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Since having kids in school, September has new meaning.  September, for me, now represents a crazy start.  No longer just a month, September is cool clothes, new haircuts, interesting ideas, new friends, play dates, expensive shoes, and goals.  Essentially, September is my January.   As I hold my boys' hands and walk them to their first days of school, I not only think about the experiences that lie ahead of them, I also think about the experiences that will inevitably lie ahead of me.

This September, a busy month, became a series of firsts for us - one experience right after another. Some of these firsts include:

  •  The first year of school for our 4-year old.

  • The first year with both kids (finally, thankfully, I thought the day would never come) in school.

  • The first year where we're not paying so much to our poverty fund, I mean, child care.

  • Our first year of way, way too many after school activities.

  • The first year where I finally see clear, dark circles under my eyes.

  • The first year where I'm able to walk past a sink full of dishes, clothes on the floor, crayons on the wall (!), and just go to bed.

  • The first year in awhile where the news actually causes me to worry about the economy.

  • The first year where I can look at my 7-year old and finally relax, knowing he can tie his shoes, dial his phone number, and make it through the boys locker room without stopping my heart.

  • The first year where I fully understand the importance of strawberry cheesecake, loyal friends, a good iPOD, a husband who makes me laugh, and most importantly the little white iPhone that I will someday own.

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One Darth Vader Voice Changer Mask ... $35 ...

darth vader, fun, funny, videos

If my husband ever did this, I might make him move!

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Last Week's Power Outage, Oversleeping, and My Bad Hair


Last week, Cudahy had a morning power outage.  Well - because of this power outage, I overslept.  My kids had to be at school at 8:20.  My eyes opened at 7:50.

Panicked, heart thumping - I ran to the phone.  I called the kids' school.  I told the secretary we were going to be late. Then I woke up the kids.

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Twitter for Music, fun, music

Check out this web site -  You become a DJ. This site is easy to use and has a similar look and feel to the social networking site Twitter. However, this site is only for music. Basically, you create lists of music you want to hear while other people create lists of music they want to hear.

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Free Coffee

free, save

Coffee anyone?

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Subscribe and Save

groceries, shopping, Subscribe and Save

Here's a very convenient way to shop. offers a subscription service called Subscribe and Save for certain grocery items. These items are always 15% percent off with free shipping

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