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An Online Tool to View Hospital Costs

Here's a web site that allows you to compare Wisconsin hospital procedure costs.

PricePoint provides the average per hospital prices for most of the hospitals in Wisconsin.  This includes the prices for child birth and maternity, pneumonia, appendectomy, rehabilitation, hip and knee procedures, gall bladder surgery, heart care, and many, many more.

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A FREE Alternative to Microsoft Word

Recently I was at a friend's house, visiting her family, and chatting.  While we were talking, I saw her 16 year old son doing his homework.  He was at his computer, finishing his homework, and typing away at his 10 page paper. He was using the Windows free word processor Word Pad because his computer did not have a licensed version of Microsoft Word and he didn't know how else to write his paper.  Eventually, panic came across his face when realized that he could not format his paper to the requirements that his teacher wanted - that Word Pad would not work with this paper.  He needed to think of something else.  Panic.   His head hit the desk.

That's when two things happened: I showed him the Google Docs application.  I asked him why he did not know about this already!

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