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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Gun control in the US

Constitution, Crime, Gun Control, Law, Leadership, National, Police, Policy, Safety, Talk Back

Should there be tighter gun controls in the US?


Amendment II (the Second Amendment) of the United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights declares a well-regulated militia as "being necessary to the security of a free State" and prohibits infringement of "the right of the people to keep and bear arms."


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Known TV Season Finale Dates


Women’s Murder Club (ABC) Jan. 4

Desperate Housewives (ABC) Jan. 6

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Upcoming Topics

Upcoming Topics (not in any particular order)


What makes Cudahy a great City to live in...

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Special Thanks To Our Officials

Thank Officials

Some people were upset that they did not know the format of the CDA meeting.  In fairness, my Alderman Mark Otto had informed me that the CDA meeting on Tuesday January 8th would in fact be open, closed and open to the public. 


I was the first one there for the CDA meeting.  Sean Smith came in and asked me “For which meeting was I waiting to attended?”  To which I relied “The CDA.”  He told me the same thing Mr. Otto had told me.  I was not happy with the amount of time having to wait during the closed session part, only to find out that they would have to meet in a special Common Council meeting the following day.


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Is ET Calling Earth?

ET Science

SETI Gets Possible Hit, ET maybe calling


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Talk Back - Residency Rules

Talk Back

Residency rules for Teachers, Police Officers, and Firefighters:


In the public forum for Wal-Mart, someone brought up the residency clause for teachers in discussing the alternatives for revenue. 


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Tips- Voting Help

Tips Voting

If you are interested or unsure of whom your candidate should be for the 2008 presidential candidate race, please take a look at this website.


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To Know Me


January 26th – Today is the third year since my son Ryan died.  This will be a very hard weekend, as it has been since then. 

My twenty-month-old daughter knows who her brother is.  When we go to the cemetery and place flowers, pinwheels, or decorations, she know that is where he sleeps.  

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WGA Strike

WGA Strike

Some 10,500 Writers Guild of America (WGA) members went on strike against the studios in November, throwing the TV season into disarray.  In a previous post, I listed the known season finalities of this strike-shortened season.  The strike makes Super Bowl ads more valuable as advertising companies have fewer ways to connect with viewers during regular shows. 


The screenwriters strike derailed this year's Golden Globes event when the Writers Guild of America, which is embroiled in a labor dispute with major film and TV studios, threatened to picket the ceremony.  As a result, A-list stars to refuse to attend.


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No Sidewalk and Weather: Factor In Boys Death

Cudahy, Safety, Sidewalk

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 --- After child killed while walking in road, vote on building sidewalks pushed through.


Yesterday, a child was killed and three other kids seriously injured while walking in the road, since there were no sidewalks, when a car lost control and crashed into the children on Whitnall Ave just south of Layton Ave.  Police stated that weather may have contributed to the accident, but neither alcohol nor drugs were a factor.  Now the Common Council, in a 4-1 vote, plans to have a sidewalk built on Whitnall Ave from Layton Ave to Nicholson Ave.


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