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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.



While at the mall a few weeks ago, I overheard some younger people talking about being befriended.  It was totally being misused as a negative.  One would have thought with the use of facebook that the word “Befriend” would be used more often and the use of it would educate people in the use allowing them to become custom to using it.


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Attention Cudahy DPW Workers

Cudahy, DPW, Blogging, Thank You

I would like to give my personal thanks for reading my blog posts and for the good conversations that I have had with many of you.  I also hear from neighbors, which talk with DPW workers about reading my blog posts, and how I can help the city further.


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Kids and Pregnant Women Swine Flu Info

Health, Info, Kids, Wisconsin, Medical

Kids will need two doses of H1N1 flu vaccine


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Update - Is the City of Cudahy Charging Sales Tax for Nuisance Weed Fees?

Cudahy, Thank You, Taxes

This is an update to the blog post, “Is the City of Cudahy Charging Sales Tax for Nuisance Weed Fees?


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Quilted Northern Soft & Strong Users Have You Noticed A Change Recently?

Info, Money, Products, Retail

I recently bought a 24-pack double roll of Quilted Northern Soft & Strong toilet paper at Wal-Mart and another one on sale at Target.


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Some Crime Prevention & Safety Tips from Sgt. Blunt

Crime, Cudahy, Safety, Tips

These are tips that Cudahy Police Sergeant Chris Blunt gave out at the September Neighborhood Watch group after he did a walk & drive through including the alleys.


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Cudahy and South Milwaukee Judge Consolidation

Cudahy, South Milwaukee, Taxes

Recently Cudahy Alderman Joe Mikolajczak and South Milwaukee Alderman David Bartoshevich each worked on an idea to save each city money by consolidation of the municipal judges.


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My friend's thoughts on CFL's

CFL's, Energy

To me, the idea of making illegal traditional bulbs is ridiculous, equally as ridiculous as believing people are going to take their burned out and broken CFLs to the recycling center.  You'd probably spend more on gas driving there to recycle the bulb (due to the mercury content) than you saved during it's use.


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Guest Blog - Jack Voccaro - Cudahy Poverty Rate

Cudahy, Development, Kids, school, Guest Blog

Congratulations Mayor McCue and Council,


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Our Past Not Our Future

Cudahy, Development, KRM, Metra

You cannot move forward into the past!


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Something Cudahy Might Want To Look At!

Cudahy, Development, Economy, Packard Plaza

Pop-up stores help fill mall space during economic slump


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Guest Blog - Health Care Local and National

Cudahy, Guest Blog, Health, Budget

As I scanned the recent 2010 proposed Cudahy budget, I noticed a large amount dedicated to health care per employee. 


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Clearing Up Rumors about Cudahy Mayoral Candidate Tony Day

2010 Election, Cudahy, Mayor, Tony Day

Mr. Day,


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Guest Blog - Jack Voccaro - Cudahy Poverty Rate by the Numbers

Cudahy, Guest Blog, school

This will continue a spiral no matter how much development we due until we address the core of the problem – Property maintenance.


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Rip the Hoan Bridge Down and Extend the 794 Parkway?

Development, Roads

Now it doesn’t make sense to rip down the bridge and extend the 794 Parkway south.  Oh wait, they don’t want to rip the bridge down, yes they do, they want to make it just a street level.  So that means just a street.


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Check Out Retailers Black Friday Deals Today

Retail, Tips, Toys

Target is hoping to lure this year's Black Friday shoppers with $3 toasters and coffeemakers, deep deals on high-definition televisions, and discounts of 50% on clothes and toys, according to a Web site that says it has received a leaked copy of the retailer's circular.


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I am Still Calling It Swine Flu!


Why call it H1N1 or N1H1?  We were told that Swine Flu just doesn’t sit well with people and some just stopped buying pork products because of the fear of getting it from them! 


