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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

The Answer


The Answer to “Which one shows most divided among voters?


E 50% to 50%


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Cudahy made the New York Sun


Our proposed Cudahy Wal-Mart made the New York Sun “The Wal-Mart Myth


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The Mayor and I

Cudahy, Eminent Domain

Mayor McCue and I were mentioned in the article In Bars & Clubs

Good times still flowing on Cudahy's Packard Avenue Link below

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Cudahy Wal-Mart Time Line

Cudahy, Wal-Mart

To get a Cudahy Wal-Mart is like pushing a 1000 lb boulder up the hill!

I have a really uphill battle, don’t I? 


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February Top 10

Top 10 Review

It was request that I do a monthly review of the most looked at topics I wrote.  I will run down the top 10 and give a small overview of each.  This is now my second full month doing this.  In my first month, I had 7838 viewings as of 30 days looking at my items.  I don’t know how that compares to others, but I am very happy!  My hope is to post a new item everyday around dinnertime.


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Darker Obama in Clinton Attack Ad

National Politics, Obama, Vote

Saturate-Desaturate Process Darkens Obama in Clinton Attack Ad


Internet Clinton critics are accusing them of deliberately darkening an image of Barack Obama in their latest attack ad.  Shown on the popular website DailyKos are identical images of the same picture with one having an obviously darker tone.


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Crime Part I - How To Reduce Crime In Cudahy

Crime, Cudahy, Talk Back

While we don't like to talk about it - or even think about it - crime is on the increase in Cudahy, America, and throughout the world.  The number of burglars, muggers, auto thieves, robbers, purse-snatchers, rapists, etc. are growing at an alarming rate.


Cudahy has a Blockwatch (some may know it be Neighborhood Watch), which works together with the police department to provide communication.  Working together, you can get the criminals off your block and out of your area.  There's safety in numbers and power through working with a group.  You'll get to know your neighbors better, and working with them you can reduce crime, develop a more united community, provide an avenue of communications between police and citizens, establish on-going crime prevention techniques in your neighborhood, and renew citizen interest in community activity.  The Blockwatch, headed by Vera Trifunovich, is a "Citizen Safety Project" that is set up to help do this.  They don't ask anyone to take personal risks to prevent crime.  They leave the responsibility for catching criminals where it belongs-with the police.  This is NOT a "vigilante group”!  This group gathers citizens together to learn crime prevention from the local authorities.  Criminals avoid neighborhoods where such groups exist.


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Cudahy Comprehensive Plan Website

Cudahy, Master Plan

Here is Vandewalle & Associate’s Cudahy Comprehensive Plan Website.  


Click here à


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What if NOT Wal-Mart?


First, I am told that people viewing my blogs with Firefox are having problems.  I am deeply sorry you are not able to correctly view my pages.  I am trying to fix that problem.  I use Word 2003 and use the paste option in the blog program to paste it, but some how some code is slipping through.  Since I don’t use Firefox I have not noticed the problem, but I am trying some of the solutions that tech support has offered.  Please bear with me as we figure out what is going wrong.


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Florida, Michigan seek exit from Democratic penalty box

National Politics, Vote

Florida, Michigan seek exit from Democratic penalty box

Will the recount state become the re-primary state?

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Voter ID

National Politics, State Politics, Vote, Voter Fraud, Voter ID

Twenty-five states have broader voter identification requirements, and Wisconsin is not one of them.  The Governor thinks this will disenfranchise voters and the senior citizens will no longer get to vote, because it will be to hard and costly.  He claims it amounts to voter intimidation.  He went on to say the people don???t want to be inconvenienced to have to show it. 


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A Wal-Mart Hypothetical

Cudahy, Wal-Mart

First, let us put two things to rest.


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Death Penalty

Constitution, Crime, Death Penalty

High court to weigh in on lethal injection for Death Row Inmates


Amendment VIII (the Eighth Amendment) of the United States Constitution, which is part of the U.S. Bill of Rights, prohibits excessive bail or fines, as well as cruel and unusual punishment.


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Discrepancies Found in Obama’s Life Story

National Politics, Vote

In "Dreams from My Father", Barack Hussein Obama delves into racial struggles at the Punahou School in Hawaii and the discussions he had with a mixed race classmate named "Ray" in the book.  "Ray" in reality is Keith Kakugawa.


