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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Guest Blog - Tina Dondajeski’s Info Flyer

Cudahy, Election, Guest Blog

My name Tina Dondajeski and I am running for Cudahy 4th District Alderperson as a "Write-In" candidate.


I've attached my information flyer for you to review and share.  I will also be hosting a Candidate "Meet & Greet" on Saturday, January 10th at the Cudahy Family Library from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm so I can share my information and meet the residents face-to-face.


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KRM Economic Benefits Aren’t Credible Study States

Info, KRM, Local Government, Taxes

I an going to start this off by saying this is a long post, which may make some other bloggers upset that they have to read.  Many of the younger crowd are so self centered and need things to be short because they lack big attention spans.  This is what society has created.  I am sure they will quickly run to their blogs and write about me and my comments or how long they feel my blogs are.  They may even pull out the statements that what I write is boring that they almost fall asleep reading it.  I don’t think these people could just curl up on the couch or sit in a chair and read an entire book in one sitting.  If there isn’t a big explosion or cliff notes, they cannot keep their attention to read.


Choose what you want to hear and you will miss the truth


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Knowing A Gift When You See it!

Cudahy, Leadership, Mayor, retail, Wal-Mart

This post was very long and so I am dividing it into two parts.  This is the first and than the math part will be the second.


Take a look at what the Mayor of Waukesha had to say about getting a new Wal-Mart Supercenter:


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Wal-Mart Math Portion

Cudahy, Development, Info, Money, retail, Wal-Mart

This is part two of Knowing A Gift When You See it


I will work this over with these dollar figures:


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Wal-Mart Community Contributions

Cudahy, Info, Leadership, Mayor, retail, Wal-Mart

The Salvation Army - Wal-Mart donation Press Release.


Christmas Toy Drive Brightened by Wal-Mart Donation

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Gas Station Pet Peeves or Wishes

Culture, Gas, Oil, Rant Rave

I wish…


…all gas stations would have the option of no receipt for credit card usage at the pump.  It would save the stations money on paper because I think a good group of people would choose not to print one out.  I mean how many times have you seen "please see attendant" because it won't print your receipt?


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South Milwaukee School Board Race

Election, school, School Board, South Milwaukee

Incumbent David Maass will face Kathee Molus, Nick Szablewski and Zachary Wisniewski for one of two School Board seats that are up for election April 7th.


Incumbent Kay Lussier is not seeking re-election which has left open one new seat.


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The Next Cudahy Mayor

Crime, Cudahy, Election, Leadership, Mayor, Police, Safety, Taxes

Today is my one-year anniversary blogging here.  WOW one year!

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Let’s make Cudahy Business Friendly

Cudahy, Development, Economy, Policy

Mandatory sick pay, it will have a negative effect on jobs and companies that are located in cities that have them.  I hope the Cudahy Common Council placed an ordinance that would prevent mandatory sick pay from coming to town.


Let us follow the lead of West Allis, South Milwaukee, and Waukesha in getting this done.


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Today's Humor

Blogging, Cudahy, Culture, Fun, Leadership, Mayor

This post is based on an email I received from an individual upset over my post “The Next Cudahy Mayor


Typically, my email comes in 3 to 1 in favor and when this one came in it was too good not to share.  It made me laugh so hard.  I don’t think that was the response they were looking for.  This email smacks of pure desperation.


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Jan 13th Cudahy Crime Alert

Crime, Cudahy, Police, Safety, Crime Alert

I would like to pass on this information from Cudahy Police Sgt Chris Blunt


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School Board Pay Varies

school, School Board, Wisconsin

Depending on where you live, the pay that a school board member can vary greatly.  From NO pay to $6,588.14 in the school districts, I looked into.


Fox Point-Bayside School Board members serve three-year terms and are not paid.


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Special Election - Tina Dondajeski

Cudahy, Election, Guest Blog, Vote

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What has happen to the Cudahy City Use Vehicle Policy?

Cudahy, Policy

I just wonder why I have not heard anything on why nothing is being done on the log or, for that matter, the policy concerning the use of City Use Vehicles.


It cannot be that hard to find another city’s template policy and modify it for Cudahy!  It cannot be too hard to log in and out the cars since other cities do it and so does the private sector.


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Congratulations Jason Litkowiec

Cudahy, Leadership, Local Government

A big Congratulation goes out to Jason Litkowiec for winning the Cudahy 4th District alderperson seat.


I hope and wish you the best.  Your strong anti-crime resolve will be much appreciated and needed to help turn the city around!


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Cudahy We Cannot Sacrifice Democracy

Cudahy, Election, Info, Leadership, Local Government, Mayor

You will remember I did a post on “The People Know Better” and “Elected Or Appointed” which talked about Cudahy’s lust to have certain local government positions that are currently elected by you, “THE PEOPLE”, taken away under the cloud of “This will be better for the city”


“This will be better for the city” Translation - This is a power grab and I want to install my “YES” people in the positions.  I will keep up the claim that those that run might not be qualified and so I will stick out that the requirements of the positions could be filled by someone for the treasurer of a city for example being 18 years old, registered to vote, and can't balance their own checkbook.


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Today’s Humor Part II

Please follow the humorous fun of our self proclaimed Cudahy Elitist in the next email from them. Click Here for story

Special Protest Rally

Greenfield, Leadership, Safety

There will be a protest rally on Greenfield’s City Hall steps at 7325 W. Forest Home Ave. on Thursday January 29, 2009 at 6 p.m. regardless of the outcome to the special meeting on sex offender vote proposed by alderwoman Linda Lubotsky.


The Greenfield Common Council will hold a special meeting Wednesday night at which alderman are expected to reconsider their vote last week to reject a sex offender residency ordinance.


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January 26 2009

Kids, Life

Today my son Ryan Dean would have been 4 years old.


“To outlive one's children is a curse of the gods.”

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Tale of Two Cities Part I

Cudahy, Mayor, retail, Wal-Mart

A story about Cudahy, Muskego, Wal-Marts, Lawsuits and Recalls

Fun, fun, fun


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Giving Mayor McCue Credit

Cudahy, Mayor

Giving Cudahy Mayor credit and Kudos


Follow the story here

Cudahy Mayor's Position & Salary

Cudahy, Leadership, Local Government, Mayor

Talking about ???What IF???s??? and ???gotchas??? on a Mayor and City Administrator


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2009 Cudahy "State of the City" Address

Cudahy, Leadership, Local Government, Mayor

Does anyone know where it is or when it will be presented by Mayor McCue?


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Milwaukee Traffic Sign

Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Safety

There is no reason why the electronic sign of “do not turn on red” is on from 3pm-7pm on Saturdays and Sundays on the Howard off ramp on I-94 North/West bound ramp.  The traffic on the weekends does not warrant it.


Also on the same off ramp, there is a tree/bush that is inside the fenced in area which blocks your vision looking left/west.  With this tree/bush removed you can see the traffic better and would not have to creep forward almost into the Howard traffic. This is very dangerous.


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