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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

This Post Will Offend Someone Part I

Blogging, Culture



Bayside Blogger Hits It On The Head

Leadership, Local Government, Milwaukee

Bayside blogger, Bernard Hall, of “Logos of the Bogus” has the subject of public leadership and conduct not becoming those in the government down perfectly in his post.


Please click here and read his post “What is Wrong with Milwaukee Leaders?”

Do We Need This In Cudahy?

Crime, Cudahy, Police, Talk Back

During the summer of 2008, Cudahy Police had to respond to a flag vandalism happening where an American Flag was burned and the people cited for careless use of burning materials.


Do you think we need a flag-burning ordinance in Cudahy?

Cudahy Middle School

Cudahy, school

I take my daughter, Ria, to Cudahy Middle School for swimming lessons (Parent child swim offered by the rec dept) on Saturday mornings.  She has a blast!  I recommend it to any parents.


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Where’s Mayor McCue?

Election, Fun, Obama

Just like playing “Where’s Waldo” can you find Mayor McCue in the sea of people at Obama’s Inauguration?


Help in the adventure of “Where are people.” Chief Roberts, Michelle Obama, President Bush.


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Cudahy, Mayor, retail, Wal-Mart

The citizens of Cudahy still should know why Mayor McCue said “NO” to Wal-Mart and some new information about Wal-Mart.

Click Here for my Story

Baby and Child CPR

Baby, Education, Health, Kids, Parenting, Safety, Tips

CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a combination of a series of rescue breathing and chest compressions to someone in need after the heart stops pumping blood.  Most of us way back in Health class, have done this on a practice dummy.


Please Click Here For Adult CPR Demonstration Video


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This Post Will Offend Someone Part II

Blogging, Culture

I knew you would not fall for that one twice.


First, let me give you two emails I received about the first part.


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Possible Drug Overdose

Crime, Cudahy, Mayor

A Cudahy friend of mine emailed me a story and I have to say that my first reaction to the subject “Man's death a possible drug overdose” was another one in Cudahy.  Come on I am sure by my subject title you thought the same thing since Cudahy has a drug problem.


I opened up the email and he added, “I guess we don’t have the market cornered in overdoses.  Maybe Cudahy is now exporting overdoses! 

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Alpha Site


As the NOW network transitions over to new blogging software, I am told it will be seamless and should not contain any outages.


Just in case of a major hiccup, I have an Alpha Site that many of you have already seen.

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Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue’s 2007 Campaign Platform And Promises

Cudahy, Mayor

First, let us review what they are and I have highlighted a few areas.


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Bird Droppings

Health, Milwaukee

Every year we hear about MMSD (Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District) doing a blended sewerage overflow discharge into Lake Michigan that will close local beaches because of  E coli health concerns.


A friend of mine that once worked for the MMSD came up with a theory that sounds plausible.


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Trivia -What is the name of the holiday that falls on the third Monday in February?

Fun, History, Holiday, Info

If you said, "President's Day,” you are technically wrong.

The real legal name of the third Monday in February is still "George Washington’s Birthday"

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Eileen M. Rodriguez


Eileen M. Rodriguez


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Mayor McCue Does Have Friends And Supporters

Cudahy, Economy, Leadership, Local Government, Mayor, Taxes

As a continuation and a preface to me grading Cudahy Mayor McCue’s campaign platform and the promises he has in it, this blog post is chalked full of insights and even a surprise acknowledgement by me.  It also has a commentary by my friend WISN talk show host Jay Weber on Mayor McCue that aired February 11th.


Did you notice where Cudahy was in taxes for 2008?  If you didn’t please do.


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The Dead Mall Problem

retail, Development

As the recession leaves more retail casualties in its wake, rising store bankruptcies and mall closures could have devastating economic consequences.  

Click Here for the rest

Cudahy Gas Station

Cudahy, Leadership, Mayor, Taxes

An experience I had at a local Cudahy gas station interacting with an elderly couple about the city of Cudahy.


Click Here to go to my story

My Mayor McCue Report Card Part I

Cudahy, Leadership, Mayor

Where Is Mayor Ryan McCue On His Promises Part I


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Poem - The Flowing River Of Life

Life, Poetry

This is a poem I wrote for my aunt’s funeral.


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Open letter to Sara Eberhardy

Cudahy, Leadership, Wal-Mart, Sara Eberhardy

Mrs. Eberhardy,


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Disabled Cudahy Firefighter

Cudahy, Firefighter, Leadership, Local Government, Mayor

I was very saddened to read the story “Disabled and in pain, firefighter says city has abandoned him” for various reasons.


One reason was I was friends with Dennis LeDoux and his twin brother back in middle school where we were classmates.


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The Next Catastrophe!

Science, Wacky

I am not sure how many people know this, but the Earth’s moon is drifting away.  The Moon has been drifting away.  Each year, it moves about 1.6 inches (4 centimeters) farther into space.  This isn’t some crackpot theory I cooked up. has an interesting article just click the link above.


Now maybe Obama will get with Al Gore and here on  Planet Earth we can try and do something about it!  Maybe it is accelerating away do to the man made items and trips by humans to it.


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Cudahy Director Economic Developer Final Budget

Cudahy, TIF

Would someone like to take a guess as how much the 2009 Cudahy Director Economic Developer Final Budget is?  The first purposed budget was over $900,000 dollars.


I will give you a few days or a week to ponder and guess.  I will give you that it includes the $80,000 for the director’s salary plus two interns each at $14,560.


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Look At These Email Scams

Email, Scam, Tips

Just imagine, someone will fall for one of these.


I always wanted one of these, but I never received one!  I will now contact this guy and be rich! :) 

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February Inbox - A Reader's View

Cudahy, Email

Randy, excuse me for using this for other than Wal-Mart but I have never seen your email address before and often wanted to contact you, first let me say keep up the good work keeping us informed.


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Recall Of Cudahy District Two Alderwoman?

Cudahy, Recall

According to this Cudahy Now article, “Thirsty Moose seeks damages; panel recommends license revocation


Alderwoman and Rules, Laws and Licensing Committee Chairwoman Mary Schissel also is under fire.  Bonchek's attorney, Alan Eisenberg, is collecting signatures for a recall petition to remove her from her aldermanic post.  The petition states that Schissel "appears to exhibit reckless harassment of a Cudahy business owner to gain personal advantage of a relative and has publicly expressed a bias against a local tax-paying business owner."


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Blogging Problems and Site Issues


I just want to let people know that there are blogging problems and problems with the NOW pages.  This is due to migrating to new servers.  Please forgive the problems as we hope they are taken care of soon.

My Cudahy Mayor McCue Report Card Part II

Cudahy, Leadership, Mayor

This is the continuation of Mayor Ryan McCue’s Campaign Platform and promises and how in my point he has done so far in a report card format.  This is a five part series and I have a reader’s report card of their own done on Mayor McCue’s job performance.  If you would like to do one just email me


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