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2013 Cudahy School Board Election Candidates

Here is the list of people running for school board in Cudahy.   I received this information via my email request to the school district.   I still cannot find this information in the paper yet. 

Hopefully these candidates (especially the new ones) will make their voices heard.  We want to hear them.

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Does Your Child Make Mistakes at School? I Hope So.

Here is a common experience I went through in grade school, high school, college, and even now in my day-to-day events.  This is a common human experience that should be a regular part of every person's life.

There is a task, such as understanding a concept (simple fractions, for example).

  1.  A teacher teaches me the concept.  I look at the concept.  I think.  I try.  I don't quite understand.
  2. I walk away and, depending on the difficulty of what is being taught, I might complain, curse, tell myself that the concept is way beyond my reach.
  3. I try again.  Again, I still don't fully understand.
  4. I try harder.  I turn my head sideways.  I close my eyes and walk away again.  I may struggle and curse even louder.   I come back and if necessary, I ask questions.   I focus.
  5. I understand.  Ahh, I get it.
  6. It feels great!

Does your child, at any point, go through a similar experience at their school?  I hope so. 

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