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Num - What?

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I can't stop laughing at this video. If I had been the moderator of this spelling bee, I don't think I could have stayed in the room!

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A Different Way to Use Your Cell Phone on Trips

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Summer vacation is finally here and, as usual, I find my husband staring at a map.  I watch him daydream.  He takes down phone numbers.  He asks questions and he makes detailed plans for our summer.  He loves this and I don't mind because it's one less thing for me to think about.  Plus my husband's success rate with road trips is pretty good; we always have fun.

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Teen Chat Decoder


So far, my kids are too young to care about chat rooms or text messaging or MySpace or Facebook or any other type of social networking sites.  However, since I enjoy learning new words, I do find this list of words very interesting and important.

These are the 28 most common acronyms and slang words used when chatting - the 28 Internet Teen Chat Acronyms Parents Should Know. Even though I hope to trust my kids when they do become interested in text messaging or chatting, I also think it's important to be aware of what they do online and to stay current with their language.

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Safety Tattoos

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Check out this web site. Safety Tat.

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