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Homer Gifts

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Homer Gift.  A Homer gift is a gift intended for the person who gives the gift rather than for the recipient of the gift.  The origin of this term is based on a Simpsons show where Homer gives Marge a bowling ball with the name HOMER engraved on the ball.

So - if I give my husband a cute vanilla scented candle for our living room, this is a Homer gift.  Or - if my husband gives me a Clint Eastwood movie, again, this is a Homer gift. 

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Ninja Master

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The Ninja Master!

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Cudahy School District Web Site


If your kids go to any of the Cudahy schools, check out the school district web site:  Cudahy School District

In no particular order, I'll list some of the reasons why this site is really nice.

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Games on Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve morning and my kids' have a favorite game.

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Snow, snow, snow, more snow, and a quick video

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The snow outside makes me crazy. Snow always makes me crazy.

Maybe this is because I was born in the south and am genetically predisposed to touch snow and run.  Maybe this is because I do more shoveling than anyone in my family.  Maybe this is because I spent a lot of my teenage and college years without a car, walking in snow, and wearing bad shoes.  Or maybe it's because I can't, for the life of me, squeeze our big van out of our alley without spinning the wheels, swearing like crazy, waving off concerned neighbors, and hitting at least one snow bank.

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