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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Truly, What's The Beef With Wal-Mart?

Cudahy, Leadership, Master Plan, Mayor, Milwaukee Wave, retail, Wal-Mart, Wave

First, it was Jobs and that Wal-Mart pushes out small business.


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Meet With The Mayor

Cudahy, Mayor

In case you missed the posting and info for the “meet with the mayor” meeting / town hall meeting that was posted at the fire stations and was listed in Journal/Sentinel Thursday's now under Cudahy city meetings here is the info:


6:30 to 8:00PM Monday June 2 at Cudahy Family Library.

Recall Donations and Help Needed

Cudahy, Leadership, Mayor, Policy, Recall



Okay people, now is the time to give money donations for the recall effort.  The money will be used for lit drops, stamps, photocopies of open records (we will have some good ones), paper, fees, and other such costs.


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Business Conditions

Cudahy, Policy, retail, Wal-Mart

The adding of business conditions on Cudahy Station is tricky, because of the involvement of the council and CDA.  If a business is not regulated by municipal ordinance or code (roller rinks hours of operation are in city code, for example), then it would be up to the Plan Commission to put any additional restrictions on a business.  The Plan Commission has certain powers and they could have made any reasonable conditions, such as hours of operation, noise, landscaping, at the Plan Commission level. 


However, here is the tricky part, because this is a public / private partnership between business and government (council and CDA), either or both body could ask for business conditions to be added into the development agreement, or as additional conditions (an addendum) to the agreement.  The key here is ask.  So far they have not asked.  McCue made a mention of it in his reason for not explaining, but the conditions were not asked yet.  But usually, main restrictions would be at the Plan Commission level and would have been set in advance for both parties to look at.  This did not occur.


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May Top 10

Constitution, Cudahy, Internet, Mayor, Meeting, Milwaukee Wave, Recall, retail, Wal-Mart, Wave

  1. April Top 10 – With over 170,000 views for just the top ten of the month of April that is fantastic.  Thank you to all that read my blog!
  1. Reminder of Recall Meeting Today –I talked about when and where the meeting was to be held and a few of the reasons I was told for it possibility.
  1. The Recall Of Mayor Ryan McCue  – Had a few emails about the recall and voting in the plan commission.
  1. Wal-Mart & Wave Pushed Away  – Talked about the plan commission vote, thus ending the Wal-Mart and Wave site plan.
  1. I Was Wrong Mayor!  – Satire of an apology to the Mayor.  I go over the Mayor’s platform and highlight important sections.
  1. Tar and Feathers For McCue?   – Title came from an email to me from a McCue supporter asking me to stop the recall.  I listed a few of the reasons people emailed me why they support the recall.
  1. Questions and Statements  – I took peoples’ questions and statements out of the public forum and answered them.  I had the drawings of the Wave and Wal-Mart buildings.
  1. Thank You for Voting Against Wal-Mart Mayor McCue!  – Another satire this time from a person that wrote in the public forum thanking McCue for voting NO.
  1. The Forbidden Store – Talked about Cobalt’s email to me and not trying to interfere with the proposal on the table.  This is before the vote.
  1. Internet Child Predator Sterotype Changing Study Shows – Talks about how new studies show a change in the habits of the Internet Child Predator.

Guest Blog - Investing Info From Jeff

Investing, Money, Tips

Want to hear a mind blower!  If I were allowed, I would make annual contributions into a Roth IRA for my child.  If I put in $5000 per year until she turned 18 and if we got an average of 10% return, she would have $238,972.  At that point, I would quit contributing and the money would continue to grow (assumed 10%) for the next 43 years until she reaches 65.  At 65, she would have $17,301,157 in her retirement account just from what I contributed!  I did state, “If I were allowed” because current law does not allow you to invest in a Roth for someone without earned income.  Seems stupid to me, as money that goes into a Roth is after tax money!  Yes, I paid the taxes already, so why shouldn’t I be able to help my child? 


I would hope that I could teach her well enough that she would continue to invest the $5000/ year till she reaches 65 and she would have $30,868,446!!


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Fair Warning!

