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Pride In Our Schools

Writing about homecoming.  Announcing the Renaissance students.  Getting 11 p.m. emails from Mr. Katte.  Gathering pictures from the latest Lincoln PTA events.  Receiving emails about the Hang Tough kids.  Realizing, in astonishment, that Mrs. Gestwicki was not the principal of Park View.

This was what I did for two years.  After the kids went to bed, I sat at my desk, wrote, and posted blogs about our schools on CudahyNow.  I wrote about everything from scholarship winners to new recreation department classes to the most recent fundraiser results.  I did this on my own time and I loved it. 

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How to Get Inexpensive Groceries - SHARE Wisconsin

Here's a place we've been using for a while - ShareWi.comShareWi is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization that offers groceries at a discount price.

This place has saved us a lot of money!

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