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Vote for Your Favorite Christmas Movie

Here is a fun survey to take on the Journal/Sentinel Web Site - The Greatest Christmas Classic.  

Below are the movies in consideration - and my personal votes and comments.

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Are You Saving Box Tops?

Box Tops, Cudahy, Schools, Fundraising

I know that a lot of people know about Box Tops.   Especially if you are a parent with kids in school.

However, I am throwing the reminder out there for people who may not have kids in school but still want a very easy way to contribute to the kids and schools in their community.

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Free Kindle Books, eBooks, Books

This is for anyone who loves to find free reading for their Kindle or Kindle App (Kindle Apps can be used on all kinds of devices, such as iPads, iPhones, and Androids).

I regularly stalk (my favorite web site ever) for free books.  Here are some I have found.  All of these books have at least 4/5 star ratings on Amazon.  I really do not like to waste my time; therefore, I'd would never read or recommend a book that has poor reviews!

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Is Bullying a Real Problem in Cudahy?

Here are a couple links about the recent suicide at Cudahy High School : Cudahy High School: Suicide and Bullying and the 620TMJ Web article.

Monday was the first I read about this particular suicide, and like most people, I was quite upset reading about it.  My heart goes out a million times to this young girl's family and her friends.

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