Law, Police, Safety

I have already contacted the Cudahy Police Department and on what to do about threatening/harassing emails and comments.  Make no mistake, I will be having monitor them and I will be compiling a list of possible people who maybe involved.  This is a very serious matter and I am giving fair warning about such actions.  This is your chance to cease and desist at once. 


Debating and disagreeing is one thing, when threatening/harassing emails and comments happens that is another. 


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Important Emergency Phone Numbers

Safety, Tips, Wisconsin

If in doubt    9-1-1

Here are phone numbers, just cut and paste the numbers of interest to you!


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Could This Be True?


Water Powered Car within Months Says Inventor 


American inventor Anthony Brown claims to have discovered a way to shut down a car's fuel injection system forcing them to run mostly on water.


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Lawn Care Part II - Weeds - Creeping Charile

Lawn Care, Tips

Is there any hope in that battling Pennywort “Creeping Charlie” which is very common in Cudahy and hard to kill?


Oh, absolutely. 


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Military, National

Before I give my views on the highly controversial subject, we should all have an idea of what we are talking about.  Keep in the back of your minds that the terrorists use any means and don’t follow the Geneva Convention, unless they are caught, then they want protection under the Convention.  It is our sons and daughters that get tortured by all means and then killed.  I am not saying we need to lower ourselves to the terrorist’s level, I am just stating a fact!


What is water-boarding?


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Smoke Free Zoo

Health, Smoking, Wisconsin

Here is a place where I break from the Conservative view.


This is my letter to the Milwaukee County Zoo in June of 2007 about seeing if it could go smoke free and the response from them.


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Setting the record straight By Lisa B. Nelson

Cudahy, retail, Wal-Mart

We’d like to set the record straight with regards to claims that Wal-Mart is asking for a taxpayer subsidy to build in Cudahy.  Those making this claim are wrong, and are attempting to scare taxpayers and city officials.

Let us be clear:  Wal-Mart will not receive, and is not asking for, any financial subsidy for its development.

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Cudahy Wal-Mart Time Line Updated

Year 2002

Mayor Ray Glowacki and the Common Council to which Ryan McCue is part of initial votes to negotiate the development agreement in April 2002.  Ryan McCue left before the FINAL vote as he was gone in June of 2002.  The actual development agreement with Sportsites LLC to build the IcePort was approved by the Council in Sept of 2002.


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State law stipulates when headlights must be turned on

Law, Safety, Wisconsin

According to state law, motorists must have their headlights on during the period beginning 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise.


"To increase headlight effectiveness, you should use high beams whenever there are no oncoming vehicles because high beams let you see twice as far," said State Patrol Superintendent David Collins.  "But you must dim your high beams whenever you approach an oncoming vehicle within 500 feet, which is a distance of about one city block.  High beams also should be dimmed when you are 500 feet or less behind another vehicle or when traffic is heavy.  Low beams should be used when driving in fog, snow or heavy rain because the light from high beams will reflect off the precipitation and cause glare.  Don't drive with only your parking lights on.  Parking lights are for parking only."


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Life's Lessons

Culture, Life

First some info on the Webkinz so readers are up to speed courtesy of Wikipedia.


Webkinz ($15-30) are stuffed animals that were originally released by the Ganz company on April 29, 2005.  The toys are similar to many other small plush toys, however they come with a special code on their labels that allows access to the "Webkinz World" which is a website to own a virtual version of the pet for virtual interaction.  There are also smaller, less expensive versions of the toys called Lil' Kinz($8-15).


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Putting People's Mind To Ease

Cudahy, Economy, retail, Wal-Mart

Rumors are such a wonderful thing.


Is it true that Pick 'n' Save and K-Mart have gone on record as stating that if Wal-Mart comes to Cudahy, they will leave?


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Someone bring Cudahy a Sonic

Cudahy, Food, Development

As many of you remember, I posted a list of what I would like to see or what I thought would be good for Cudahy on the Iceport.  My wish list.  I have, in the past, contacted Sonic Drive In restaurants to see if they would be interested in building in Cudahy.  Talk about a place to have people drive to.  Wisconsin doesn???t have one.  Cudahy could be the first!  To have the only one in Wisconsin will draw people to it.  We all see the TV commercials and we don???t have one.