Kakugawa disputes Obama's account of their long discussions, saying they had nothing to do with race but were primarily about over Obama's missing parents.  Other black students also dispute Obama's claims of involvement in racial matters.


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Soccer Economic Impact

Cudahy, Milwaukee Wave, Wal-Mart

With the Wave training center, Cudahy can expect to have Soccer Moms and Dads spending money in our area while their kids train.  Here is an article from Cleveland on the Soccer economic impact of tournament play.


I wish our Cudahy Mayor would feel like this Mayor in the article does.  Time is running out, Let there be no doubt


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USBC Board votes its intention to move headquarters to Texas


USBC was all talk about listening to staying in Milwaukee or move to Cudahy.  They are trying to hide behind this “Destination spot” that is now the buzzword. 


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True Authentic Leadership


This is Based on


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From Someone Else’s Eyes

Rant Rave

I received an email the other day and I will share it with all of you, minus the personal information from the sender.


 Mr. Hollenbeck, maybe you could tone down your blog entries and make them shorter, softer and sweeter and then the newspaper would print your blog as “one of the best.”  I read every one of your blogs, no matter how long.  Just after diner, I look forward to getting on the computer and reading them.  You are forcing me to check more often though since you are posting just about every other day.  I don’t want to miss one.  I don’t agree with all of your views, but many.  You tell it like it is, and have a sense, a pulse on what is going on in Cudahy.  If you only would write something gentle, like going to the beach or out to diner, you know one of those feel good stories.  I am sure you will get printed!

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Good Deal Might Not Be Real

retail, Wal-Mart

'Good deal' might not be real” was a headline in Feb. 17, 2008 Journal Sentinel.


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Please Move Over, Its the law!

Law, Police, Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Move Over Law was established in 2001 to help ensure the safety of emergency responders and highway maintenance workers.  According to the law, drivers must move over a lane, if possible, or slow down if changing lanes is not safe when encountering a law enforcement vehicle, ambulance, fire truck, tow truck, utility vehicle or highway construction vehicle that is stopped on the side of the road with its lights flashing.  Violators of the Move Over Law face a $249 fine and three points off of their driver’s license but more importantly, it may result in someone being needlessly injured or killed.


As I stated above, Wisconsin’s “Move Over Law” requires drivers to move over or slow down for emergency and maintenance vehicles.  Those can be the trucks and crew that a repairing the potholes.  The law says that a motorist must “move the motor vehicle into a lane that is not the lane nearest the parked or standing vehicle or machinery and continue traveling in that lane until safely clear of the vehicle or machinery.”  It also requires that a motorist “slow the motor vehicle, maintaining a safe speed for traffic conditions, and operate the motor vehicle at a reduced speed until completely past the vehicle or machinery.” 


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State of Cudahy Address


After the January 30thMaster Plan” meeting, I was talking to Mayor Ryan McCue and asked if he was going to give a “State of the City” address.  He said that would be a good thing to do and hopefully in the next few weeks he would release one.  I think that would be great, which is why I asked him if he was going to do one.


I am not sure if Cudahy has done a "State of the City" address before or if I some how missed it over the years. 

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Lawn Care Part I – Correct Time and Fertilizer Selections

Fertilizer, Lawn Care, Tips

While working for K-Mart, I had the opportunity to visit a Scott’s fertilizer plant and take a two-day class from Scott’s on lawn care and the correct use of fertilizers.  Here is some information from my class.


Lawn Care using the EMIL method

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Wal-Mart What IF

Cudahy, retail, Wal-Mart

After thinking about my comment that I don’t think Mr. Smith and Mayor McCue would be happy if Wal-Mart still built in Cudahy, just not on the Ice Port,  I have received a few emails that the people stated a Wal-Mart would be fine for Cudahy, just not on the Ice Port land.  After seeing what Austin Texas Wal-Mart will look like, I think that would be perfect if the KRM would come true (If it does, I hope they get private funding for it, not taxes).


When time offers you an opportunity, you don’t ignore it!


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Caution! Lipsticks May Contain Lead

Life, retail, Safety, Tips

Source: Caution!  Lipsticks Contain Lead


With all this talk about lead tainted toys coming from China, I just wanted to let people know about something I came across.  Lipsticks can contain lead.  I have included the full link for this information. 


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Why Woo Wal-Mart?

