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The Word of the Month (Goosebumps)

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For the entire month of October, there was only one word important to my 6-year old son. There was only one word that made homework worth doing, dinner worth eating, and minute by agonizing minute of chores worth doing.


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A Good Laugh


After a long week, sometimes we need a good laugh!

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Milwaukee Moms Calendar

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Today, I came home from work, through our back door, to see three things:

1. My oldest son lying on the floor in our living room, oblivious to the world, holding a loud, intense conversation with a Spider-man action figure.

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Instant TV Shows on

100 years ago, before I had kids, I watched TV.

For a time, my husband worked second shift. So, after work, I'd come home and have the night to myself, the house to myself, the food to myself, and amazingly the TV to myself. (A far, far, distant but very real and glorious memory.)

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Unique Toy Web Sites (and Extension Cords)

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As expected, my youngest son has an extensive Christmas list this year. He wants Moon Sand. He wants toy yard tools. He wants puzzles and Legos and Play Dough and race cars and a new toy camera. However, there is one item close to the top of my son’s list that stands out. There is one item different than all the other toys. It's an extension cord. Yes, my 4-year old son wants his own extension cord for Christmas!

I ask my son (who loves electronics but is not allowed near an outlet) why he wants an extension cord. He says he just wants to “pretend” to plug things in. He then looks at me and asks if – when he is a grownup – I will allow him to play with outlets. I smile and say no.

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