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The Mother's Day Secret

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I can't help it. I frustrate my husband, I enjoy it, and thankfully, he's gotten used to it.

Every year, about a week before Mother's Day, when I'm convinced my husband has ideas for a present, I question my kids.  I know that he as sworn them to secrecy.  But I also know that both kids love gifts, they love holidays, and they love to talk about both gifts and holidays.  So with my husband at a close distance, I ask my kids what they got me for Mother's Day.  And of course, they proudly answer my question.    

(... As my husband RUNS across the house yelling "No!  Don't tell. It's a secret!")

So, this year, as usual, I attempt to get Mother's Day information from my kids.  And again, with an amazing amount of confidence and with my husband at a close distance, I ask the them what they got me.

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Playing with Cell Phones


My four year old and I play a game with my cell phone.

I sit on the couch upstairs.  My four year old sits on the couch downstairs.  From my cell phone, I call our home phone number and my four year old - with complete excitement - answers.

Then we talk.  We talk and we talk and we talk.  My son tells me all about his day, what he wants for Christmas, his least favorite foods, and how mad his brother makes him.  Through this wonderful game, my son reveals more of his thoughts than he ever does when we're eating pizza at the dinner table.  

I wonder, when my son is 12, will he still play this game with me?


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An Easy, Easy, Way to Share Videos, Pictures, or Almost Anything Else


There are times when I want to send a large image, or a video, or a program to a friend AND I don't want to make my friend sign up for anything.  For example, I want to quickly send a home movie to my brother.  However, I don't want to ask my brother to sign up for a photo or video web site just to see a movie meant just for him (for example, YouTube or Flickr).  

Here's a web site where you don't have to sign up and you don't have to make your friends sign up:  

At Drop.Io, simply upload the file you want (picture, video, program, etc.) and then supply the recipient with the web site address you specify on the site.  If necessary, you can even set up a password.

Very cool, very fast, and very easy.

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