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Moving Forward

Cudahy, Leadership, Master Plan, retail, Wal-Mart

While Wal-Mart is not everything or all things, it is something.  I do not believe in the dooms day prediction of Packard Ave. if Wal-Mart comes to Cudahy.  I do believe that Wal-Mart is a piece of the puzzle towards recovery in Cudahy.  I do believe that Lee Barzcak can still and will still find tenants of the public market.  I feel it will actually get easier for him once Cudahy Station is finalized either way for the clogs Lee needs to find to complete his wheel called the Public Market.


I will say, as I have said before, that a few places will choose to close along Packard Ave.  I will say that even though I thought it was a bad idea, that some of the shops will move from Packard Ave to the Cudahy Shops (mainly the cell phone shops) and will have a negative effect since it will leave open a shop on Packard Ave.  I will say that by 2011 as many if not more places along the “heart of downtown,” as Mayor McCue likes to call Packard Ave, will be filled.


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Tips - Dangerous Houseplants

pets, Plants, Tips

Houseplants Can Be Dangerous!


It is probably best to avoid all houseplants in areas of your home where your dogs or cats will be allowed to freely live, play, eat and sleep.  Or, at least have them hanging high or otherwise in areas that your dog or cat cannot get to them.  Here is a list of houseplants that you DEFINITELY want to avoid at all costs, as they are potentially harmful or even fatal if they are ingested by your puppy or kitty:


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Ford - Driving Forward

Cars, Green, Oil

Is Ford going to have “Cylinder deactivation, Variable Cylinder Management, Displacement on demand” on any cars in the near future?  I know GM and other manufactures have them in place now.  Why has Honda been able to get a hydrogen car to market without Ford having one as well.


Dear Randy,

Thank you for contacting the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center regarding the availability of Variable Cylinder Management in our vehicles.

There are no details at this time reflecting plans to put this vehicle option into commercial production.  From time to time, vehicle options are added, deleted or modified.  Decisions to make these changes take into account factors such as market trends, customer demands, engineering advances, and dealership input.

The Customer Relationship Center is unaware in advance of changes that our Engineering and Design Team may be making and the specific reasons that the changes may be made in the future.  This type of information is considered confidential until the appropriate media statement is released. 


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Constitution, Culture

It is sad that blogging around the area has become so personal attacking.  Instead of standing on issues, some people take to personal attacks on many sides and fronts.  Just look around at many of the blogs and you will see what I mean.  This is not limited to just the “now” blogs. 

For now and the near future, I will not be accepting comments directly to my posts.  All comments will need to come from email so they can be tracked.  I am sorry for this, but with all of the sockpuppeting, fake users, name calling, un-adult like comments on an opinion blog I do not want any wrong ideas. 


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The Actual Lawsuit Paperwork

Constitution, Cudahy, Mayor, retail, Wal-Mart


The developers of the defunct Iceport project have filed a multimillion-dollar claim against the City of Cudahy, saying the city committed fraud by rejecting a Wal-Mart Supercenter on the same parcel.


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Indy, Racing

I don’t know if many of you watch Indycar racing.  As I have posted on it before, I do.  For the people that do, rumors are starting to run pace laps.




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Cudahy By The Numbers

Crime, Cudahy, Info


In Cudahy, 91% of commuters drive to work


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Rail Basics

Info, KRM

With all this talk about rail in the paper, news and talk radio I thought it was a good idea to identify the basic differences in rail.


Commuter rail stops frequently, connecting several cities that are in a region.  Diesel locomotives or self-propelled vehicles pull two to several passenger coaches on a right-of-way that is shared with freight rail.  Passengers board from platforms, usually at stations.


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Update To Lead In Artificial Turf

Health, Safety, school, Tips

While someone was not happy that I blogged on the story of lead in artificial turf, and stated it was old news there is an update.


