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Gardening has been a lifelong passion for Wende and she’d like to share her passion with her readers. Follow her as she writes about her gardening adventures, lists tasks to do depending on the season, and gives easy to understand gardening advice.

Fall Gardening Tasks

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There's still time to plant fall bulbs - the ground doesn't really freeze until about Thanksgiving.  Water them well and mulch after planting for great results in the spring.

Evergreens, roses, shrubs, perennial herbs, and rhubarb need a good soaking watering before the ground freezes.  This is their last chance to get the moisture they need to keep them through the winter.  The drying winds of winter really dry out the branches of evergreens so this is the one thing that you can do to take care of your plants for the winter.

Fall is a good time to plant trees in our climate.  Water them deeply and often until the ground freezes, young trees will need much more water their first two years than an established tree.  Don't plant too deeply, keep the tree's natural root flare just above the soil.  The root flare is the bulge at the base of the trunk where it transitions into the root ball.  Planting too deeply will encourage the roots to grow up towards the surface. When they grow up they tend to encircle the trunk and girdle it, which strangles it. The tree may take several years to die, but it will die.  A few trees do not do well when planted in the fall - avoid planting birch, pines, and redbuds in the fall.

If you didn't fertilize your lawn yet, now is the time to do it.  With our drought this past summer, lawns need all the help they can get this year.

Happy Fall!

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