Cudahy, retail, Wal-Mart

Headline - Big-name business, image revamp needed


Cudahy's downtown master plan should focus on attracting shoppers and visitors by improving the city's image and wooing big-name destinations, local business owners said at a recent Cudahy Chamber of Commerce luncheon.”


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Slipping Away…

Cudahy, Metra, Milwaukee Wave, retail, TIF, Wal-Mart, Wave

Let’s see, Muskego took GE away from Cudahy

The Mayor may let The Milwaukee Wave training center slip to Franklin

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Making Sense of Wal-Mart

Cudahy, retail, Wal-Mart

One of the battle cries of those against Wal-Mart, is that Wal-Mart is a threat and they run people out of business.  This may or may not truly happen.  It could be just that those businesses did not want to have the competition, or they closed for other reasons.  Many of the small companies just make bad business decisions and it is easier to have a scapegoat like Wal-Mart than blame themselves for their mistakes.


I hope you either saw Joe Henika’s comments originally in Wal-Mart What If post or looked back at them from my post called Why Woo Wal-Mart?


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Happy Easter


From my family to yours, 
I hope everyone had a safe Good Friday, Holy Friday or Great Friday after digging out. 
God Bless everyone and Happy Easter to all from the Hollenbeck's!!!
Happy Easter
Thanks to our neighbors who created such a fantastic snow bunny!

David vs. Goliath

Constitution, Crime, Cudahy, Eminent Domain, retail, Safety


I don’t know where the city stands in the issue of the Eminent Domain on the two bars in Cudahy, it was in the infancy, and I am not sure if it has grown up or faded away. 


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Sidewalk II – No Talk, Means No Walk

Cudahy, Metra, Police, Safety, Sidewalk, Wisconsin

Well, I still have not heard from the powers that be on the potential death trap.  The safety of pedestrians and children is paramount and safety must not be one of their pledges or concerns. 


That truly is sad!  If they only cared a little bit, a tiny amount, but it appears they don’t. 


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Crime Part II - The Statistics for Cudahy

Crime, Cudahy, Illegal Aliens, Police, Safety, Talk Back, Wisconsin

I have not found the crime statistics for 2006 or 2007.  People this is the information that should be at the click of our mouse on the city’s website.  Maybe it is there and I am missing it.  These are our numbers.  They are facts, we cannot hide behind them.  They are what they are, and only WE can do something about it.  I demand more of our city and officials and so should you.


Crime Statistics for Cudahy Wisconsin in 1999


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History Repeating

Cudahy, Education, school

School district may study potential school closing


“...Student enrollment continues to decline...

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Our Aging Community

Crime, Cudahy, Generations, Police, retail, Safety, Wal-Mart

Have any of our city leaders done anything lately that would enhance life for the elderly?  I am not aware, does anyone know?  Can someone site a few examples or just one?  Maybe I missed it.  I am not perfect.


They are (not all of the city leaders) holding up the Wal-Mart Supercenter, which would benefit all, including those on a fixed income.  We could say that this is age discrimination.  I love to sit at McDonald’s while my daughter plays and talk with the older people about Cudahy.  One of the older fellas said, “The younger members of our community are pushing the elderly around and out.”


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We can make a difference

Crime, Cudahy, Leadership, Police, retail, Safety, Wal-Mart

As I stated in my State of Cudahy post, just after the “Master Plan” meeting I was talking to Mayor McCue and asked him if he was going to do a State of City address?  He looked at me and said he had not thought about it before, but he thought it was a great idea.  I was ecstatic to find out he took my suggestion and was going to do it.


I was even more elated that he gave it.  I am disappointed in that roughly only 62 people showed up.  People you need to be involved.  I hope Mayor McCue has something in print and on the Internet to get to the masses that were not in attendance.


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My letter to the US Secretary of Education

Cudahy, Education, Life, school, Wisconsin

“We” the nation, “We” the people, “We” the parents, “We” the teachers, need to radically change how we are educating our children, because the status quo is not working; the national graduation rate for the class of 1998 was 71%, for white students the rate was 78%, while it was 56% for African-American students and 54% for Latino students (Greene). 


We need to formulate, articulate, advocate and fund the next vision of national educational curriculum and standards.  We seem to be opinion endless, option rich, direction poor, and action absent.  I believe our current education system needs a total over haul or just scrapping it and starting over may be easier to do.  The new system needs to include tax breaks to businesses that allow mentoring, expanded grade levels, and breaking down the classes into sections of skill levels for each subject per student.


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