CDC wants artificial turf fields tested for lead

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Windfall Tax

Cars, Economy, Gas, Leadership, National, Oil, Taxes

While I do not support a Windfall Tax on the oil companies I have been reminded that during the golden years of 1980-1989 of Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush had a windfall tax that was signed into to law by President Jimmy Carter in 1979.  It is my understand that at any time the sitting president could have taken it out.  It was not taken out until 1989.


When it comes to gas and oil I have to differ with my fellow conservatives.  I have blogged on that fact that I feel ethanol fuel is fine as long as it is not being made by taking away from food, but rather by waste by-products.


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Crime and Drug Town Hall Meeting

Crime, Cudahy, K9, Meeting, Police, Safety

Joe Mikolajczak, First District Alderman, is having a Crime and Drug Town Hall Meeting June 26 at 6:30pm at the Cudahy Library Wintergarden. 


Crime and drug issues will be discussed along with a demonstration of how a police K-9 unit can be an effective tool in our fight against crime and drugs.  My hope is they will place drugs in a car and let the dog loose to show how well and efficient the K-9 unit is. 


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Private VS Public TCP/IP

Computer, Info, Internet, Tips

While reading other blogs and having a few people comment to me about how IP works, I thought I should explain a plain English version and clear up a few mistakes.


First, if you have high-speed Internet and a wireless router, make sure to turn off broadcast, you should enable WPA if you can (use at least 128bit WEP if you cannot use WPA), change your default password, and default SSID name.  Don’t let people know you use a Linksys or a NetGear or any manufacturer as they can look for know weaknesses for that type.  Make them work harder to try and steal your bandwidth or compromise your computer and files.  Limit the DHCP IP’s given out to just the amount of your devices.  Enable MAC Filtering for your know device as well.


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The Right Way

Bars, Cudahy, Eminent Domain


Texx’s Victory Hall, 3665 E. Grange Ave., and Thirsty Moose tavern, 3800 E. Layton Ave., are on city officials’ radar.


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Sonic Coming To Milwaukee Area

Food, Info

Sonic wants to open 20 Milwaukee restaurants


Sonic Drive-In, which has a growing reputation nationally for its made-to-order fast foods and frozen treats, will continue its recent push into the upper Midwest by opening 20 restaurants in metropolitan Milwaukee and 10 in the Madison area.


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Audio File - Cudahy State of the City Address

Cudahy, Mayor, Meeting

Since many people would like to hear the city meetings and some cannot attend or do not live in Cudahy, I thought I would place the meeting in MP3 format.  I kept the bit rate at 56kbps to keep the size down.  I know many people quote from the meetings and get it wrong.  I have even shared these files with the CNI and Milwaukee Journal to clear up mistakes.  Even Mayor McCue had something not right in talking with him about the speech, so I gave him a CD with them on it.


State of the City Address was good, because you hear Mayor McCue tell the audience that Wal-Mart is not asking for a tax subsidy. It is at 36:36

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Correction - Car Use Policy Needs Fixing

Cudahy, Mayor, Policy

It has come to light that the city use vehicles (four of them not including Police/Fire) have not been logged for mileage or use.  It is true that this has been going on for many years and many Mayors.  Each time it was talked about getting fixed it was forgotten.  


So any valid city employee with access to the key board can walk in say they are taking the car, grab the keys, use the city valid gas card to fill up the car at the city gas station and drive away.  We are not and have not tracked the use of the car. 


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Land Property Zones

Info, Tips

While I could just be naïve to all of the land property zones, when the Iceport needed to be rezoned, I thought I might find a key to the Zones.  Here is what I found.


Establishment of zones


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RTA & Parks Sales Tax Increase

State Politics, Taxes

A proposed referendum on raising the Milwaukee County sales tax by 1 cent won the endorsement of the County Board on Thursday, but it remained uncertain whether the measure could survive a likely veto from County Executive Scott Walker.

The board backed the referendum on a 12-6 vote, but 13 supervisors would be needed for a veto override. The measure would ask voters in November whether they favor the 1 cent county sales tax increase, with proceeds to fund parks, transit, emergency medical services and property tax relief.  The increase would raise about $130 million a year and add to the existing 0.5% county sales tax that raises about $65 million annually. 


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