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A Super Bowl and a 6-Year Old


About Two Weeks Ago

6-year old: I know who's going to win the football game.

Me: Who?

6-year old: The Giants.  The Packers are not going to win.

A very annoyed me: Why, why, WHY do you think the Giants are going to win?  My husband stands at a distance.  His face is red.

6-year old:  It's easy.  The Cowboys beat the Packers and the Giants beat the Cowboys.  So, it's obvious.  Don't you see? The Giants will beat the Packers.  My son then rolls his eyes, leaves the room, and looks for his Darth Vader action figure.


Me: So, who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl today?

6-year old: It's so easy!  The Patriots won every game of the year.  The Giants have not won every game.  The Patriots *duh* will win.  Why even watch the game?

I stand there - amused and almost speechless.  I try to teach my son about the term "underdog" and that sometimes underdogs do win.  My son gives me an odd look, rolls his eyes again, and ask about my favorite villain in Batman.  I'm obviously not going to convince him of anything today.

So, tonight - as my know-it-all son plays with his friend or toys, his parents will be in front of the TV - rooting for the underdog.

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Being Bitten (and the Angel Who Helped Me)

funny, videos

This video is so cute!

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Things to Do When You're Trapped in Your House


Yesterday, the driver's side door of my car froze shut. So I climbed through the passenger door and pushed the driver's side door open with my feet. At this point, my fingers were cold - so cold, I removed my gloves and took turns sitting on each hand as I drove to work. 

Here are some things you can do, at home, without leaving the house.

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Doctors, Symptoms, and Drug Prices


One of the countless things I've learned since being on my own (and more so since having kids) is that most doctors are very smart, work hard, mean well, are sometimes fun to talk to, and are definitely, definitely, definitely not perfect.

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