunition Orders. Biden pushes 19 executive orders for Gun Ban

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So for all those who listen to their TV and think that Republicans & Democrats do not want your guns the evidence is compelling.  They are saying one thing and are going to do another to keep American Patriots in a gaslighting trance. Businesses are refusing to order more ammo. This is called back door politics. The administration will test market new rules to see how the American people react. This will help them gather information to decide how much resistance will oppose the gun ban. But as long as the media hypes "We are not coming for your guns".  People seem to believe the idiot box.   If you dont raise your voice and get involved now it WILL be to late tommorrow.

Customers are being denied ammunition orders all over the United States, Walmart has forbidden store managers from re-ordering ammunition inventory until further notice, raising fears that the Obama administration’s gun control agenda is already being enacted via the back door.

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Barrack Obama Says He Wants to Keep Guns Out Of Criminal Hands But Shipped Guns to Mexican Drug Cartel In Fast & Furious

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If Barrack Obama says one thing he usually means another except in the rare case it is to take our individual Liberties. That is exactly is what he is doing. Biden said that "No one can predict how or when crime will happen" However,  this will lower crime. We all know the FBI statistics. This puts us more in danger and allows the government to do what ever they want. This means we lose all rights to over throw a tyrannical government. So my question to the people is will Barrack Obama and other liberals readily give up their armed security and make government buildings gun free. More invasion of privacy to come....One executive action will be that affordable care act does not prevent doctors from asking if you have guns in the home.

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School Ban's Hugs , One Step Closer to a Affectionless Society.

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The public schools which deem themselves good enough to teach our children sex education, hand out condoms and be the "parent" for your child are now wanting you to help get rid of  hugging in public schools NYTimes Reports. This is to help get our children ready for the "real business world".This is completely unconstitutional. The governments purpose is not to protect us from ourselves but aginst tyranny and maintain justice and our freedoms.Benjamin Franklin once said, “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both”.

We teach our children “Good Touch/Bad Touch.” Now preteens in Milford, Conn. are learning “No Touch.” Local news there reported this weekend that parents at the East Shore Middle School received a letter from Principal Catherine Williams, which said that any touching at all on school grounds — including “hugging” and “horseplay” — could result in “parent conferences, detention, suspension and/or a request for expulsion from school.”
Students have said that they have even been prohibited from “high fiving” classmates in the halls.
The catalyst for the policy — which the school insists has been on the books all along, but which parents and students say is certainly a stricter interpretation than ever before — was an incident earlier this month when a student required treatment in the emergency room after a kick to the groin.
While some parents say they are supportive, others are outraged at what they call an overly broad response to a real problem.

Discipline“As a parent, I just don’t agree with it,” Edward Abbazia, whose son Patrick is a 14-year-old eighth grader told the News-Times. “This is going to happen — they’re going to touch each other. My son’s going to physically touch his friend, you know, shake his hand or pat him on the back, and he’s going to get detention and he knows it, but he’s going to do it anyway…the high fives, the hugging.”
In fact Patrick’s parents gave him permission to protest the policy — by going to school on Friday with his arms taped to his sides at the elbows with bright blue duct tape.
Lenore Skenazy is the creator of the blog Free-Range Kids, where she tracks what she sees as the growing tendency of parents (and schools) to swathe children in bubble-wrap. This policy, she wrote yesterday, is the latest example of aiming an elephant gun at a flea.
You can understand the administration’s frustration. A kid was seriously hurt by a kick to the groin — that’s just awful. But why is the response to criminalize all physical contact? Why not criminalize, say, kicks to the groin?

What happened here seems to be the knee-jerk response to any problem these days: Overkill, just like when schools ban tag because a kid could trip, or cupcakes, because a kid could get fat.

For Liberty, For Freedom.
Kristan T Harris

Obama's Favorite Congressman Gets Lifetime achievement Award from The Communist Party USA.

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Oh the Media Forgot to Mention this....

Obama's Favorite Congressman gets Award from Commies


Watch for yourself.

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A Giant Mystery: 18 Strange Skeletons Found in Wisconsin: Sons of God; Men of Renown

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The Rundown Live 8pm Central Time | Milwaukee’s Alternative Free Press News

Kristan T. Harris |

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Police Fine Three Year Old $2,500 for Urinating In Families Own Front Yard In Oklahoma

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A hefty fine for such a wee pee. A 3-year-old boy got his mother a $2,500 ticket in Oklahoma for going pee-pee in his own front yard. "I said really, he is 3 years old, and (the officer) said it doesn't matter – it’s public urination,” grandmother Jennifer Warden said.

For those who don't think comm unitarianism is not here and now from bill U.N. Agenda 21 look no further than this recent ticket. A 3 year old urinated in his own front yard. The family police is here and they know whats best for you. In fact I can not think of 1 thing in the last 30 years the government has handled with over whelming approval by the people.  So now they can take our guns and health care. You can read more on U.N. Agenda 21 on my past blog here.

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Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Jim Garrow: Obama Asks Military Leaders If They Will "Fire On US Citizens"

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The Rundown Live 8pm Central Time | Milwaukee’s Alternative Free Press News

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