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Guest Blog - Cudahy's Direction - A Very Concerned Citizen

Cudahy, Development, Guest Blog, Mayor, Local Government

Here is a letter I received via the U.S. Postal Service that didn’t contain a return address and I am very thankful just to be kept in the loop.  I don’t feel the need to know people’s names when they want to share information.  Please keep them coming!


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Pit Bulls & Rottweilers in the News

pets, Safety

Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Banned on Marine Corp Bases


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Important Cudahy Meeting Monday November 23, 2009 on the 2010 Budget

Cudahy, Budget, Taxes

Information from City Accountant Bruce W Schuknecht


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Saving Money & Studies

Leadership, Culture

Why is it that liberals cry that we need studies to see if there is a cheaper way of doing things (like they want the Hoan Bridge gone and made street level), but we cannot do a study to make public jobs private (like privatizing the parks jobs or the people cleaning public buildings)? 


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Another Cudahy Mayoral Candidate

2010 Election, Cudahy, Mayor

Dan Stanislowski has filed the necessary papers to run for Mayor in Cudahy’s 2010 election.


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Guest Blog - Cudahy is Getting More Bars and that is Progress?

Bars, Cudahy, Development, Guest Blog

R-Zone LLC 3800 Layton


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Game Time Again - Pin the Tax Increases On…

Cudahy, Milwaukee County, National, Wisconsin, Taxes

Party of raising taxes – Democrats.


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Milwaukee County Budget Veto Info

Milwaukee County, Budget, Taxes

Just a little analysis on the veto overrides.


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I Can See This Being An Issue In Cudahy As Well.

Cudahy, Leadership

Worth pondering


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Guest Blog - Chris Kliesmet on Clearing up some CRG Misnomers

CRG, Milwaukee County, Taxes, Guest Blog

1. CRG is not working for anyone’s campaign.  We are advocating for Milwaukee County policies.  Other’s advocate on the other side.  


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Hackers find Questionable Emails on Climate Change a.k.a. "Global Warming"


Hacked emails add fuel to climate dispute


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Cudahy 2010 Election Notes & Rumors

2010 Election, Cudahy, Mayor

Mayoral Candidate Tony Day will have a fundraiser on Dec. 1st at South Woods.  Invites have been sent out to many Cudahy residents and those that have pledged their support in the campaign to attend the fundraiser.


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Cudahy Municipal Court Judge John Zodrow Actual Final Complaint Letter

Court, Cudahy

As being reported by By Tom Kertscher of the Journal Sentinel “Cudahy judge accused of misconduct over case backload.”


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Cudahy 2010 City Budget Passes with a 1.679% Tax Levy Increase

Budget, Cudahy

Cudahy 2010 city budget passes at a 1.679% tax levy increase in a 3 to 2 vote with Alderperson Mary Schissel and Alderperson Thomas Pavlic voting “no” as they both wanted a 0% increase budget.


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Greatest Villain in American History

Culture, Obama

This was a conversation with a liberal (Labor Party) friend of mine.  He states the items in red and my answers are in blue.


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More On Police Cars

Cars, Police

Ford: New police cruiser to replace Crown Vic


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2009 - Happy Thanksgiving


I would take this opportunity to give thanks for our many blessings.


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I'm Running For Cudahy Mayor

2010 Election, Cudahy, Mayor, Development

At least that is what this email I received from someone tells me.


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More Flu Articles

Health, Medical, Safety

CDC: West Virginia Doctor Had H1N1 - Twice


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Cudahy Chief of Police Thomas D. Poellot's Statement from Blockwatch Meeting

Cudahy, Police, Meeting

This is the statement that Police Chief Thomas D. Poellot read during the November 25, 2009 Cudahy blockwatch meeting regarding the situation involving Cudahy Municipal Judge Zodrow.  For the record, Judge Zodrow did agree that the information in the statement was factual as he was in attendance for the blockwatch meeting.


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Transcript of 05/05/09 Personnel Meeting when John Zodrow was in front of the personnel committee

Court, Cudahy, Meeting


Personnel Committee:  05/05/09

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